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Found 10 results

  1. Nowadays I feel like I'm Halo4Follower's trusty messenger! After all, almost every Halo 4 thread I post are one of his videos. Although there a number of threads that came directly from 343 Industries/Waypoint. Well, aside from that, here's your video. Enjoy, I will fill out key details below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=uKBz4ofoEYE Introduction: As the video starts as an introduction Halo4Follower states "there's a lot to go over with..." Recent Event Recent Post Updates on the game including details on: VIP Event, Cortana, Spartan Ops seasons, DLC, new images on campaign and multiplayer Sources and Details: As he goes on and talks (and apart from what he's saying) he has highlighted the sentence fragments: Special VIP event in New York City's "Bryant Park Hotel" positive reactions to Halo 4 Apparently members of "MLG" and "other parts of the Halo Community" have played Halo 4 and many positive reactions came via Twitter posts from people who were invited. In a post that one of the invited people posted, Halo4Follower highlights: Hands-on Multiplayer. Looks, feels & functions great. "Basically Beta but VERY promising" Halo4Follower also highlights this one sentence as he's talking: Our facial animation and motion capture technology are all going to make it look better ​GameInformer: Halo4Follower says "Frank O' Connor" was interviewed by GameInformer and he said at one point that "Cortana will be a bigger character than ever in the game of Halo 4". He goes and and says that "Cortana apparently chooses her own appearance, as that is why she changes looks throughout the Halo games" As for the 'Chief he will be experiencing many problems including personal and more physical problems including (If I heard correct) Cortana's "steal" with a closing death and the "rampage stuff". We also hear (in a highlighted sentence) that "you can hear your breath as it sounds throughout the helmet" Other Details: As for Spartan Ops, season one comes with the game's price once you buy it. They are also considering the next seasons will cost money and be DLC or just come with the next game Halo 4 will not support 3D TVs or Kinect Multiplayer: It is stated the biggest change in multiplayer are the new modes, levels and the features that leveling up and purchasing new armor and abilities within the whole multiplayer experience of Halo 4 including Infinity and Spartan Ops. There may be a couple of details left out and a couple "typos" as you read at the bottom of the vid. Also, for the rest of the vids I post about Halo 4 there will be no more details I type at the bottom of the vid. As I find it very time-consuming towards my life. So enjoy your last details, the vid, and I guess I'll see you guys around. -FIREN4
  2. I know I post a lot of these videos, but I post this one because it really sums up a lot of the new information that we know of as of now, and shows a few stuff we might have not known or noticed till now! So Enjoy the video, details below: Conan - Wraparound: As most people should know, we got some gameplay on "Conan's show just recently, it also showed what seems to be a hangar or loading bay Details on the HUD: Ranging from "0:33 to 0:36" in time on the video, there are some details highlighted in red about the HUD The New Weapon: It is confirmed that it's not a Spartan Laser (which is ironically what I said) nor a Grenade Launcher. "Halo4Follower"'s guess is that it could be some type of Gauss weapon, like the Gauss hog. Spartan Ops: 343 expects Spartan Ops to be the size of a campaign Players will be meet, and bond charaters (Don't know what he meant by that) Spartan Ops will take out over a long period of time, new content will be released periodically. ​Release Date: Everybody should know by now, the release date is: November 6th, 2012 Mysterious thing on Sarge's back?: From about "1:08 to 1:22" in time there are details about something on Sarge's back from the new RvB videos. "Halo4Follower" comments he thinks it's definitely a jet-pack. In which I agree, only thing is I think it's not of UNSC origin. So, um, If you found the information I posted helpful just give me a like or comment, if you didn't like it just comment for your reason. Be sure to check out some of the other topics I posted! That is all for now.
  3. This is just a real awesome video I found on Waypoint with some video about a painting from Master Chief. Unlike my most Halo 4 threads with news and stuff, this is simply for your enjoyment. Hope you like their "speed paint" and well, enjoy!
  4. I find this video very helpful actually, and for those who are behind (and want to see new) on information, this video is for you: Details: Classic Sniper Rifle, and Jetpack? We get a look on the zoom of the new sniper rifle, and a picture of what appears to be a....Jetpack? Armor Abilities: Hologram, Jetpack, Sprint, Forerunner Vision, and Active-Camo Release Date: Halo 4 is confirmed to be released: November 6, Tuesday 2012. Details on Multiplayer: Getting hit by a weapon drop can kill you Any map can support any gametype and player amount Tournaments will be featured as an open option in custom games Sprint is faster than Halo: Reach's sprint Sprint is not unlimited, there is a limited "meter" Getting shot will slow down players while sprinting Forerunner vision emits a sound to others Spartan Ops and the Halo 4 multiplayer will carry over Spartan Ops is more focused on teamwork All this information is true, I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to give a like!
  5. This is just a new video from Halo4Follower. I would provide info about the video like all my other news updates, but I am currently busy. Later on, I'll add details in text below the video. So for now, enjoy!:
  6. This is a new video from Halo Waypoint with a sample mixtape of two songs from Halo 4, enjoy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ-mmSh9yMw
  7. Notice: Before watching the video fellow members, the credit to this video should mostly go to Donut. He showed me the video, after all. So did the member ZB-85. However I was entrusted to make a thread informing the community. To make it up to these two members, when they post in this thread, just give them all likes regardless if you liked it ! Still, that doesn't mean don't give me likes either !!!! lol. So this was just a notice, moving on... Video: Halo 4 News: GameInformer leaks turn out to be true Scans/images of Campaign Grunts and Elites revealed First Dialogue on what happens during the first mission Confirmed: Weapons featured in Halo 4 AR, DMR, BR ASSAULT CARBINE COVENANT CARBINE SHOTGUN ROCKET LAUNCHER SNIPER MAGNUM & PLASMA PISTOL Weapon Camping No Longer! Weapons will spawn by landing randomly throughout the map, along with drop pods Respawn in...0 seconds! After dieing, tap "X" twice to respawn, back in the game ​No more excuses! Players can now join in-progress games! ​Gamemode Details! Distraction and Revenge medals will be fetaured "Regicide" = New Gamemode "Regicide" - Every player that the king kills raises his bounty; other players have to kill the king to claim the reward. Spartan Ops will span several months, to keep players returning to Halo 4 Armor Abilities: Details Hologram, Jet-pack, and Active-Camo will be making a return? Sprint will return, but will be a spawn-with ability New Armor Ability called Forerunner Vision = X-ray ​Multiplayer: Details. Multi-player ties directly to campaign Reds & Blues are training You will progress through levels, gameplay can be changed by upgrading your character You'll earn spartan points, which can be used to buy loadouts. You'll eventually earn weapons, armor abilities, and modifications. ​Campaign: Chief wakes up Cortana and Chief's relationship reunites Cortana notices someone is boarding the ship Turns out it's Covenant attacking them You kill them in-game You look outside to see a whole fleet of covenant ships 343 also states, the game is really about the return of the Chief Technology: What powers it. New Tech Halo 4 runs on a redesigned version of the tech that powered Halo: Reach Lighting and shading technology has made tremendous progress Halo 4 pushes the Xbox to its limits
  8. Notice: This is yet another one of my videos that I post about Halo 4. One of our members, Kurt S-051 told me about this one. This video isn't something important like a leak or new info, rather more of a "documentary". Well, I don't want to bore you anymore so here's the video. Also, don't forget to give a like if you enjoyed it!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg-Nj0pUV6M&feature=relmfu
  9. Okay well, this is my first ever "random" thread... And I just wanted to see what's everybody's favorite ice cream, if you even like it. So if you please, just select one flavor from the poll, or post it. If you have an other, the same goes. Also, It's okay if you don't like Ice cream at all But still, at least pick a flavor! If you're wondering why I made this topic in the first place, I was in a candy mood. So then I was like, how about Ice cream? And eventually It lead me to the creation of this topic. Finally, let's start! See how far this thread can go!
  10. I've been in this forum for quite a while, and I love it. It's been a funny, informative, and overall---epic as a forum. I've met many members, and I know them pretty well. I've become friends with many members, and I'll tell you we ARE good friends. I'm met some trolls, some people who just don't respect me, it was either a ban to them or we got over it. I knew the day would eventually come for me to make this post, and I honestly never knew it'd be today. Members, I could go on and on about how I enjoy this forum and community, and my experiences, but I'll let 'ya be on your way. Now, I'd just like to, ya'know, say some stuff about a few members . Here's a few: ZB-85: He greets me, makes me feel happy when I'm down, and is just a real nice and caring member. I really appreciate how he's always a nice person. You're a true friend and if anybody dislikes you for any way you are, they're a loser. Donut: He's a real fun and funny member whom I enjoy. He's usually in the shoutbox and is what some people say, a member who keeps the heartbeat of this forum going. Donut, you're real nice, and don't stop being cool Absolute Dog: AD has always been a nice forum member to me. And many others as well. From the minute he first posted in my "Introductions" thread I knew we'd have an interesting "friendship". AD you're a real helper to this forum and I appreciate your care and welfare to both me and many other members in this forum Ms. Mystic: You're almost like a second AD. Caring, helpful, and just a true member to this forum. You make threads saying how this is a flaw in the community, you don't take no flame or trolls, you like to keep things in order and yet still be a funny, nice member. Mystic, you're awesome and I could practically say I look up to you. Luke: An awesome, playful member I'd never regret meeting. You're the most funniest member here next to Donut. You live on in your awesomeness and I hope we have a great friendship. Spectral Jester: You're a devoted member, keeping the world and forum safe from evil-doers. You're constantly on guard, you give us updates on Xbox news, and you post some interesting stuff while still being awesome and funny. You're a devoted member just like many others here. Please some members, don't feel bad if you weren't mentioned. There are MANY of you who'd I put up here but I can't make it TOO big right? All of you have made my stay here fantastic and I don't hope on leaving any time soon. All of you keep being awesome...wait, how many times have I said "awesome", like 12 already? Maybe something else, all of you keep being cool, nice, friendly, epic, (the list goes on) members. Well this concludes my 1000th post. -Sigh- That took long, but pretty good for a first "public speech" eh? What'll happen next though besides this milestone, I'll become a Community Moderator? Heh, only time can tell. P.S.
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