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Tony Stark 2015 - You Matter

MCPO Mayh3m

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Fellow form goers of all ages, genders, breeds (breads), and sizes!

I step out of my Silver Centurion armor on behalf of you all to run in this campaign for forum presidency!


I am running because you, the members of 343i Community, Matter!


You are the heartbeat of the forum, without you this forum would not be what it is today! Without this forum I would not be able to call many of you friends! You define this forum! 


I will not make any empty and worthless campaign "Promises" as many others may do, but instead, I will assure you and guarantee this:


You are who I am running for, and you are who I am representing. I am a candidate because you nominated me. I am a candidate because of you all.... and you all matter and deserve the best out of this forum! And I will make sure you all receive the best (as long as it is within the realm of possibility). Though I am a moderator, I am still a member at heart and always will be. 


This forum will be safe, secure, loud, proud, and it will be all because of you members here.


We must stand together and stand proud! 


We are the members of 343i Community Forum!



So make the right choice this election... 


Vote Tony Stark as President! 

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