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Hello there and welcome to the site!

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Hey welcome to the site! Level designer? That's really cool! 


If you love fan-made Halo projects, be sure to check out Installation 01 whose forums we host here.

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23 March 2017 - 06:49 PM

Best is the Dark Knighr don't @

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17 March 2017 - 06:44 AM

Lookin good! Glad you're doing well Mayh3m. Keep up the hard work and thanks for thinking of us and checking in <3.

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17 March 2017 - 06:42 AM

So I'm just gonna say it, I think the ideas behind Halo 5 aren't inherently bad. Were it executed in the most insipid, moronic, incompetent way possible? Well, yes, obviously. But that's not to say that I don't think they couldn't have worked with a decent writer.


That said: I just honestly don't see how the story can go on to improve from here. Halo 5 has dug a hole so damn deep with its characters and plot that anything that comes after is going to suffer simply because it's going to have acknowledge not just what happened, but the way that it happened. We can't just pretend the Chief had a big emotional reaction and had his loyalties and identity tested to the limit, because he didn't. We can't pretend that Blue Team were really there for him to help him work through losing Cortana and he eventually chose them over her, because they didn't, and it's not clear that he actually did. We can't pretend that it's even a case of murky perspective in which the 'truth' of what happened depends on whose side a given character was on, because it was a pathetic 'oh it was just a misunderstanding' chick flick level of cop-out that drove the animosity between the teams rather than any actual difference in perspective.


Now, if those thing had been done properly - if Chief's loyalty really had been tested, as he was specifically forced to pick between loyalty to the people who abducted him as a child and now see him as a wholly replaceable, obsolete weapon rather than a human being, and the woman who really was the only one there for him through the worst few months of his life and is offering him a chance at happiness and purpose that he damn well knows he's not going to get from the UNSC, that would have been heart-wrenching and been a wonderful fountain of inspiration for what to do with him in Halo 6. Same thing if he and Locke had genuinely been ideologically opposed - Locke very much the UNSC loyalist who thinks the S-IIs are too dangerous to be kept alive and need to be dealt with, Chief who's just starting to feel old and tired and wanting to actually be treated like something more than a machine - then you'd get the same result. If Chief had gone over to Cortana's side, you'd have a wonderful setup for a mature and adversarial campaign in which both sides could be portrayed in shades of grey, and with great potential for boss fights or character deaths to create drama. If he's made the same decision - you'd have two protagonists who're forced to work together, each knowing full well that the moment their common enemy is defeated they're going to wind up drawing guns on one another, which again could make for some good drama.


But they weren't and here we are. I always feel weird about the idea of retcons, but honestly, in this case the whole of Halo 5 was just so poorly executed that I can't see any other alternative if the story is going to be anything other than a joke in the future.


this is some brilliant writing especially because you don't necessarily have to kill off a character and everyone could be happy. You just didn't respond to the poll :(


I want Halo 1-4 to be retcon. And Halo 5 being where the story starts


wth Fish lol