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  1. I also hate the jetpack. Anything that lets you circumvent map design is just retarded in my book.
  2. It's kind of broken anyway. I had a game of big team where I went from rank 27 to 35.
  3. Aren't the sound effects turned off then? I would love it if I could have my music playing and have the gun sounds going.
  4. If you can't understand something, (that's pretty easy to understand) because of one piece of missing punctuation, then I would wager YOU are the idiot sir, not the other way around. The irony here is you go on to make spelling mistakes afterwards...really kid? Tornado is right. And you really, REALLY missed the mark with your tangent about Equipment and armor abilities. First of all, die hard veterans DID have a problem with equipment, and secondly, we ACCEPTED it because you actually had to GO and GET the damn things, you couldn't just spawn with them which is exactly what you can do in halo 4. You honestly sound like you have very little idea what you're talking about. He might not be the greatest when it comes to grammar, but I would rather listen to Tornado then you any day of the week.
  5. The problem is none of the big team maps are as good as Exile or Ragnarok, (although if its an unbalanced team Ragnarok is no fun, just like the situation in Valhalla.) Castle maps can show up in Big team? That's the only game-type I play and I NEVER, EVER see those DLC maps as even an option to be voted on. This is a huge problem that I feel isn't talked about much. The game is super not optimized for split screen. It works well enough on maps where there isn't much geometry like Ragnarok, but get on a map like complex (which sucks even at 100% smoothness) and you've entered a framerate nightmare. You think playing in internet lag is bad? Try Framerate lag as bad as going down to what appears to be 15 frames or less on most maps. The problem I have with this is Halo has always run JUST as good on split screen then full. Hell I actually PREFER halo 3 in split screen as there's no slowdown and your spartan feels faster (its an illusion of split screen but I like it anyway). It was the above and beyond the best split screen multiplayer games and my friends were some of the select few that were actually good in split screen. We don't play split screen Halo 4, because of the above reason; and among my friends, I am considered the framerate *****, but when they agree with me there's a problem lol.
  6. I was about to say...number 5? Nice! It's an improvement anyway. I miss the days of halo 2 and then 3 being in the top spots.
  7. It's good that the beam rifle is being nerfed, it was almost to the point that the player didn't have to aim to get a snapshot. I would see the beam actually go diagonal a couple of times to hit the target when my scope clearly wasn't all the way on him lol. If it makes you feel better I remember all the times that you and other have suggested changes on the line of what their doing.
  8. Lol my strategies work just fine, and I'm usually the person to kill the gauss hog. BEFORE it was nerfed. Now that it's nerfed it's almost a non-issue. Long range plasma is only inefficient if you suck at leading and guessing the path of a hog, god forbid you use active camo and just stick it when it stops moving, ALL HOGS STOP MOVING EVENTUALLY, weather its to line up a shot or just to change course. They slow down massively in halo 4 if doing a sharp turn. This is an old argument, and a bunk one now that the Gauss has been nerfed into the ground. I'm sorry you had such difficulty killing the Gauss in the past. Regards.
  9. The maps are awesome. Much better then the crimson DLC maps. Rumble pit is a classic halo playlist! And it's pretty fun. But the biggest compliment goes to multiteam! Pure chaos and like it was in halo 2.
  10. This stupid system doesn't even show your rank on the app, website only. That being said I've been having MUCH more competent team mates on my team. Im currently rank 35 and although you cannot see it (For whatever reason) it does effect who you find and play against. There much less idiots playing with me now randomly and when one does my ENTIRE team chews them out. So thats kinda like the older halos at least.
  11. Halo 4 average mics for me are like one or two people tops on my team. In Lag-ops 2 plenty of people have mics, they just SHOULDN'T lol. Nothing but either little kids or extremely ghetto black people from the projects. Racist? Yes. True? Yes.
  12. Stability doesn't help your aim, I just negates the flinch when you get hit in gunfights, which in TURN helps your aim while DMR dueling. It's probably one of the most broken armor mods, but I use it all the time and win because of it.
  13. Ok man, I'm pretty convinced at this point that you are a troll and just play the devil's advocate. Are we playing the same game? Halo 4 right?
  14. I like how you think you're a bigger fan then other people because you played...halo 3 the most. Please kid, come back when you've played over SEVEN THOUSAND games of halo 2. Oh wait, it's not online anymore? You'll never reach that Golden age of halo.
  15. Can I buy weed from you? Because you just said halo 4 was better then halo 2 and 3. And thems fighting words.
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