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  1. and dont forget the old caged! i never see that anymore thats the point of infected what do you people not understand?
  2. Yes im definitely crying troll. im just saying what i thought was fun so if you don't think the same way i do go troll someone else. thanks but one thing who is OP?
  3. I recently decided to play Halo Reach Infected. I was expecting to have a really good time on maps like caged, swordbase, and others,but no I guess its been a while since i played but infected is not fun anymore! I hate the new maps with blocked off areas like uncaged. I miss the old cage where we could stand on top of the base and get multikills. Ghost zombies is also not fun at all. You move to slowly and it's to hard to kill the enemies. Some told me that infected was changed because the "humans" had a bigger "advantage". Ok cage did give them one but it was a lot of fun for most people. There are also some of the new maps that give the humans more advantage and ghost zombies also gives them an advantage. Please 343 bring back the old infected maps and get rid of the new ones and Ghost Zombies
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