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  1. Hey everyone, just a quick update on some things. Forums are certainly not what they used to be but with Halo Waypoint shutting down their forums and this forum remaining online I wanted it cleaned up. Underlying site components have been updated New theme since the old one was left half finished for so long Spam seems to be mostly taken care of for the time being Allowed people to login with their Microsoft accounts Cleaned up a few of the old forums and condensed things a little better. Changed default forum view Added Books and Movies sections that just list the Halo content Updated the articles pages to look a little better Anyone is able to submit articles but they will need to be approved 343i.org has just been spun off into its own URL shortening site Happy Gaming
  2. Hi Melody, I've also been gone for a while for life Things™ and Stuffs™. Just finally updated the forums too, finally mobile friendly and secure
  3. Thanks for the kind words Our staff are all volunteers and are great at what they do, glad you are having a positive experience
  4. Definitely going to be playing Halo Wars 2, also HaloWars 1 when it's reverse compatible.
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    From the album: Halo 2 Images

  6.  Twam


    From the album: Halo 2 Images

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    From the album: Halo 2 Images

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    From the album: Halo 2 Images

  9.  Twam


    From the album: Halo 2 Images

  10.  Twam


    From the album: Halo 2 Images

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