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What got YOU into Halo?

halo look out! a druid! Lol rrhunt smells halo CE halo 2 halo 3 halo 4

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#1 Wam


    Prophet of Regret

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Posted 21 September 2015 - 01:21 AM

Simple Question

Going back, what was the main reason you guys delved so far into the Halo franchise?

Why is Halo appealing to you?





#2 RedStarRocket91


    Secord's Protégé

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Posted 21 September 2015 - 02:23 AM

Would have been Halo 3. Way back in 2008, I was trying to decide which console to get - and frankly, I was leaning more toward the PS3. Having never owned an original Xbox, I had however played both CE and Halo 2 at friends' houses and LAN parties over the years, and while I'd thought CE had some good ideas if being a little sloppily executed, I hated Halo 2 so much that I tried to avoid it as much as possible, and never really bothered trying Halo 3 as a result as I was told it was basically more of them same.


Come 2008, I switched schools, and ended up joining a band. To start with, we'd practice at the lead guitarist's house, who was a big Halo player, and since we needed something to do while taking breaks from practising, we ended up playing Halo 3. I was quite reluctant to play at first, bearing in mind how I felt about Halo 2, but I was amazed to find that it was actually pretty fun - very fun, in fact. I liked it so much that after a while, we probably ended up spending about three quarters of our practice sessions playing Halo, which is no doubt partially why you've never heard of us. By the time came to make the decision about which console to get, I went for the 360 on the strength of Halo alone, and I've been playing it ever since.


In terms of why it's appealing? There's a lot of things, but I suppose the core one is that Halo has never been afraid to change (and I'm aware that's why a lot of people don't like it anymore). Every new Halo game has shaken up the status quo, trying new things and introducing new mechanics, and so it each new game feels fresh and interesting instead of just more of the same with slightly better graphics. Across the franchise, Halo is one of the most diverse out there in terms of how the games feel and the content of the games, and for all sometimes I feel like that hasn't worked (chunks of Reach, elements of Wars, the entirety of Halo 2) I still look forward to the new ones because I'm excited to see how much further the game has evolved.


And, for Halo 3 specifically? Because it's as close to perfect as an arena shooter can get, barring a few issues with the spawning system. The physics are just right, movement is fast but controllable, aim assist and magnetism are helpful without being overpowered, the weapon sandbox is balanced, vehicles are tough and effective while still able to be countered through intelligent play, grenades are absolutely perfect in terms of supply, fuses, and bounces, and while it's not exactly graphically intensive the art style means that even now it's still a damn good-looking game, and one which I would argue looks far better than even Reach or Halo 4.

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#3 joshyzburton


    Brute Chieftain

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Posted 21 September 2015 - 11:17 AM

My brother.




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Posted 21 September 2015 - 08:13 PM

Way back when, I was gaming on a Nintendo 64, proving myself to be quite the competition to my mom in Mario Kart. Then, Golden Eye caught a bit of my fancy (but I could hardly play without cheat codes), narrowing my aim of video games to shooters. In congress the PlayStation 2, and the huge amount of games I played on that. Here's the important part: PC gaming. Somehow, I had convinced my dad to get my first M Rated game (and I was barely what.. 11?). Halo: Combat Evolved.

Hours. And hours. Quite a lot of my free time, actually. Then I started playing multiplayer without my parents knowing, typing as fast as I could to socialize while shooting people's pixelated faces in Blood Gulch, and all the other maps.
Then my cousins got Halo 2 for the original Xbox, and that's how I spent my summers.
When the 360 came out with Halo 3, my parents didn't wanna drop the money to get me my own console, so I started working as hard as I could. Come my birthday that year, I had my own, and I wouldn't stop playing on weekends from the time I got home Friday afternoon to Sunday night's bedtime.

Halo's been there since a young age; I taught my sister and brother-in-law how to play, and now my niece is banned after Cortana. I think I've succeeded.

I guess it boils down to being an antisocial kid that finally found an outlet for my frustration, and a window to actually socialize. I've met plenty of friends, lost a few, and barely managed to keep my room clean enough for my parent's standards.

But, to me, it doesn't boil down to a reason or a specific appeal. It's been there throughout my teenage years, and now that I'm basically a young adult, I can't just leave it behind.

#5 Mr Kittens and Gibberish

Mr Kittens and Gibberish

    Sergeant Johnson

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Posted 21 September 2015 - 09:05 PM

I guess it was my brother who got me into it. On rare occasions, he would let me play video games with him. In some of those rare occasions, we would play Halo 2 together via xbox live with some of his friends. It was the best. And I guess I got to play with his copy of Combat Evolved on the pc.


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#6 rrhuntington



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Posted 21 September 2015 - 10:07 PM

Back in 2009, my sister's boyfriend at the time brought his original Xbox and some of his games which included the first two halo games. At the time I had still been playing PS2 games and my fps action was limited, so I count Halo as my first FPS. And what a great one to start with. It was a magnificent experience I can't really duplicate. The enemies, music, world, skyboxes. It's universe connected with me like none had before. One day the guy eventually had to take back the Xbox and that left me Haloless and unhappy. So we went to the store To get a 360. Unfortunately my dumb kid self thought Halo wars was Halo 3 and I picked that up by mistake. That made me not like Halo wars for a few years. The following month we picked up Halo 3 and the discovery of online multiplayer multiplied my love for the series. An ODST, reach and a 4 later I'm eagerly awaiting another release. Had to type this on a phone so lack of paragraphs is because of that. Don't know when I can post regularly again.

BTW, 2007 was a great year for games

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#7 Twinreaper


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Posted 21 September 2015 - 10:42 PM

I actually stumbled upon Halo by complete accident.  I was looking for awesome new PC games coming out and saw the Halo RTS demo.  After I read about Microsoft obtaining it and seeing the FPS come about, I lost interest.


Flash forward to Xbox Gen 1 launch, I bought it and Halo and actually didn't even play the Halo game until about 2001.  After playing it, I was hooked and went and bought the limited edition halo clear green xbox.

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#8 Caboose The Ace

Caboose The Ace

    Loyal Stormtrooper of the First Order

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Posted 22 September 2015 - 12:35 AM

Halo 3 did. :)


You see I was decided if to get a Ps3 or an 360. I'd had a Ps2 before so I suppose I was going more than way at this time.


So one day I head to my friends and find not only does he have a 360, he also has Halo 3. So I play Halo 3 and really enjoy it and so when it comes to the time to buy a new console, I choose an Xbox because Halo 3 was awesome.


I was only 7 years old at that point and that probably wasn't good decision making back then.


But looking back all these years later I stand by my decision.


1 Because I found this community.

2 Because for my 10th birthday somebody brought me Kotor 1 and got me into the rpg genre and Star wars. ( And the Ps3 cant emulate that )

3 Because Halo Reach custom games are some of my most fond gaming memories, ever, of all time.

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#9 Axilus Prime

Axilus Prime

    Stormedge 01

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Posted 22 September 2015 - 03:18 AM

I was looking for games to get from my friends that I could run off my laptop. Halo CE was one of them. I popped it open, expecting to beat the game once and get a bit of fun out of an average game.


When I actually played it, I literally said "Holy crap. This is the best game I've ever played."


I wanted to try more, so I played more of CE, and then went to a console arcade where I would play the console games for a dollar an hour. I loved Halo even more on a console, since everything was smoother and there was so much more content there, and at that point I decided I had to get an Xbox 360 of my own. Ended up fortunate enough to get one for Christmas, and I've been hooked on Halo ever since.


I'm a fairly new fan, only with roughly 3 years of Halo, but I love the game to the point I'm more into it than some veterans from '01.

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#10 Redfox97



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Posted 30 September 2015 - 12:15 AM

Halo: Combat Evolved was my introduction to this amazing universe. i would play co-op with my brother or our neighbor and even my dad and we'd switch who'd play with who because we only had two controllers. my dad was actually the biggest influence on my start as a gamer.

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#11 JoeStone42



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Posted 30 September 2015 - 03:09 PM

When your brother gets an Xbox 360, and you don't have one, then you're gonna wanna play it. I was originally playing Minecraft and Skyrim, but then I looked at the downloaded games, and there was Halo 3. I played and I didn't like it because I couldn't understand it. Fast forward a year later, I got an Xbox for Christmas (360 of course). With it my other brother got Halo 3: ODST for me. Loved it. The next day I went down to my nearest game store, and found Halo: CE Anniversary. Isaw that it was the first Halo so I immediately bought it. Then I kept getting Halos, and now I'm here.

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#12 haloman 2

haloman 2

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Posted 30 September 2015 - 04:19 PM

lets see...

where to start...


well back in around 2005 my friend and his brother got halo 2 for the xbox as well as my neighbor


back then i thought halo was a racing game because i had always seen the cover of halo one and saw the warthog on the cover

i didnt like racing games back then but i tried it out and was confused

i had no idea what i was doing and i was running from the covenant and killing everything movie.

we then moved to multiplayer and i was pretty much hiding undre the base from my friend with a banshee until he would come down and kills me

i had a lot of fun

he then lent me his pc game of halo 1 telling me to borrow it

and my brother played it and i always watched him no matter how many times he told me it was too violent


and whenever he wasnt around i always tried to play it


i had more fun just killing the marines and driving off cliffs with a warthog. but it slowley got me used to the game and i started to know what to do

although hunters scared me the hell out and i always asked my brother to get me past them


finally come a year later and i play it like crazy and since it has been my obsession. i have always gone to my friends houses to play. in a way i kind of used them more 9especially one of my old friends) which wasa little sad but i still valued their friendship and to this day still do


but come later years as of my sophomore year in 2011-2012 my friends started to change and move on except for 2 or 3 of the.

so all though out highschool the only game i had was halo 1 and online

which was still always fun but i never had an xbox so i got bored sometimes with non ragdoll bodies and new levels and what not, but i still always loved halo, and would every now and then get to play a new halo game that wasnt halo 1.

since that day halo will always be my favorite game franchise


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#13 BaconShelf


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Posted 02 October 2015 - 05:39 AM

The books.

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