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Melody, I pressed Ctrl + F and I typed in "Love", and yet I was disappointed to find you only had it in your tags.


I just want you to know, if you won't say it, that love everyone in the community.

Normally that would be the case, but I'm referring to the people that have helped me the absolute most. 


But yes, I do truly love each and every member in this community. :heart: Because you guys are what makes the community whole, makes it special, and what makes it fun, without everyone's help this place wouldn't be the same.

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Well you're now in the olden day big leagues now Bubbles, this forum wouldn't be the same without you. The obsessive torture in ToD, the torture you put us through with Hello Kitty and Eevee... It's shaped us all for the worst in the future ;)


Thank you for staying with us Bubbles, you are a valued member of the site, and a true friend of mine :hugz:


Here's to more years to come in the future (it will probably be more torture but with cuter things like... Cute stuff...)!  :cheers: 

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