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  1. The Armored Saints of Halo Halo Combat Evolved for PC/ Halo Custom Edition "Providing the Best in Halo Servers since August of 2012" We're just a group of players who love the game of Halo, and believe in having a fair policy towards our servers, having fun with like-minded players in this community, but most importantly, to have fun and enjoy ourselves! If you want to play Halo PC or Custom Edition free of cheaters, a decent environment, and be with members who you can trust and get along with; then we're the clan for you! Our Clan is one of the largest Halo Combat Evolved Clans; we currently have 112 members, and 23 active servers ranging from Combat Evolved for PC and Halo Custom Edition! Our Halo servers are among the most popular, and every server is generally full (It's actually hard to get into a game with all of the people that line up wanting to play our servers). Our Halo PC Servers are highly ranked, ranging in the top 10 and top 20 of gametracker.com. If you are ever looking for the best gaming experience for Halo Combat Evolved for PC, then check out our large fleet of active servers. You know it's an ASH Clan Server when it's titled "The ASHClan.com". If you want to join a clan that's among the best in the Halo community, then check out our main website at www.armoredsaintsofhalo.com (or just type in "ASH Halo Clan" in Google search). We have an apply page on our main website, so feel free to fill out an application, if you think you have what it takes to become an ASH Clan member. You can also check out our forums at http://forum.armoredsaintsofhalo.com/index.php. We pride ourselves in the amount of members we have who make sure to treat every new person to the forums like family. Our clan is run and managed by the best of the best in the Halo world, and are greatly experienced in the fundamentals of Halo Combat Evolved for PC/CE. Our members are also the best of the best in the Halo Community; our members are always excelling in professionalism, and are always making sure that every player in our servers leave each and every game knowing that they had a good time and wonderful gaming experience. Feel free to join our forums to get to know our wonderful members, and play in our servers to get involved, and if you feel as though The ASH Clan is right for you then go ahead and apply to become a member! Sincerely, - The Generals of A§H Clan
  2. Exactly, that's why we play Halo PC! Now if they did remake the whole multiplayer experience for Halo Anniversary, they would of basically killed off all of the player activity in the Original Halo Combat Evolved for PC Servers. So I'm fine with what they did: remaking some PC maps and introducing them into reach.
  3. Awesome choice in servers, because they are the best! We recommend that anyone who wants to play fun and fair games in Halo PC/CE should check out the ASH Clan Halo Servers, and visit our website.
  4. Halo Combat Evolved, the flood can be very hard to beat on legendary, considering health packs are scarce on legendary.
  5. Nope, there are still many servers out there on Halo PC that use regular game types, such as our armored saints of halo clan servers.
  6. GoldSpark is asking what the little Halo Ring icon is on the Halo PC Server Lobby; it is shown in the picture below circled in red: Gold, what that ring icon is used for is to show players which servers use default game types, and which servers use edited game types. So, if a server has a ring icon displayed, that means that the server is using a default game type. If a server does not have a ring icon displayed, then the server's game type has been edited. - Spyker
  7. I like the Mark VI armor accessories, with a green armor color. Looks like Master Chief.
  8. That one is called "Choreographite" on the Halo Anniversary Soundtrack, and I agree, that song is epic, both in Original CE and Anniversary! I like "instillation 04", even though its not on the poll list. I also like "Heliopause".
  9. I think that the choirs in the older Halo games really helped to create that "Halo" feel. Some of the current halo 4 songs have a smaller amount of choir, though I love the music from Halo 4.
  10. Well, the Original Halo CE’s Blood Gulch was technically already remade into the Hemorrhage map from Reach, so creating another updated Blood Gulch map would be a waste of time for 343, considering it was already remade to serve as the Hemorrhage map in Reach.
  11. Yea, there's no multiplayer for the original Xbox version of the game anymore, though for the original PC version, there's still multiplayer. You can't play split-screen on the original Xbox game either, though you can in CE Anniversary over Xbox Live.
  12. I recommend getting the PC version; multiplayer is still very active!
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