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Found 5 results

  1. The prodigal son has returned! ...For this interview. Ok this has been put off for some time. It was a masterpiece and everyone knows masterpieces take time. I don't think I've been so honored to interview anyone else to be honest. I love all my interviewees equally, I just have always looked up to Absolute Dog since I joined practically. Thank you all for being patient and enjoy the long, long... long read. DD: "My first question has to be: How are you? How are things since you've made your departure from the site?" AD: "I am good Dan. I have been enjoying spending more quality time with my girl friend, friends and family. It has meant a lot to me. This time has also allowed me to enjoy some other activities such as spending time with some new neighbors, gaming a little more than I had for a while and basically having some quality "me" time." DD: "That's fantastic to hear though and I know that's something everyone's dying to know. It's always great to have time to do what you want to do. You were more than just a member here, it was almost surprising that your name was not in orange. What do you miss most about the site?" AD: "I miss being an active moderator. I always considered myself a member that was given the opportunity to serve this community and I completely enjoyed sharing my humor, thoughts and ideas here. I spent a lot of my time reading and watching for trends in the forum. This allowed me to see what was important to the community as a whole, not just those who yelled the loudest or most frequently. I payed attention to the members who were here to read and become informed, rewarded those who truly had a genuine interest in advancing the forum to new heights and promoted the few who I saw to have qualities I felt this forum needed or were unique to the forum. I truly miss serving the members with my style of leadership. As far as my name being orange, I assume you mean Site or "Super" Moderator. It was never a goal of mine. To be honest, it was never a goal to be a moderator. The position came as a surprise and I came close to turning it down. Besides, I feel a Community Moderator has a much better opportunity to serve the members. I respect what Jester does in his position, he will always be one of the few friends on the site that understands what this means, but working directly with the community is much more rewarding to me." DD: "I can completely understand that, and I miss yours and Jester's humors when they are brought together. You are both funny alone but when you guys were together on something, it's hilarious. You've been popping in for a bit now, do you like what you're seeing with the site since your absence? It was a very big deal when you left that hit hard believe it or not with many people who you think might not have even known you. Has it changed a lot since?" AD: "Being here with and working with Jester was so much fun. We have had so many laughs publicly and behind the scenes. He is truly the most fun member to call a friend. He knew what it was like to be a Community Moderator and I knew he understood what I was going through when it was basically just me managing a lot of the day to day aspects of the forum. I was very lonely as a moderator for a long time when he left the forum to spend time with his family. His understanding is what formed such a strong bond as both a friend and fellow moderator. I owe a lot to Jester and his wife. I miss the award that she presented me with........... I do pop in from time to time on this account, sometimes I come to the site as a guest to be completely anonymous. I have mostly enjoyed seeing the new changes. I have seen some members step up and do their best to further the experience of this forum and like most of the new features that have been incorporated into the site. There were a couple things removed that still bother me, but not being here to voice my opinion or work through the issues negates me mentioning them. I knew the impact of my leaving the site would have some kind of an affect. Not to be self serving, it is just that I had been here for so long and been such a dominant figure within the forum. The feeling of leaving the site pained me in a way that is hard to explain and I spent a few weeks agonizing over the decision. I guess in a way I am proud to see the impact my presence had here. I have seen members that barely knew me feel my presence and new members wonder who I was. To answer you directly, Jester and I managed the site as a team. It worked and worked well. My leaving, in a since leaving him alone, did mean there were going to be changes. That is the natural progression." DD: "How do you feel about members who literally praise you, even though they were not here the same time you were, getting excited that they post right under you? (Not naming any names )" AD "I have wondered about that myself. It is our nature to praise people in society seen for doing good deeds that we have never met. I guess I see it for what it is depending on the member. I can only assume that some are seeing or feeling the communities overall sentiments and responding to that. Others may just want to feel some type of inclusion to a moment that had an impact here. Some others may be doing for reasons that are not positive and I think the community can see the different types of praise for what it is." DD: "A most noble and modest answer, I wasn't expecting anything less from you haha. You know I wanted to save this question but I need to know, what is your future on the site?" AD: "My future on this remains to be seen. As of this interview, the news of Jester's departure as the site moderator changes what I had planned to do. I will talk with Jester and Twam to see what they feel may be needed from me and if I feel capable and prepared to do it." DD: "I'm seriously going to miss Jester's name being in orange when it appears in the shoutbox. If Twam and Jester need it AD, would you be up for being a Moderator again? And a complementary question would be: Would you have the time to be a Moderator again?" AD: "If I took a moderator position again it would be because I have the time and desire to do it. Sorry, but that is all I will say until I have talked to some people I need to. I want to see this forum not only survive, but flourish. In my eyes certain things need to happen to continue to grow the site, keep the family feeling that has been part of it from the beginning and to allow this forum to be inclusive of all types of members. I have seen trends both good and bad in the forum since I have been a member and moderator. The key role of a moderator, to me, (aside from the daily maintenance) is to ensure that all members, new and old, have a voice and that they get a fair opportunity to voice their opinions, wants, desires, and dislikes whether they are popular or not. I have a feeling I will do what is needed for the forum." DD: "Yes I remember back when you were a Moderator that you would defend the opinions of those that you might not have even agreed on. That's a very important aspect of our site. I'm extremely pleased with the moderating team we have right now, all are funny, nice, and rule-abiding/enforcing members. Not too strict but never too lenient. Do you think that without Jester there will still be a need for an extra Moderator? Or do you think that with the way things are going that we are very capable of maintaining the site's integrity and standards?" AD: "As far as needing another moderator, I suppose that will depend on whether the super moderator is promoted from within or brought in from outside. The physical running of the site, from a moderators perspective, is not what is hard. It can be learned in due time. It is having the right person/personality in place that can make a marked difference. I think if the mods we have now are active and engaging with the community there would be no need for another community mod. The super/site mod has to be filled. They are an integral part of the functioning of the site. They also tend to have the final word on any issue that arises and have to be able to bear the responsibility of the position seriously and contemplate their decisions fully." DD: "Wow I really did not know all of that about the Site Moderator position. Truthfully I think we'd all love it to be you. What do you think this site needs besides a Site Moderator or what do you think the community needs to do in order to keep this site as great as it was when you and Jester were on together?" AD: "The site has always been dependent on a a good group of Community Moderators and an active membership. I do not want to sound self serving at all, but what happened during the period of Jester's and my roles as leaders in the community is it's own. We were not the only ones responsible for what happened during that period. There were certain members, events and evolutions of the forum that took place during our time together. Our friendship, mutual respect for each other, experiences in life and the members that founded and grew this forum to what it is now are all part of what made this period so fun and interesting. I hope that the forum will see many periods such as this in it's future. I could image a day when Azaxx and Shadow run the show, well....at least some time after they begin shaving. The moderators we have now are the future of the forum and their lineage is yet to be seen. Jester and I may well end up as a foot note in some forgotten archive that records the history of this site. Who knows. The community needs to be a "community". I have worked hard with members to let them see that all opinions, wants and hopes of any member be given it's place here. I truly despised seeing a new member come in here and be attacked because they wanted Halo 4 to be more like Halo 3 or Halo 2 than Reach. It reminds me of the fan boys of Bungie.net. Skillfully crafted responses that carry that same urbane shine that still impune the OP or their opinion with kind words. We have to be inclusive and tolerant of all types Halo related discussion or risk becoming what we once despised in other forums. Take a moment, I mean take a quiet and clear moment, and sit back and look at the forum. This is your home, your living room, your bedroom, your house. We have decorated it with color, shown your achievements for all to see, stored your history...your words, given you the opportunity for to not only share your ideas and opinions, but a place to listen to others. It was never intended to become a haven of like minded members. It was created for all of those who have anything they want to share about Halo to come and do so. That is what will keep this site great." DD: "God you are smart. We really do miss the hell out of you here just for the way you act in situations such as one where you get a person who has uncommon beliefs and is swarmed by other members. And we've never been that kind of forum, we call ourselves the 'friendliest corner of the Halo Universe' but at the same time we're slowly moving towards what we do not like. We defend senior members and members we are friends with whether they are right or wrong instead of doing the right thing and we're quick to ban those that "annoy" us even if they haven't broken the rules per se. You're exactly right. You've stayed with this forum, this family, for almost a year now. What has kept you returning and so dedicated to this site?" AD: "There have been a few reasons that held me here. The first thing that comes to mind reading the question was the friends I made early on here. John, Vitamin, Valentine, Silverado, eliteultra, Kurt and Doc were all part of my circle of friends and we had a blast bouncing ideas off of each other, hanging out in the box talking and scouring the internet for any information about HCEA and Halo 4. John always found the best information back then. After that, it just became the place I wanted to hang out when I wasn't playing Halo or working. We had formed some early bonds of friendships and all of us had this common love for Halo, talking about it and trying to see if we could come up with the next great idea for the game. We became a family. Later I became concerned more with the Halo community and how we interact with each other and even more so, how we acted with each other on this site. During a long period of very little information, I saw our numbers begin to dwindle and that is when I began to work with Jester to try and figure out ways to keep the site growing and retain it's members. Soon after that I was installed as a moderator and from then on it was serving the forum and it's members that fueled my fire. Jesters and Twams belief in me along with Jesters and Choot 'em's friendship is what truly pulled me through the tough times when I was burning out. Choot 'em was just what I needed at a crucial time and his departure from the staff hit me very hard. I can never thank him enough for the energy he gave me and our friendship continues solid to this day. Sometimes you do not realize what you have.....what something really means to you until it is gone. Fortunate are the ones who keep what they love or have the chance to find that love again. Absolute Dog" DD: "Absolute Dog, what is your advice to all the member of the forums?" AD: "Treat others as you would want them to treat you and do what you truly think is right." If you didn't like this and thought it was definitely worth the wait then I have no words for you. Thank you Absolute Dog the absolutest of all dogs. We all miss you and are waiting to see your future here on the site. Thank you 343i Community Forums for just being the best. Hail PEACE!
  2. Starting clan in halo. Clan battles, Online matchmaking, Very fun custom games, Forge, Spartand ops we pretty much will be doing anything message me on Xbox if interested. (Still need name a possibly a Co-leader)
  3. Starting clan in halo. Clan battles, Online matchmaking, Very fun custom games, Forge, Spartand ops we pretty much will be doing anything message me on Xbox if interested. (Still need name a possibly a Co-leader)
  4. Just a little something for the Birthday Boy on his special day, lmao!! Skip to 1:12.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xZaD_v5PDg&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QguPS_iwgDg&feature=player_embedded Happy Birthday my friend, hope you find joy in the day!! Be sure to sign his card below!!
  5. After reading recent topics by Twinreaper and Absolute Dog i feel as if i have to share my own opinion of our great community. I have been here for little over a month, and have loved almost every second of it. And while we have improved as a community in my time here, i still see a division amongst ourselves. Whether it be between MLG and Casual gamers , the "hatred" of campers and "noobs", the people who know alot about Halo's lore talking down to those who dont know much or ANY other opposites. These people are gamers just like you and i, respect that, and respect them. We should all come together under ONE SIMPLE FACT, we love games. We are all here because of our love of video games, so lets not fight, show the love to one another, talk to each other as equals, dont go around saying "im better then you cause i have a higher K/D ratio" or anything like that, we need to come together more and be happy I have been to many forums in my time, and i see the most potential in our great community. So come on friends....... SHOW THE LOVE <3
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