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  1. lol, this topic got posted and posted again so much...that they pinned it to show everybody...so yea...basically...in the latest halo books...if you read them, you should know that the humans are trying to cause a civil war between the elites...and obviously the freind of my enemy is also my enemy...
  2. it looked super powerful with that one headshot kill vs the knight
  3. eliteultra

    weapon down

    well... halo is not the same purpose as COD... i believe it is for fun...and what a fun way to play the game trying to run away from all the fire
  4. that would be a direct insult to most of the sangheili fans... It is basically ignoring them and not carring one bit about there opinion...so i doubt 343 would put brutes...but not elites
  5. yep... i hate keep getting stuck at two
  6. Yea you guys have a point...but this is my idea... i think of it as an ok thing because 1. they are not as over powered as COD over powers the players with vehicles 2. Infinity slayer is a Team game so it is not possible for 1 person that has similar ranking to all the others to kill off the whole enemy team...so team work may help... so you guys do have a point, but i feel like it is something ok in the game
  7. miraculously...the gravity idea was added in one day after i mentioned this
  8. Ive heard that it will return in a different modified form
  9. finally the pistons... thanks for the updates
  10. hello there... I think all unfairness that you think elites are could be fixed... hit box... could be fixed... appearance...could be fixed..ect. Why look for removing them all together when you could fix the problem..?
  11. hey guys, just though of something... just like the humans have there "infinity multiplayer" im guessing that there will also be an "covanant cruiser multiplayer" where elites fight other elites in a simulation... What do you guys think
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