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  1. There's 3 different powers I really want. 1. Never dying or aging. 2. The ability to go invisible. 3. The ability to shape-shift including changing my voice. I want them all buts it's ordered from the one I want the most.
  2. Heartbeat... Rising... Blinded by nostalgia... Losing... Control of... Rational thought... Becoming... FANBOY... The transformation is complete. Look at that shape, that color! Just try and lie to yourself, tell yourself you don't want to get in on this, but I know how it works, they're always afraid of the truth. Well brace yourself, the truthtrain is on it's way to hardfact city, and this conducter is NOT making any pitstops. Choo-choo. Let me tell you all about the Super Nintendo™ It has incredibly vivid 16 bit graphics that make me shed a tear whenever I have the privilege to see them. You could frame a screenshot of any Super Nintendo game and it would belong in an art museum. The sound quality is the best I've ever heard in my life and quite frankly I think even scientists have yet to discover how the sound chip works. Miracles. When listen to sound and music on my Super Nintendo, it sounds better than HD, better than analog! It literally sounds clearer and more realistic than sounds I hear in real life. 'Puh-blam!', that's the sound of your mind being blown. I bet it would've sounded better on a SNES. The games. What can we say about the games. It goes without saying that we have seen many cheap knock offs try to ride the success of hit SNES games. Halo? No thanks I have Super Metroid. Call of Duty? Please, there's only one Contra. Skyrim? Don't make me laugh, The Legend of Zelda is by my side. Minecraft? Never heard of it, have it ported to SNES and we'll talk Best graphics, sound, and games, looks like we have a clear winner! Online capabilities? Tell me something, do you honestly enjoy playing with all those tryhards? Playing with friends? There are 2 controller ports, make some room on the couch. As if that's not enough it reads cartridges at lightning speeds due to it's mega powered graphics engine. I tried to load a SNES game in an emulator and my hard drive imploded. My computer was custom ordered from Bill Gates to. It is just to hot to handle ladies and gentlemen. Some close runner ups are: The NES for being like the Super Nintendo. Honestly though the NES is for grandpas, get with the times or you'll be left in the digital dust. And the Sega Genesis is cool to I guess. It's similar well you know besides the fact it's way worse. ... ... Wait... Where am I? What hapened?
  3. There is no cognitive difference between a male or female that would effect their ability to play a game so there's really nothing to think about. If anything, I might think of a girl gamer as somewhat special, because while many guys play games, girls are sometimes caught up in superficial things, and so it's somewhat uncommon to see a girl gamer. However when times change, and we shed ourselves of petty 'gender cliches', it will be an equal half guys half girls. And let me assure you, when that glorious day comes, it won't matter what gender you are, no one will think any differently of you.
  4. Stab Stab Stab


    Comics that I made myself! Exclamation Point!
  5. Sometimes when you show people certain kinds of music, you have to kind of expect some harsh reactions, don't take it personally. You shouldn't get frustrated with people stating their opinions, that's what you start threads for. It's unfair for you to start a thread expecting everyone to agree with you completely. Don't worry though everyone has some music that's awkward, unless they just haven't listened to a lot. For example my favorite band is called Faith No More, they have only a few known hits that would be okay for parties or hanging out, but because they're experimental, aside for those hits it would be mildly embarrassing to listen to in public. It's like sometimes my heart says their good but my mind is telling me they're bad. Some of my top favorite bands are like that, so I'm somewhat private with my music. There's another band I like called Mindless Self Indulgence but I wouldn't ever listen to them publicly, especially their newest album it's their worst yet.
  6. Stab Stab Stab


    Depictions of myself!
  7. There's a few things in Halo 3 and Reach that Halo 4 doesn't have (mainly gametypes and weapons), but Halo 4 has also improved some aspects of multiplayer. Halo 3 Campaign 9/10 Multiplayer 10/10 Reach Campaign 8/10 Multiplayer 7/10 Halo 4 Campaign 10/10 Multiplayer 9/10
  8. I'm told that when I was two the first game played was Sonic the Hedgehog, and that I even made it to the marble zone stage eventually. The first console I owned all to myself was the Super Nintendo when I was four, that was legit I had many games for it. Eventually my SNES stopped working and I lost all my games but now I almost have them all back thanks to ebay! c:
  9. That's good, I think the reason I do it is because I feel it makes whatever I'm saying more personal and meaningful, but one of my friends told me it's weird so now I'm kind of self-conscience about it.
  10. Don't take the title inappropriately, I just mean being physical during conversations, like patting someones back when they're upset or putting your hand on their shoulder. I've been told I do that a lot while conversing with people and I never noticed before but it's true and now I can't stop thinking about it! Do any of you do it? Is it a bad thing?
  11. Thank you, I've set the alarm and I'm going to try and do all this stuff.
  12. I'm now out of school and have yet to acquire a job, so there's no schedule in my life right now. Even so I'd like to wake up somewhat early but it seems impossible. I have some bad habits, I like to play xbox and watch shows on the computer, and sometimes I won't be able to sleep and I'll spend hours doing these things then I'll go to bed sometime around 7 AM, and wake up at 4 or 5 PM. Two days ago I stayed up over 24 hours straight in order to make full circle and go to bed early, it worked at first, but yesterday I couldn't go to sleep until 6 AM, and today I woke up at 4 PM, so I'm right back where I started. I know there's people with far worse problems like failing school and not being able to get it up, and some people would even call it a blessing but I hate having my schedule off. Has anyone else had similar problems, on maybe any advice?
  13. Fun Fact! The 'ABACABB' code is reference to an album called ABACAB, by a band called Genesis.
  14. Don't forget to use appropriate secondary weapons! For fully automatic weapons use the magnum, for longer range rifles use the boltshot, otherwise use the plasma pistol for quick melee kills and to disable vehicles.
  15. Maybe It's because I haven't been here long enough to witness the glory days, but I don't see anything wrong. I mainly posted on Bungie.net before I joined here and let me just say those forums sometimes make this forum look like Mr. Rogers neighborhood in comparison. But that's what I love so much about this forum.
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