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  1. Here we go again... I can't believe people are STILL posting these. The OP's rant just adds up to "re-release Halo 3." Folks need to realize that there is a big difference between a game being different from its predecessors and actually being bad or unbalanced.
  2. I want the gauss hog to be nerfed. Thank goodness it's only on one map. Most annoying thing in the game bar none.
  3. Now I can't think of her without immediately imagining how she will look with Kat's robotic arm.
  4. Using damage boost boltshot makes my soul hurt for the other guy.
  5. You should understand that these products were *not* originally made with MLG or tournament level gameplay in mind. They are at their core still entertainment products--designed and intended for casual enjoyment. The competitive mindset and community emerged from the players and was likely never even originally conceived by the game's developers. Hence you really don't have much right to complain to them about it.
  6. I love the Mantis not cause I like to use it, but cause it makes my life so easy when a teammate hops in it. I can just follow it around and casually shoot down all the fools running at it to try and board it or PP it.
  7. Yeah they already gave us not only a female spartan, but a female as the flippin commander of ALL the spartans. What more do you want lol
  8. Master Chief's new AI companion will be. . . dun dun dun . . . ROLAND And the fandom collectively despaired.
  9. It might be harder, but Halo campaign in general is piss easy, so meh.
  10. If you really hate them another option to try is promethean vision. Nades are highlighted and seeing people's outlines through walls lets you know in advance when they're throwing them at/around corners. I agree that grenades are annoying with respect to the ability to spawn with plasmas, resulting in bad kids being able to cop out of an engagement occasionally when they get lucky enough with their tosses. But as for people blowing up hallways with huge volleys that's always happened in Halo afaik. It's not hard to anticipate when they're coming--just learn to recognize those situations and back off accordingly.
  11. She seems to be our new Sgt. Rock character with a dash of the whole "women can kick *** too" thing (I don't figure it a coincidence that Gears 3 had the first female Gear while Reach was giving us Kat and now this chick in Halo 4). I want to see what she looks like under the armor! Either that or see her snap some Elite necks to prove why she's in charge.
  12. Hilarious post is hilarious. Yes, clearly 3x copies to be sold with a ranking system. Cause CoD obviously fell flat without a ranking system to prop it up as a viable competitive shooter.
  13. You're probably just putting yourself into bad situations or playing too aggressively. Most people I see dying to nades (me included) are those who are too eager to chase someone around a corner after getting their shields down. Now the kamikaze sticky guys who will just toss their plasmas even when they have a perfectly good chance of fighting back with other means, that is annoying, no doubt. But those guys usually miss unless you just run in straight lines like a nub.
  14. Sounds like the problem is you. If you'd rather not know the DMR is overpowered or w/e, just stop caring enough to check the forums. Complaining about the tiniest details will always be rampant while the internet exists (in its current format anyways) even about superior products since it provides such an easy outlet for vocal minorities. If you let that get to you, that's your fault.
  15. It is definitely a scrub weapon, but I will admit, hearing people scream at the top of their lungs when they die to it is priceless, so it's kind of a trade off.
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