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Found 10 results

  1. I making a series of Halo dioramas throughout the halo timeline and universe they will range from the Firing of the rings to about 2572. I will update pictures as I go along. Let me know if you have any ideas or comments. Thanks This first pic is the first of the Series and the last in the timeline of dioramas 2572 Cliff-side beach in New Mombasa The remnants of a battle almost 20 years before. This part of the diorama is the only part I am showing for now. I should be done everything this week and I will post everything. Kids come to the cliffs to climb on the Old Covenant Banshees that cover the shore and cliffs...
  2. Hey everyone, I'm making this thread to talk about Halo 5 theories, Like where our beloved hero masterchief is, And what year it is. As the first post, There will be some theories here. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!! 1. Halo 5 is Halo 4.5, As in the end of Halo 4 Master Chief removes his armor. This can be at least a week after minimum. 2. Master Chief is on the remains of The Ark, or possibly on Reach. 3. Master Chief is working with Mendicant Bias 4. Cortana will come back 5. These are just theories, If you believe them, Then... That's good? Post your theories below, Why not?
  3. I've been playing the games since 2006 or so, and I've beaten every game there is for series. I thought I knew a lot about the story and other characters, but earlier today I took a glance at Halo Wikipedia... and I found out that I know only a little about the Halo Universe. Summer is approaching soon, so I want to know what Halo books I should buy and read over the summer.
  4. Hello fellow community members! Today I thought I'd start a topic on discussing your favorite character in the Halo universe and why. This is not meant to be a place for argument. Check out some of my other topics for different discussions on things such as halo 5 and much more! Check out my youtube channel! www.youtube.com/TimeLessGaming9090 My favorite character is Sgt. Johnson. He is the kind of person that won't tolerate being messed with, and has a unique sense of humor. I do miss him a lot.
  5. Hey! So I'm Chris. Anyways I just joined becase I wanted to feel more a part of the halo universe. I've played every halo game (except halo wars) and I'm a huge fan of the series so far. Anyways I think I'm going to start reading up on the halo universe, I actually just got the novel Contact on Harvest so I'm excited to start that! Anyways I like to play multiplayer for fun (I'm not super competetive because I'm decent but no where near the skill level of MLG), but I am a huge Campaign junky. Halo 3 was actaully my second shooter I ever played and it was the first video game to really imerse me in it's campaign. I also loved forge! Out of all the halo's so far I think reach is my favorite for an all around package, but I think 343 really out did themselves with halo 4 (I have yet to play forge, war games, and spartan ops). 343, well done with halo 4! I loved it a lot, but it left me with some questions, hence why I'm going to start reading up on the halo universe. I think Bungie has done a fantastic job with the series, but I'm very excited to see what 343 has in store for the game!
  6. "I've never gotten emotional at the end of a game until now, its hard not to when you've been connected with a series for 11 years and something drastic happens at the end (of the newest installment), Halo 4 is an incredible game for anyone, it's even better for those who have followed the series from the beginning and have loved every second of it. It's such a massive universe that the creators and fans have made and people who have only played a few of the games cant truely understand just how massive it actually is but when you do realize how large it is you appriciate the masterpieces that the two companies have created, so thank you Bungie and 343i for creating a world unlike any other for us all to enjoy." This was the facebook status I posted earlier today, I appriciate the games you guys have made from the Halo series, in my mind there is no series that will ever top the world you and Bungie have created. Combat Evolved and Halo 2 were the two xbox games i gave the most play time too, Halo 4 is going to be racking up massive hours on my Xbox 360 and will continue to before and after the next Halo installment. I sent this because I am a huge fan of the series and I am very thankful for you guys carrying on the most amazing series ever, I have yet to read all of the books but I plan to begin them in the next few days, thank you 343 Industries for continuing the series ive been closest to for the last 11 years and i cant wait to see what you guys have instore for the future of the Halo Universe.
  7. I've been watching the forward unto dawn youtube series and loving it so far, the fact that no gaming graphics are used here shows how far halo has come, i believe 343 or an games developer who created halo games to create films based round the halo games as there are 9 games going to be coming out from what i heard and a trilogy of halo's would be perfect as i get chills watching forward unto dawn. defiantly worth looking into.
  8. Their are people that play previous Halo games because they don't have enough money. My friend does that because when the newest Halo comes out the second one is very low in price so he can get it.
  9. Stargate: Halo Universe I don't have a decent quality camera but you can still see the map pretty well. The Stargate http://desmond.image....jpg&res=medium Upper deck View http://desmond.image....jpg&res=medium Looking from the Stargate http://desmond.image....jpg&res=medium One of the doors (No it doesnt open) http://desmond.image....jpg&res=medium The door on upper deck http://desmond.image....jpg&res=medium The Monitor http://desmond.image....jpg&res=medium The other Stargate http://desmond.image....jpg&res=medium Here are two videos one is the original and the other is the comparison. http://www.youtube.c...e&v=A9mrn65bigU Map Download: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=27310701&player=BigMartin58
  10. So this is my first post here, so if u see somthing i have wrong comment on it if u can i thnk u can, oh well. Timeline. sorta. so the first major event im aware of is the creation of the forunners by the precursers. (the precursers are the most advanced race ever featured in the halo story). some time after their creation the forunners started a war with there precurser creators somehow (likly with numbers) the forunners anniallated the precursers leaving only one in existence. this was the Forunner-Precurser war The next major event i know of is some time after. the Human,san shyum-Flood War. so a hundred and ten thousand years ago the humans are as advanced as the forunners (almost) and the humans are also allied with the san shyum (prophets a hundred thousand years later) while colonizing on one world the humans encounter a parisitic life form the flood. the flood soon overwelms many human and san shyum colonies but after decades (centuries? i dont remember) the humans find a cure and start fighting back almost destroying the flood. however human tactics in this somehow ignite the next major event. The next major event is The Human,San Shyum-Forunner War. although the humans beat back the flood some of their tactic ticked off the forunners igniting a massive war. even though the humans nearly match the Forunners in tech the humans lack numbers. soon the humans fortify themselfs in massive Precurser bunkers and with the san shyum they manage to draw out the war for 30 years. after eventualy losing the war the Forunners punish the humans by devolving them into several sub speices so the humans could never inflict such a blow again. The next event is sum wat ironic and reminds me of a game of rock paper scissors. The Forunner-Flood War. after the human forunner war the forunners encounter the flood for the first time. they didnt adress the threat untill it was out of control. the forunners failed to create a cure (as the humans did) and action after action prove to show little effect. the panic leads to the construction of the halo array witch wipe the galaxy clean of anything the flood can use as food. and when the array was fired it did just tht wipinig the galaxy clean of life. However before the detonation the forunners catologed as many DNA samples as they could and after the detonation the samples would be used to recreate the many forms of life in the galaxy u see in the halo games. i will post another segment going into the more recent wars and alliences, if tht is i didnt somhow fail this entire thing. if i did sry. correct what u can by commenting.
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