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Slayer and Infection map - Legacy

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Hillo people! It's Azaxx! :D


Anyway I decided my recent maps have been bad so I went to the Island for meditation...jks

But I did built my first great assault-like infection map!


The map for Team/FFA slayer has the following weapons-

2 Sniper Rifles, 2 DMR's, 2 Needlers, 2 Grenade Launchers, 2 Magnums, 2 Plasma Pistols and 1 Rocket Launcher.

Plus can be played on Infection.


The are plenty of spawns across the map to avoid spawn camping.


Here are some screen shots.

Top view of the map:



The red base:



The blue base:



Behind blue base, across the map:



And for infection:



Anyways, I have not put this on my File-Share because there isn't any room, but if there is enough demand I will put it up for you guys :)

As always please leave your thoughts for improvements below!

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