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  1. Awesome. I'll probably pick up Halo: CEA and Reach this weekend. Anyone want to add me on Live so I have people to play with when I'm not working? Just a heads up though, my tag is silver... For now.
  2. I must be pretty special to get two welcomes from you. Thanks everyone for the welcome, I already see a huge lack of semblance to the BNet community!
  3. ...... So you're telling me that it's like Reach, only not bad?
  4. Ahh, okay, thanks. Well I would still play it, as I don't have Reach anymore. I haven't played Halo MP in way too long anyways... I need to clean off my rust before Halo 4 comes into the picture (;
  5. Good stuff. If that (the fourth screenshot) is how the HUD is going to be, I already like this game way too much.
  6. Allrighty then... Well, thanks for the welcome!
  7. You can do that!? Hmm... Well tomorrow is pay day, so I may just have to pick it up on Friday. You can play it online, right? If so, how is the multiplayer?
  8. Member name: iiParadiigm Youtube name: tFReverse Word: Halo 4
  9. iiParadiigm

    Halo: CEA

    I haven't played it or really even seen anything about it. I know it's a remake of CE, and I still enjoy playing CE. My question is, would it be worth it to pick up Halo: CEA?
  10. Thanks for the welcomes. Out of curiosity, is this community anything at all like BNet?
  11. No fair, I want links ): Oh, and thanks for the welcome!
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