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    Keeping you warm and fuzzy since 1994, Cocaine Cowboy since 1994, Keeping your mom satisfied since 1994, Keeping your dad satisfied since 1993 ;) Iced out like hockey since 1994, Sweet & Sexy since 1994, Working at the crack house since 1994. In loving Ivan you will learn to love yourself- Ivan 3:16
  1. Not sure if posted or not? I couldn't find this anywhere else on here, but here it is http://m.examiner.com/article/new-artworks-screenshots-and-renders-revealed-for-halo-4. Nothing much but it does have better pics of grunts ( as in up close and personal views of them )
  2. Also theres the bungie id tags across the ground
  3. Not sure if anyone has ever noticed, but if you look at the random trash piles on the streets while playing as the rookie you can sometimes see origami paper swans
  4. GT: ToD Kactus 2v2 if anybody is available http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/default.aspx?player=ToD Kactus
  5. Lol I love this swarm tactic you guys have
  6. I think there's only 2-3 needle rifles so that's about half the elites, being based off of how many don't quit and stay in the game which is 6. All Spartans start off with magnums so it sounds fair to me. If you're having trouble winning on that part you could stop playing with randoms because some suck and some don't, and the majority of skilled players in my opinion seem to gravitate around the anniversary playlists.
  7. Yeah, I see where you're coming from but I don't think it's the system that's flawed (which in my opinion is in need of a tune up) but the people that you betray.
  8. Yes, I think the ancient humans (aka the ones that had a war with the forunners) found the Flood in a floating capsule in space, I'm not sure though that's what I heard on b.net.
  9. Lags up a lot? I never really noticed any part of the campaign to lag? Do you mean multiplayer?
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