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  1. It doesn't need to. Its a friggin PS4! The Majority of gamers will buy it over the Xbone...
  2. The PS4 will now provide TV!!!! BUT ive only heard talk of them streaming big tv networks like MTV, Sports central and Spike. But Ive heard that the PS4 will also provide your local cable. METV is the only network I watch and care about. But its not as "big" as other networks. Does anyone know at all if there s any chance that the PS4 cable streaming will also provide MeTV? Please someone answer! I will not buy a ps4 unless it does!!!
  3. If your getting ur hopes up for a Kinect-less xbox one bundle, stop. M$ announced that one isn't coming. Unless intill everyone has paid off there preorders that is. #PlaystationNation
  4. Love how only three of those are you listed are exclusives.
  5. The REEEELLL question is...Is the reach multiplayer better than H3?
  6. Agreed. I plan to wait at least 1-2 years just to see how things unravel. Then my true decision will be made
  7. Its this decision right here, that made me choose the Xbox 180 over the Ps4. My only fear is that Micro$oft will try to resurrect the Xbone 2-3 years in when everyone is stuck with the xbox
  8. The only downside to the Xbox one is that its $100 more than the ps4. Other than that its all just preference
  9. it WAS gonna be the new "recon" like in halo 3, where it was developer exclusive, but it never caught on
  10. 1. Fallout 3 2. Star Wars Battlefront 1 and/or 2 3. a 3D Pokémon FireRed ALL ON THE FROSTBITE 3 ENGINE
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