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I haven't had access to my Xbox in weeks. Despite this setback, I have still tried to stay connected to the Forging community. Unfortunately, it looks as though it will be many moons until I will be able to Forge again..

On the bright side, I have an idea for a mini-game that will be very, very fun. It's Flood-based and should be easy to Forge. Anyone who reads this can try building this map.

1. First create a cubical box without a lid out of simple flat objects. It should be big enough to hold four edge-to-edge gravity volumes at the least.

2. Fill the box with Invisible Gravity Volumes side by side facing up. There should be two layers of volumes, the purpose of which you will soon find out!

3. Fill the box with a trait zone and set it to give players Good Camouflage and Speed Boost. The former is to dampen surrounding noise, and the latter is to make the players' screens blue.

4. Place down several Rocks with the tips slightly above the top of the gravity volumes. These are for the humans to jump around on.

5. Place down small crates set on normal physics. They should bob up and down slightly.

6. Place blue Dominion shields horizontally so that they touch the top of the gravity volumes.

7. Place the Flood spawn points on the bottom of the box, and place the human spawn points on the rocks/crates.

The Flood will have a dynamic experience on this map. Submerged beneath the shields, they will hear things differently, and their screens will be blue. The humans will struggle to survive on the surface as the shark-like Flood shoot out of the water--like sharks. So you see the theme of the map now? There might be some technical flaws in my directions; you might want to switch the blue dominion shields with normal shield doors, but that would be very expensive and punish the humans for accidentally walking off spawn. Good luck creating the map!

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Very creative Idea I like The Idea.  tell me when you make it message hotdog8818

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