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  1. Terminal ,sanctuary and maybe foundation highly not likely with foundation but if if had to pick a diff id say warlock
  2. I want to say sanctuary , terminal! But the last one I'm stuck on ( foundation, colossus, or warlock)
  3. I'm going to say other three are sanctuary , terminal , an foundation...
  4. What if during your an assassination an you have the ability to steal that persons armor ability ?
  5. I'm playing reach an just got two headshot with rocket there is no medal for this but I think in halo 4 it should be a medal.. Even with a fuel rod or shotty it would be cool too get medals for head shots with those weapons what do u think?
  6. I CALLED IT! It's a shame no one took my bet of 1600 Microsoft points of it being Valhalla check the next page in the " hint towards halo 4 remake " thread an you'll see that I said it was Valhalla a loooong Time ago!! " pats self on back! I'm soooo happy Valhalla will play perfect in halo 4!! Although its not officially confirmed
  7. What are your thoughts of the covenant weapon trailer made by 343??? If u havent seen it comment an ill tag the link http://www.webpronews.com/new-halo-4-trailer-shows-redesigned-covenant-weapons-2012-09
  8. Zanzibar!!!!!! The remake is going to be ZANZIBAR!!! or maybe Valhalla ?
  9. Signs point to sand trap i wasn't a big fan of sand trap...but I really hope it's something else...remember it has to fit the new style of halo 4 (armor abilitys) I'm hoping they make a Valhalla or Zanzibar! I can put 1600 Microsoft points it's zanzibar
  10. Confirmed that brutes are not in halo 4!
  11. Can't wait for halo 4 but I think when u hold the flag it should be ur secondary weapon not automatically a " pistol"
  12. I think it'll be cool after the game where ur looking at the stats it would be cool if it shows tool of destruction an most used armor ability. Basically right under neath " tool of destruction" it'll show that persons most chosen armor ability . What are your thoughts?
  13. Didn't get to finish watching it but cool vid! This doesn't mean flag juggling is out.. The game hasn't came out an it could also be the game type..
  14. This is not his video.. This is from mlg! Neighbor gameplay!
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