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  1. Fantastic that they take care of themselves, that's great. The poor jumpscares though And d'aw, them having their own lil forest getaway. Adorable. Crying hugs is incredibly wholesome, your cats represent the very best for sure
  2. Obelix is a lovely name! Inspired by Asterix and Obelix? Lovely stuff. Interesting theory about their capacity to love, I must admit I haven't thought too much about it. It wouldn't surprise me though. 15?! Dayumm. That's impressive. That would absolutely keep you busy lol, one cat keeps me busy enough xD. I'll post an updated pic soonish!
  3. Hell yeah, glad to hear it. I did too, thanks! Spent the time with my family. Always nice
  4. Ah! Glad to hear it. And yeah I've resorted to doing that as well, it's worked ever since.
  5. I should post some updated pics haha, almost a decade later
  6. Merry Christmas to you too! :DD Hope you had a fantastic day
  7. Yeah I'm having the same issue
  8. Hey Sporty! Is there an option for it underneath the post, where it says "options?" Give me a shout if it's disappeared please lol. Thanks!
  9. Hello! This is a fan forum haha. Not much we can do from here I'm afraid.
  10. Happy Birthday to the best Admin around! :DD 

  11. And yeah, this site has definitely received a lot less traffic than what it once had
  12. Lovely to hear from you, Dave!
  13. Halo6 Follower


    Ayy, Azelf! Welcome! I'm not sure if the original posters of the topics still keep an eye on them, but feel free to check out our clan recruiting section: https://www.343industries.org/forum/forum/67-clan-recruiting-advertising/ Great to hear you have art to share as well! Please feel free to share non Halo art too, the more the merrier! Looking forward to seeing you around!
  14. Oh man, yeah, sign me up. Timezones will make this a little difficult though. The Australian Empire shall rise soon enough! >:DDDDD
  15. Again, this is a really hard Poll. Great work as always, Spartan! Just for some variety though I'm going to vote for Rtas, without him and Thel acting as the catalysts for the Great Schism Halo might not be the same as we know it today. Plus, you know, he's an awesome Flee/Shipt Master. As we've seen demonstrated.
  16. Please stop making these so difficult lol. I'm torn between the Shadow of Intent and the UNSC Infinity. But since Drizzy already claimed the Shadow my vote is for the Infinity. Yeah, I know it's cheesy and kinda cliched. But it has my vote for what it represents; The culmination of human achievement, as the E3 trailer put it.
  17. I think this has been the most difficult Weekly Poll so far, at least for me. After much deliberation I'm going to have to agree with Drizzy and go for good 'ol Thel. Countless hours have been spent fighting side-by-side with with throughout the games. It would be an insult not to have him as number 1. (obtained using the Xbox Capture thingo and the Master Chief Collection) Special runner-up position has to go to Tul ' Juran because of her awesome choice of weaponry and, as The Ragin Pagan pointed out, what she represents; (obtained via Halopedia)
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