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"Meet Your Maker" Infinity Slayer forge contest Submission Thread!

Halo 4 Forge Forge Contest Infinity Slayer 343 Industries THFE Ducain23

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#1 Absolute Dog

Absolute Dog


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 08:18 AM




The staff from 343industries.org and THFE

have come together to host a forge contest.

"Meet Your Maker"

Contest begins Saturday February 9th 2013

Final submissions cut off at 12:00AM EST March 9th 2013

"Wake up, it’s time to Forge"

Map Submission Parameters

The contest will have the following parameters

-4 v 4 slayer map

-compatible with Halo 4’s Infinity Slayer (including ordinance drops)

-dynamic lighting must still be functioning

-no significant frame rate issues

-no modded content allowed

-one map submission per person

-multiple people can work on a single map

-maps can have been made at any point

Prizes for the contest

-Top winning map maker will be featured on THFE’s and Ducain23’s YouTube channels and become a Showcase Map at 343 Industries Community Forum, meet the judges for a discussion of their map also broadcast via YouTube, receive a DLC code DLC 2 or DLC 3, and a signed poster of map art by Certain Affinity staff

-The Two Follow Up winners will have their maps video reviewed by THFE and Ducain23, receive a judges review of their map and DLC 2 code.

Varying prizes offered throughout contest!

Managing the contest

-343i.org /THFE/Ducain23 will make an announcement video for the contest.

-343i.org will present the submission thread for the contest on their forum as well as house all the relative GT's, map images/videos, descriptions and links.

-Map submissions @ 343i.org must include a map title, the gamer tag under whose files share we can find the map, a description of the map. images or screen shots and any narrative the forger wishes to include about their inspiration for the map or story behind it forge ideal.

ANY Questions regarding the contest, please post them here in the Q & A thread.

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#2 Jesus in Malibu

Jesus in Malibu


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  • Gamertag:Jesus in Malibu
  • LocationUnited States

Posted 09 February 2013 - 11:22 AM


File Share Gamertag: Shore Jesus
Canvas Map: Ravine
Latest Updated Version Date: February 13, 2013
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, Flood, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball, Extraction
Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill
Best Team Size: 4 vs. 4

Initial Ordnance: 1 Needler, 1 Sniper Rifle, 1 2x Pulse Grenades, 1 2x Frag Grenades
*Non-Ordnance: 2 Assault Rifles
Random Ordnance: 1 Shotgun/Scattershot/Energy Sword

Description: This UNSC cargo base was deployed six months following the disaster of New Phoenix to ship important cargo to and from the UNSC Infinity atop this large, curious structure inside Requiem. Symmetrical map which provides many tight corners and close quarters with a couple of flank routes. A sniper tower provides great cover but has many easy entrances. Appealing ascetic and scenic views within and even outside the map.

Map Intel: This symmetrical map provides great cover and close quarters combat for some fast-paced 4v4 games. A sniper tower in the back of the map holds a Sniper Rifle ordnance and gives the player lots of cover all around but has some many deadly entrances that may leave you more vulnerable than you may know. Meanwhile on the other side of the map, a tunnel holds a Needler ordnance along with a breathtaking view of the exterior of this base, but be cautious as deadly fusion coils sit nearby. The center platform holds a random ordnance which may contain a deadly line-up of either a Shotgun, Scattershot, or an Energy Sword. The three room bases on each side of the map also provide some good cover and a defense for your base and also holds an Assault Rifle if you need to properly re-arm yourself.

Notes: Odyssey is roughly 95% symmetrical and has no known performance and visual issues.

-Initial Loadout Camera
-View of Sniper Tower
-Red Loadout Camera
-Blue Loadout Camera
-Overhead View, above Red


Oyssey was the first map I created in Halo 4, coming from Halo 3's forge. I haven't played a lot of Halo: Reach, therefore I've never fooled around enough with it's Forge 2.0, and it took me some time to get a hang and learn forge again in Halo 4 while creating Odyssey. For the most part, I learned myself, and as for the rest, I spent a lot of time going into the standard maps of Halo 4, looking at other objects and objectives to see how I shall do it in my map, for example, setting up capture plates, CTF stands and spawning. All in all, I finished this map late December, however, I've been polishing it ever since. I've created a few other maps since then but I still believe this is my best work.

#3 Day Emay Eray

Day Emay Eray


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  • LocationFurAffinity Forums

Posted 09 February 2013 - 02:55 PM

Map Name: Hydra
File Share Gamertag: Day Emay Eray
Canvas Map: Erosion
Last Updated: 04/07/13
Supported Game types: CTF, Flood, Grifball, KOTH, Oddball, Regicide, SlayerBest Gametypes: Oddball, Regicide, Slayer
Intended Team Size(s): 2v2 - 4v4
Initial Ordinances: 2xSuppressor, 2xNeedler, 2xDMR, 1xSword, 2xShotgun, 1xConcussion Rifle (all set on timers)
Random Ordinance: N/A
Weapons on Map: N/A
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: N/A
Supported Vehicles: N/A
Budget: 5850/10000
Top Veiw
Side Veiw
Blue Dish
Red Dish
Blue Loadout Camera
Red Loadout Camera
Lower Level
Video Flythrough: N/A, sorry
Map Description: Medium-Sized, Multi-Porpose map, there are numberous ways to get from one place to another, there is a small base layer to the map, so you must be careful not to jump off of absolutely anywhere. The map is mostly symmetrical, with small variations throughout.
Trait Zone within a gravity volume on either side of the map, trait zone: Player Gravity 50%, everything else is set to "Unchanged"
Additional Info: Created this map firstly on Halo: Reach for a friend who wanted a map for his Community to play on, it was under the name of "Ground 0", now I have remade it in Halo 4, which included me changing a few things in the map, from spawning to weapons (as there were no Promethean weapons in Halo: Reach), to changing the look slightly and implementing some tricks that are now made possible due to Halo 4's new forging materials.
Got onto XBL, fixed the name.

#4 Vip3rGTX88



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Posted 09 February 2013 - 06:09 PM


File Share Gamertag: Vip3rGTX88
Canvas Map: Impact
Latest Updated Version Date: February 9, 2013
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide FFA.
Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer
Best Team Size: 4 vs. 4 or 2 vs. 2

Random Ordnance 1: Needler, Shotgun, and Sticky Detonator.
Random Ordnance 2: Sniper, Beam Rifle, Railgun, and Binary Rifle.
Random Ordnance 3: Rocket Launcher, Concussion Rifle, and Fuel rod Cannon.
Random Ordnance 4: Enargy Sword, and Gravity Hammer
Description: This is UNSC Space station called Anex. It is a training station built in space to train Spartans to fight in space.

2013-02-09 14.59.42.jpg , 2013-02-09 14.59.55.jpg , 2013-02-09 15.00.18.jpg , 2013-02-09 15.00.30.jpg , 2013-02-09 14.59.17.jpg


#5 ejen518



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Posted 09 February 2013 - 09:28 PM

Dragon Pit

File Share Gamertag: Ejen518
Canvas Map: Ravine
Last Updated: 2/9/13
Supported Game types: Infinity Slayer
Best Gametypes: Slayer
Intended Team Size(s): 2v2 - 4v4
Initial Ordinances: N/A
Random Ordinance: N/A
Weapons on Map: Rocket Launcher, Binary Rifle, Concussion Rifle, Scattershot, Needler, SAW
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: N/A
Supported Vehicles: N/A



Small close-quatered map that focuses on strategy and teamwork as well as control over the power weapons, however these weapons are not easy to obtain. The Rocket Launcher is above a Pit of "Lava" located in the Dragons Jaw. Players will die if they fall into the pit. In addition, The Dragon will periodically shoot out flames (exploding fusion coils) which can cause damage and potentially kill making the rocket launcher risky to try and obtain. Under the Dragon Jaw is a small indoor area that houses the Scattershot. In front of the Jaw in the middle of the map is the SAW which is protected by a shield door that players have to break open. Across from the Jaw in the Dragon Tail houses the Binary Rifle which is on a platform that can only be reached by jumping on a couple of rocks. Needler and Concussion Rifle are located around the Red and Blue Base.

#6 Absolute Dog

Absolute Dog


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 11:07 PM

The contest Q & A thread is located here.

There are no post reservations permitted.

This is a map submission thread only.

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#7 SPac316



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  • Gamertag:S Pac 316
  • LocationWA

Posted 10 February 2013 - 03:44 AM


File Share Gamertag: S Pac 316
Canvas Map: Impact
Latest Updated Version Date: 2/5/2013
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, Flood, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball, Extraction
Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag
Best Team Size: 4 vs. 4

Initial Ordnance:
  • 2 Shotguns, no respawn.
  • 2 Snipers, 210 sec.
  • 1 Rocket launcher
  • 1 Spartan Lazer, 210 sec.
  • 1 Energy Sword, 180 sec.
  • 2, 2x Frag, Plasma and Pulse Grenades each
Random Ordnance:
  • 1 Beam Rifle
  • 1 Binary Rifle
  • 1 Gravity Hammer
  • 2 Needlers
  • 1 Rail gun
  • 1 Sticky Detonator
  • 1 Banshee, 180 sec. Not placed at the start. Only available in Slayer gametypes.
Description: Dueling forts....in Spaaaaaaacccceee! 8 -12 players recommended.
This was based on an old map I made with a friend on Halo 3. Then it was remade in Reach and now again for Halo 4! There are two bases facing one another with a border surrounding them in symetrical fashion. The map is suspended in the air. there are bridges that go along the middle to each side and a mound in the middle with sword. Bases are identical and have a platform on top perfect for sniping. they also have rear walkways. There is also a Banshee(slayer only).

Middle with Sword
Blue Base(front)
Red Base(rear)
Banshee pad
Green Splazer platform

#8 Elite X17

Elite X17


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  • Gamertag:Elite X17
  • LocationDorset, England

Posted 10 February 2013 - 11:33 AM

Map Name: "Enforcement [Turf remake]"
File Share Gamertag: Elite X17
Canvas Map: Erosion
Last Updated: 10/2/12
Tags: Turf
Supported Game types: FFA / Multi-team / Infinity team slayer / Regicide
Best Gametypes: FFA / Regicide / 2v2,3v3 or 4v4 slayer
Intended Team Size(s): 2 - 4

Initial Ordnance: Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Concussion Rifle, AR, BR, Carbine, Magnum, 2x 2xFrag, DMR and Storm Rifle.
Random Ordnance: None.
Weapons on Map: (if applicable): All initial resupply ordinance.
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: None
Supported Vehicles: 1x Warthog
Budget: 8740/10000

Screenshots: All 15 screenshots are in my fileshare "Elite X17" and in this libary: http://s1301.beta.ph...iteXI7/library/
Sorry about the quality of the photo's.

Video Flythrough/Overview Link: Will be in my fileshare "Elite X17".

Map Description: From the streets of New Mombasa, to the depths of a supernatural cave. Turf is now remade. 2 - 8 players - Made by Elite X17

Does this map use players trait zones? No.

Additional Info (optional): "Enforcement" is a direct remake of the map "Turf" from a Halo 2 DLC. The map is very accuarate to it's original with a few little modifications to support sprint. The Warthog is there too, along with the Sniper Rifle and Shotgun. The weapons have been slightly re-arranged due to balancing issues. But the map is brilliant for competitive play, and it's a nice feeling playing something familiar. :D
Do you even lift?

#9 a live dinosaur

a live dinosaur

    a live dinosaur

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  • LocationKentucky

Posted 10 February 2013 - 03:58 PM

Map Name: Seafront
File Share Gamertag: a live dinosaur
Canvas Map: Ravine
Last Updated: 02/10/13
Tags: None
Supported Game types: Infinity Slayer, Oddball
Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Oddball
Intended Team Size(s): 4v4 or 2v2 (2v2 recommended)

Initial Ordnance: Railgun, Pulse Grenade x2, Energy Sword, Plasma Grenade x2
Random Ordnance: Concussion Rifle
Weapons on Map: None
Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: None
Supported Vehicles: None
Budget: 5640/10000 (Due to small map size)

Screenshots: None, sorry :/

Map Description:

This luxurious, ancient infrastructure has had no life contact since year 2373, gradually consigning to oblivion. 2-8 players

Does this map use players trait zones? None

I tried to keep my map small and balanced, that way nobody has an advantage over the other.

Edited by Forum Dinosaur, 10 February 2013 - 04:20 PM.

#10 ThePsychosocialite



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Posted 11 February 2013 - 09:47 AM

Satellite 04

File Share Gamertag: Psychosocialite
Canvas Map: Impact
Latest Updated Version Date: February 11th 2012
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball,
Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill
Best Team Size: 4 vs. 4 (but can accommodate up to 6v6)
Trait Zones: No
Armour Abilities on the Map: No
Initial Ordnance: 2 Needler, Gravity Hammer, 2x Pulse Grenades (x2), 2x Frag Grenades (x2)
Random Ordnance: 1 Concussion Rifle/Railgun/Shotgun/Fuel Rod Cannon
Weapons on map: 2 Battle Rifles, 2 Covenant Carbines
Vehicle Support: No
Description: This UNSC research satellite was built after the destruction of Installation 04 to monitor any possible remaining life and now orbits the remains. Not used for a while, it has now become a training ground for Spartan IVs to perfect their skills on the battlefield.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuiiAdPK0n4

#11 CoryWobser



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  • Gamertag:OMG its Poncho

Posted 11 February 2013 - 11:40 AM

Gamertag: OMG its Poncho Canvas Map: The Hill Last updated: A while ago For infinity slayer, king of the hill etc. You can find out the rest... Its named The Hill and its on my fileshare OMG its Poncho

#12 Sundown



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  • Gamertag:Master Sundown

Posted 11 February 2013 - 12:13 PM

Map Name: Delirium v3.2
File Share Gamertag: Master Sundown
Tags: Blueprint, Sundown, MLG, forgecafe
Canvas Map: Ravine
Last Updated: 1/21/13
Status: v3.2x Released
HD Screenshots: Album - http://imgur.com/a/JcARU

Ideal Player Count: Supports 4-12 optimally
Best Gametypes: Slayer, King, Oddball
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, King, Oddball, FFA, Extraction, MLG (all listed)

Description: Symmetric design designed for competitive play.
Other Notes: First Place winner of Wild's forge competition @ ForgeCafe.com, Map feature on Blueprint

Initial Ordnance: Sword (150), Rockets (180) [vMLG - Overshield, (90), Replaces Sword]
Random Ordnance: None
Weapons on Map: Sniper x2 (180) (vMLG - 120), DMR x3, BR x4, LR x2, Carbiine x2, AR x4, Magnum x2, Frag x6
Armor Abilities on map: None
Supported Vehicles: None

Budget Remaining: $785

Overall performance: No Frame-rate, even under combat duress. Lighting intact.
Split Screen Framerate Rating: Acceptable.

Download Link: Master Sundown (File Share)
v2 HD Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/JcARU
v1 HD Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/N3Yj8
Special Thanks: Cambodians, Big Papa Salot, Yemil, DarkIing Ninja, and all of my testers (especially those with great improvement suggestions).

Posted Image
Posted Image

#13 XreignZ



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  • LocationVictoria, Australia

Posted 11 February 2013 - 04:00 PM

Map Name: Renury
File Share Gamertag: XreignZ
Supported Game types: Extraction, Oddball, CTF, Slayer, Regicide
Best Gametypes: 1-Site Extraction, Slayer


Video Flythrough/Overview:

Map Description:
Renury is a perfectly symmetrical arena style map based on the likes of maps such as Sanctuary, Simplex, etc. This map is designed to keep you close to the action at all times, but does not force you unwillingly into the action as some smaller maps do.

Posted Image
Outlaw Racing League Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...lawRacingLeague
Outlaw Racing Home Page: http://outlawracinghome.webs.com/

#14 Redemption1272



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Posted 11 February 2013 - 07:20 PM

File Share Gamertag: Redemption1272
Canvas Map: Ravine
Last Updated: 02/10/2013
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball,
Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Oddball
Best Team Size: 4 vs. 4
Budget: 5800/10000

Initial Ordnance: Railgun, Hammer, Sticky detonator
Weapons on map: None
Grenades on map: 2 Plasma grenades, 2 Fragment
Random Ordnance: Shotgun, Saw
Armor abilities/ power ups: none
Details: Initial drops will respawn but at random, as they are under the random drop rotation
Trait Zones: There is one trait zone at the top of the map which prevents players from abusing the map (along with hardkills). It also disables armor abilities when you enter it (So jet packers don't abuse an already overpowered ability).
Video Walkthrough:


You can read the map thread here on waypoint: https://forums.halow...spx#post2271690
Also the thread on 343I.org: http://www.343indust.../25750-edifice/

I had been working on this map for the past 2 months, getting advice from some of the most creative minds and experienced forgers I know personally and indirectly to help mold this map into what it is now. It is at its final stage and I am carrying high hopes for this map. I hope you guys enjoy playing as I have enjoyed creating it.

#15 General Sarbina

General Sarbina


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  • Gamertag:General Sarbina
  • LocationOhio

Posted 11 February 2013 - 09:46 PM

Gamer tag: General Sarbina
Canvas map: Ravine
Map name: Watcher
Game types: Slayer, CTF, Oddball
Description: Promethean's were caught storing UNSC and Covenant gear. Weird... for 2-8 players
Shmeef's: 1

Images: http://www.343indust...um/478-watcher/

#16 muflapjackie



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  • Gamertag:muflapjackie

Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:17 AM


Map Description:
"Battle on a multi-leveled, competitive map nestled in the mist, dirt, and jutting rocks of the lower ravine."

Supported Gametypes:
Infinity Slayer , Slayer , Slayer Pro , Dominion , Capture the Flag , King of the Hill , Oddball , Regicide , MLG

Canvas Map: Ravine

Gamertag: muflapjackie

Optimal AA:
Made for all, but Thruster and Airborn preferred

Available For Download - [Halo 4 File share] - Search "Basejump" or Gamertag: muflapjackie
EZ Explanation Chart:
Posted Image...Posted Image...Posted Image...Posted Image


Gameplay is the only thing that does this map justice. Once you understand the map's symmetry, it becomes addicting. muflapjackie created the map, but it was constantly playtested and fed input by Hybrid Vash and Hybrid ZK7. Sooo much time and people power went into making this map balanced. Don't judge this book by it's cover.


NOTE: although it does not appear as such, mostly everything is as strait as an arrow, especially the center tube lift which took forever to make and keep strait with rotational degree locks and magnets; moreover, its put in the exact midpoint between the two structures on the bottom. The pics were poorly taken at weird angles because none of us have a capture card. Believe it or not, the center piece is very symmetrical, given the fact that we had to cover the glass window handle bars to make a clear drop in all directions - i.e. nothing was sticking out that snags you on a long drop.The Red and Blue spawns maintain the exact same buildings, structures and pathways. Working with the natural nooks and cranys that stick out caused us havock because maintaining symmetry becomes all the more difficult. But where one side has an advantage, we gave an advantage to the other side as well, and working with the "natural" structures makes the map more fun to look at and play. Most importantly, from red spawn and blue spawn which are on diametric sides and located in the middle level (we realized a bottom or top spawn would keep the fighting zoned on one level), you can access all 3 levels without using the center grav lift or the counter diametric/bidirectional transporters located on the first and 3rd floors. In other words you can get to the top floor, middle floor, or bottom floor from your spawn. Access Access Access is what we ran into mid way through the build. The transporters are not, and I repeat, are not annoying, which you find out after playing the game. As the structures became more complex and filled up the space, we made it so that if you make a wrong move you don't fall to your death, hardly ever (for this kind of hight and multi-leveled depth).The fun part is going into the center base jump lift and having battles in the "dueling tube" which it is starting to be called. If your sensitivity is lower than 6. You will be outmatched. Moreover, well timed airsasinations are a very cool and opportunistic goal for duelers.

#17 Seducier



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  • Gamertag:Seducier
  • LocationAsia

Posted 13 February 2013 - 06:33 AM

File Share Gamertag: Seducier
Canvas Map: Sphere
Game Type: I.F. Sphere Settings in my Game-Type File-Share.
Latest Updated Version Date: February 13, 2013
Supported Gametypes: Infinity Slayer
Best Gametypes: I.F. Slayer Settings
Best Team Size: Any; Initial re-spawns may vary depending on which team. Teams Disabled also works.

Initial Ordnance: Auto Sentry (30 second timer)

Description: With the combined inspiration from Enders Game, Final Fantasy X’s blitz ball, and my own personal twist, the Sphere is a 360 degree spectacular.

Spawning in the gravity elevator grants a temporary shield upon entering the Sphere, although kills more time before getting back into the Sphere. Be careful dropping into the Gravity Elevator.

The Auto Sentry spawns initially, and then every 30 seconds. It can only be placed toward the lower portion of the Sphere, and using it sacrifices the mobility of the Jet Pack or Thruster.

Pulse grenades spawn at the bottom of the Sphere continuously, and they are quite handy because they can be detonated on any surface of the Sphere.

This map gets really fun with 16 players, flying all over the place in every direction. Learning how to navigate the inside of the Sphere is fun in itself. Use the Man Cannons and Teleporter to dodge your enemies. This is a perfect map to play when you are looking to mix it up.

Any bugs or feedback? Contact me directly on xbl: Seducier. Thank you.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
::: Seduce Me :::

#18 jonnykilledyou



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  • Gamertag:jonnykilledyou

Posted 13 February 2013 - 07:50 AM

Gamertage Jonnykilledyou
map canvas impact
Map name TheTown
4 V 4
Supports infinity slayer
Coming soon capture the flag and king of the hill
Screen shots unknown. Dnt know how to upload them through my phone.
Screen shots on file share
description. Its all in its name.
Idea for making this map
Based off of call of duty style. Compact yet open fast pace yet a struggle to win.
Map and screen shots on my file share
Again gamertag Jonnykilledyou

#19 CoryWobser



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Posted 13 February 2013 - 06:59 PM

Gamertag: OMG its Poncho Map Made: Poncho land 4x4 slayer Uploaded to file share. Check out the custom map. Completely made.

#20 Absolute Dog

Absolute Dog


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Posted 13 February 2013 - 08:41 PM

Gamertag: OMG its Poncho Map Made: Poncho land 4x4 slayer Uploaded to file share. Check out the custom map. Completely made.

Only one map submission per person as stated in the rules.

Posted Image

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Halo 4 Forge, Forge Contest, Infinity Slayer, 343 Industries, THFE, Ducain23

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