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Liquid Space is a symmetrical team objective map. It also plays very well as an infinity slayer map, or as a flood map. The element that I spent the most time on and eventually built the rest of the map around is the "Liquid Space" gravity pool. It is comprised of 12 10x10 gravity volumes and a couple overlapping trait zones. The end result is a 20x10 free standing gravity pool that you cannot fall out of. The pool area is a great fun for lots of mini games and such, but I also wanted to build a full team objective map around it. Even though the map has a very unusual central element, it is surprisingly straightforward and simple to understand. (The video clips are all from one game with many first time players. As you can see they intuitively pick up on what to do quite quickly.) I worked very hard on making every room in each base as dynamic as possible. The 2 floor central control rooms have created some really awesome conflicts during my time testing out the map.























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Wow, this looks wonderful, and seems to work really well. I'll have to play it some time!

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Thanks a lot! I worked really hard on this one, but it's always totally worth it if people find it and enjoy it :)

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