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  1. Thanks for the news, I had a blast playing Crysis 2, never got into the first one though. The game as expected looks beautiful so far. I am very intrigued about the bow but i'll wait to pass judgement until I get a chance to try it out. Now hopefully after this Crytek can start working on the new Timesplitters
  2. Been psyched on Trials Evolution for quite a while, the first one was one of the most fun and frustrating games. Hopefully it delivers the goods.
  3. Mister Would You Please Help My Pony - Ween
  4. From out of Nowhere - Faith No More
  5. Wow, this couldn't have been explained any better, I fully support bringing this community (not just this site) back to the glory that drew us together in the first place......Halo!
  6. Troll 2 it's quite possibly the worst movie ever, it's labeled as horror but it's really a comedy. One of those so bad its good movies
  7. Congrats Bobo Love that screenshot, pimp my mongoose
  8. AgentLoFi

    Halo: CEA

    I'd say it's worth a buy just for the ability to switch between old and new graphics in game.
  9. Fight the Power - Public Enemy
  10. Congratulations Director I'd try to say something funny but it would be Rated M lol
  11. Tough choice but I would have to go with Johnny Bravo. He had some of the funniest pick up lines. One of my personal favs from him "Hey baby, you stink pretty"
  12. Congratulations quilts A well deserved win! Can't wait for your next masterpiece
  13. This is definitely gonna be fun I love race maps and I'm confident that we have plenty of great maps to play.
  14. Had a blast yesterday, thanks to all that played and helped repopulate Halo 3 KWAH That was by far the most people I've seen playing halo 3 in quite some time and it was much deserved. Thanks again guys for the great times!
  15. I should be on for most of the night Remember that you do not have to play with forum members to get the award. You just have to send myself or AD something that will confirm you have played at least 5 games today.
  16. You only have to play 5 games and it does not have to be with the forum, just send myself or AD your game history so we can confirm that you played at least 5 games
  17. I'll be online in a few minutes. So if you would like to join please send a message to me over xbl and we'll send an invite. GT - AgentLoFi
  18. No. I'm not one to have rivals, I don't take it that seriously, but who knows, there might be someone out there that considers me their rival without my knowing What's the best movie you have recently seen?
  19. Well it initially was a plain old "kaw" since Aztec is an Asshawk. It then mutated, his service tag is HAWK which in bizzaro world is KWAH, thus kaw became Kwah. Even funnier is Kwah is actually a superhero comic.
  20. Member name - AgentLoFi YouTube name - AgentLoFi Word - Halo 4
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