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X-Com 2: Forum Let's Play Sign-Up Thread

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#21 Ardent Prayer

Ardent Prayer

    Inconsistent with site activity

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Posted 23 July 2016 - 03:53 PM

Drizzy and Ardent, your Spartans have arrived! Please let me know if there are any changes you'd like to make: remember you can make almost any alterations you want, if you'd like to swap out armour pieces, change visor colours, add an armour pattern, etc.




It's...it's...BEAUTIFUL! *smashes like button*

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#22 Maestro


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Posted 28 July 2016 - 01:30 AM

Count me in!


Name: Alex

Gender: Male

Company: Sigma (if there are only alpha, beta, and gamma companies, then I pick gamma)

Nickname: Maestro

Class: Demolitions Grenadier

Preferred Weapon: Well... my options appear limited. (EDIT: If the situation requires it, DMR/BRs can be used)

Armour: Red Operator CNM helmet (silver visor), CQC shoulders, Commando chest plate, TACPAD, trauma kit, Grenadier knees

Face: I always wear a brain bucket

Backstory: He put his engineering skills to use in more... creative ways when he answered the rebels' call to arms.



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#23 Church


    The Voice of God

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Posted 28 July 2016 - 10:56 AM

Name: Church

Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapon: Magnum

Specializations: Sniper, Pistol Expert

  • Mjolnir MK VI Helmet
  • FJ/Para Shoulders
  • HP/Halo Chest Piece
  • Tactical/Tacpad Wrist
  • Ua/NxRA Utility
  • Gold Visor Color
  • FJ/Para Knee Guards

Primary/Secondary Color: Ice, no pattern

No Weapon Customization


Backstory: Many of you may know the story of Church from Red vs. Blue. What many of you may not know is the other adventures he has had...in this story, he finds himself entangled in a computer simulation of war between the human race and an invading alien conglomerate. Sound familiar? At any rate, to escape the simulation, he finds himself pressed to join the human faction under the supervision of Commander RedStarRocket91, to wage war against the aliens and take back Earth, or be trapped forever in the simulation. He's been through worse -- remember the time loop? This can't be too hard...or can it? After all, we all know how great Church is with his sniper rifle.


"There's a fine line between not listening and not caring. I like to think I walk that line every day of my life."


"There are so many stories where some brave hero decides to give their life to save the day, and because of their sacrifice, the good guys win, the survivors all cheer, and everybody lives happily ever after. But the hero... never gets to see that ending. They'll never know if their sacrifice actually made a difference. They'll never know if the day was really saved. In the end, they just have to have faith. Ain't that a *****."

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#24 BlueSpartan119



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Posted 30 July 2016 - 12:03 AM

  • Aohebi, Male, Beta-119, Nickname "Blue"
  • Infantry, Irregular, Assault Rifle
  • Mark V Helmet and Shoulders, HP/PARAFOIL Torso, UGPS Wrist, Soft Case Utility
  • Blue Primary, Steel Secondary, No Pattern, Gold Visor
  • "Just another Spartan in a war without end"


When the enemy is so busy he's forgotten to train units


"A meme a day keeps the existential dread away!"

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