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Found 3 results

  1. PROLOGUE "Cheers!" *Kling!* *Klang!* The sounds came about as the many members lifted their cups high, whether it be a beer can, wine glass or, for the underaged, a plastic squirt bottle from the coolest sportswear shop in town. There were quite a few cheers, along with the one or two loud "Hoo!!!!"s that that one guy always shouted out loud. It was a memorable evening - apart from RedStarRocket's promotion this was the first time there was an addition of staff. All the usual members had come to the party to celebrate the addition of Bnus, Dog, BeckoningZebra1 and D-38 Boss to the city's civil service staff. Little did they know - that evening was going to change it all. The usual round of congratulations had come and gone, and by now people were going about, having conversations with each other. Some were discussing about Halo; others laughing at CoD, and even more questioning what the perfect timezone would be. In the corner, Drizzy_Dan had shuffled over towards BeckoningZebra1, a scheme already hatched within his mind. "So," Drizzy asked with a smile on his face, waving his hands about as he spoke, "News group, huh? Guess you're working with me now! Great!" BeckoningZebra1 nodded, smiled nervously, then nodded more. "Anyways, life has been really hitting me hard, man. All those weekly updates I used to postpone days late are now monthly updates that I postpone till after the month ends. So....." BeckoningZebra1 nodded, gave a larger smile as he realized where this was about to go, then nodded more. "It would be greaaaaat," Drizzy said as he outstretched his hands for visual emphasis, "If you could, y'know. Help out with the wrapups. All of them." BeckoningZebra1 nodded and smiled like a robot, "S-sure! I'd love to. That's why I, uh, accepted this job! Helping out, y'know? Gotta give back to the site and city." As he said it, he quickly glanced over towards Drizzy's hands. Small but perceptible, the deep cerulean ring that Drizzy wore to show his moderator status refracted the chandelier light in a brilliant blue that even made BZ1 jealous. Oh, the powers that ring had......meanwhile, all he had was a cyan name tag. "Anyways, just a....promotional hint. If you need pictures of the scene, just say that you're the victim's kid. Doesn't even need to have a victim - all the guys on the internet just make some tumblr or instagram post about sadness and stuff and let you through. Good luck in your new job!" Drizzy concluded, before taking another drink. BeckoningZebra1 thanked him with a smile, then stood up. He was fairly certain that any more and he'd end up having to take care of not just the wrapup but Drizzy as well. As he began to leave, though, he noticed something peculiar in the corner of his eye. A single, red dot that looked surprisingly familiar.......... Then the shot came. BANG! Fwua-Thwat! There was a flash of white as BZ1 was flung back by an invisible force. However, he knew exactly what that had been - the moderator's powerful defenses. Looking up and expecting Drizzy to have already begun filing a report, he was surprised - and horrified - of what remained of Drizzy_Dan - Behind the strong willed Zebra, somebody lurched. Surprised, in shock, as well as in pain and confusion from the kinetic blast that had hit him, the recently-promoted collapsed to his knees. What he simply didn't understand was how the moderator's shield had been pierced. Slowly, the body of Drizzy_Dan faded away, but not before everything turned black. He was banned. Moderator reports had investigated the scene, as well as looked for a way to unban Drizzy_Dan, but whatever the bullet - whatever the tool was, it somehow managed to override the programming of the city. And despite having found the place the sniper had fired by looking at trajectory, glass shattering, and SCIENCE, they found absolutely no trace. Today was not a good day. * * * Yeah, okay. I - ok. Got it. This'll be a serial epicomedy story that basically focuses around a FULLY FICTIONAL version of 343industries.org that exists effectively as a city where members live in, and is governed by our staff. If you don't want me writing you into this story, please do PM to me. If you want to be a more recurring star in the story, PM me as well. Lets see how this goes. Reviews and constructive criticism is welcome. However, english is not my first language so you automatically can not make fun of me. ===================== Chapter Index - Although honestly you should just read through everything. PSA's, announcements, Guest Star Submission sheet, all those things you miss. 1. Because the last one was called a prologue 2. First Contact 3. Town of Pricks 4. More than just the one 5. Weapon of the banned 6. Deal of two mods 7. Hunters and liars 8. The Trifecta of Pricks 9. Force Blightning 10. Legend of Doge 11. Legend of Doge Part 2 12. And you thought this was done. Legend of Doge Part 3 13. Just to rack my brain 14. Frosted 15. Spawning Issues 16. Lag, please. 17. Meow 18. Vaults, Trolls and a hint of a Gary Stu
  2. Church

    June MoM!

    With a new month comes many things. Some see it as the beginning of summer, time for vacations, parties, free time, and moar playYYYYYYYYYYYY-----------*error* *error* Vigilant Intellect has entered the System Login...Admin Access Granted "Hello World." "I'm warning you. They're coming. After this war, there will be nothing left." Logoff... Playdates...what was I saying? Anyway, the most important thing about a new month is the new Member of the Month that comes along with it. After a very low I.Q. month of the Dumb MoM, we're proud to introduce the Member of the Month for June, a member loved by all, and who is singlehandedly taking on all requests from the members for art in the absence of our Art Department, I'm pleased to release that the Member of the Month for June is... JXZAW!!! A member who has more than proven his worth over his long duration as a member of the forum, JXZAW has more than proved himself a member worthy for this title in recent months, taking signature requests, art requests, and being a very fun member to be around. Congratz to him and welcome to a month in the pink!
  3. From the album: Comics

    A placeholder signature until I get around to making one. Part of a comic I did a while ago.
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