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Found 92 results

  1. Image and video courtesy of Bungie.net According to Dee J at Bungie.net... "This video was originally screened as part of our GDC 2013 presentation. It provides a rare glimpse into the character art, development and design of Destiny – from early sketches and concept art, to animation and in-engine 3D character models." http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xKOY8zJx2Q4 Another great video providing more images of the upcoming game by Bungie! Enjoy!!
  2. Image courtesy of Bungie.net According to Dee J at Bungie.net... "We’ve been relatively quiet since the reveal of Destiny. Today, we’ll be unusually talkative. Right this very minute, Joe Staten and Christopher Barrett are getting ready to take the stage at the GDC. Their presentation, “Brave New World: Bungie’s New IP,” will be an exploration of the development process at Bungie, focusing on how art and design have worked together to create a brand new universe from Bungie’s primordial soup. If you want to retrace those steps with us, you’re invited to join the virtual audience for their presentation. The talk will be streamed live via Gamespot. You can find the embedded video below if you’re already cozy. Once the curtain closes, we’ll make a handful of assets available for you to view in high resolution." Video courtesy of .
  3. A bungie.net user BadgerDeluxe spotted some unnoticed art from Bungies next game Destiny at the Sony PS4 presentation. I assume these have gone unnoticed by the majority of the community as I have never seen these posted before or seen any one discuss them. Now the they aren't the best quality but they do open the window to Destiny's world a little more. Check them out below. First up is this one, what we can see here is some kind of pillar or watch tower, I'm getting the feeling of a human presence from this image as to me the structure seems to have a human architectural look to it. The tower seems to watch over a deserted and dead piece of landscape with what it looks like the sun is taking up the entire horizon. Maybe this was a human colony world that the human once inhabited I'm guessing this could be Mercury which it is the planet that is the closest to the Sun and as it appears the Sun is massive in this image. Here is the next image this looks to be one of the walls that surrounds the last city on Earth as it is very similar to structures that can be seen in earlier reveals and which was said to be a wall surrounding of the city. In this image we have a human warrior (a guardian) that is encountering creatures that are currently called "space zombies" the human appears to be carrying out an attack towards them and it appears that he or she possess some kind of power as a streak of light it shooting from their hand and seems to tell us that the player will have some kind of power to use as a defensive move. In this image we can see a night time stage and a human soldier approaches a building (assuming an enemy occupied area) from a wooded environment. This could be showing us that we will engage in stealth missions. There isn't much to tell with this image, it appears that another guardian is battling of an enemy alien that appears to be a part of the Fallen faction. And the final image again seems to feature the Fallen but the character that it mainly focuses on seems to be a high ranking figure or possibly a leader within the faction as it's dressing and it's bodily actions seems to show that it is giving orders and shows superiority. This post has been promoted to an article
  4. Feel free to post any speculations you have for 343's second Halo game, as well as what you would like to see be added or improved in the next game.
  5. Halo 5 Weapons: (What we want!) Introduction: Well, If it isn't already to start talking about Halo 5! Here we are going to talk about all of the awesome weapons we want in halo 5! Hope you enjoy! The Weapons: Flare Cannon: (Promethean) - This weapon is not designated as a weapon to directly inflict damage on your opposition, rather blind all enemies temporarily in its fired round's proximity, or any friendlies not careful enough to note it. I Feel the flare cannon should have the appearance of a stubby and bulky weapon with a single round magazine, spawning with about 3 rounds. Acid Hound: (Covenant) - This weapon would be a powerful close quarters weapon that sprays corrosive acid on close enemies, partially inflicting their vision whilst the acid lingers on the ground, slowing and damaging enemies, The weapons would be rare ordinance and run on charge / Fuel. SR - Support rifle (UNSC) - A fully automatic low rate of fire precision rifle with no zoom. Lots of ammunition and damage slightly lower than that of a Battle rifle's. This weapon would be great for helping you team mates by effortlessly dropping ammunition into your foes with ease to help speed up the kills in long streaks. Peirce rifle: (Covenant) - A powerful needle based sniper rifle with slightly shorter zoom than a regular sniper and a 3 shot kill, 2 to the head. With a slightly higher rate of fire than a regular sniper, but with less recoil. I feel a rifle as such with provide much more interesting game play to medium sized slayer and objective matches. Swarm Cannon: (UNSC) - This one is slightly more unusual for a halo game. A large very powerful rocket launcher that locks onto targets (Personnel / Vehciles ect.) and fires roughly 8 rockets very rapidly to seek in a obliterate targets. The introduction of this weapon would most likely subtract the rocket launcher's lock on feature. Honor Spear: (Covenant) - Referring to the large spears wielded by elite honor guards, this weapon would be a extended melee weapon, upon holding down the trigger initiates a charge feature, bringing you out to 3rd person and moving at a much faster than walking pace, upon walking into foes you would pierce and kill them. There would also be a feature for you to throw the spear at a foe instantly killing them yet leaving you without the spear and have it free for other to pick up. Normal attacks wont feature a lunge, but rather a 2 hit kill very rapid swing attack. SMG: (UNSC) [Returning] - I know that we all loved the SMG. However it was never quite cut out to be a Primary weapon, so i had the idea that it should be nerfed and designated a late unlock side arm. Which would be great for multiplayer game changing in small maps. With less damage than the AR of course. Pulse Rifle: (UNSC) - This weapon, i intend again to create interesting game changing. Upon firing this weapon a massive sonic wave would be sent out knocking over any enemies on front of you and slightly damaging their shields. Either giving you the upper hand in equal battles of give you the change to escape from large groups of enemies. This weapon would spawn with a very low ammo count. Rouge Rifle: (UNSC) - A loadout weapon unlocked either at a very high level or after a rigorous achievement, this weapon with a very small reticle yet much more powerful rounds and a low rate of fire. This weapon would be worked very well with a powerful scope, possibly with some sort or special system for seeking out enemies by outlining visible ones with a a red outline. This weapon would be very hard to use but in the hands of a skilled owner it could drop foes faster than the DMR. I will Submit more ideas soon! Thank you for reading! Please drop me a like (: and submit your responses below! Thanks again! -RAXS SLAYER
  6. First of all this isn't a goodbye thread. I am not leaving you guys, think of it as time I need things to get done and I'll still be on here, just not as much. There is stuff in real life that needs attending time and I am having a hard time balancing that, Halo 4 and these forums. This site is amazing and all of you make it this way. Of course, the Admin, Moderators and Staff do their part but the real people that make this site is everyone besides them. All we did is help the best we can for all of you. Without any of you, there would be no site, there would be no improvements to the site, there will be nothing but a husk of a site that failed. I want you all to appreciate one another, we are all the same, Admin, Moderators and Staff and of course... Members! I have served as Staff for quite some time and I am proud to have done so. It's just my time to retire for the time being, I say time being because I hope to return to this site and do news once again. I do not like the feeling of retiring and leaving a hole in the site but I must guys, my life needs to move forward in many ways right now. I wish the site well for finding person(s) to take my role as News Group Staff. I do wish them well on this role, it's the hardest one to do, I assure you but most rewarding. Hope to join this person(s) later on and continue doing what I love -- news. With that, I end this little retirement thread. I love you all, I mean that. Thank you all for showing support over my time as Staff, guy guys/girls are awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WqKJJrY6AM
  7. Gamestop CEO: Next Generation of consoles will not block used games For the full article, click here: http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/xbox-720-playstation-4-wont-block-used-games-says-gamestop/ So, basically, the CEO of Gamestop is convinced that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will not block used games on the new consoles that will be coming out. Why? Because it would hurt Gamestop, and Gamestop is one of the largest (if not the largest) game retailer in the world. Basically, if Gamestop gets hurt, then all three companies will have to find other ways to sell their games, and will potentially lose money. Gamestop makes Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo more money than any other third party retailer on the planet. They hype up, pre-order, and advertise for games and consoles for cheaper than a TV ad. As a result, the console companies get HUGE profits from every release that Gamestop advertises. To use a metaphor, Gamestop and the console companies are the Yin and Yang of the game development world. If the Yang (console companies) damaged the Yin, then the Yin would lose it's capabilities to assist the Yang and the Yang would end up hurt because it would have to try to fend for itself.
  8. Well its time to get the party started lol.
  9. Fable: The Journey Gameplay from E3 Now I know this video is kind of old but I haven't seen Fable discussed yet. Maybe that's because it's becoming a forgotten game. I remember playing Fable for countless hours when I was younger but the newer games don't catch my attention as much. The gameplay now features the use of the Xbox 360 Kinect. Here is some gameplay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj6oCG2Milk Video Posted on: IGN The game hosts much better graphics than in previous installments but the game has moved into a 1st person point of view. The fighting looks as though it is slowed down almost turn based due to the change in fighting style. This story line is set 50 years after Fable 3, but not many other hints are giving to show if it is connected to previous Fable Games. I will definitely check it out once it comes out because I am still a fan but I am nervous. For full details Click Here The game is set to release October 9, 2012.
  10. It's time for Judgement. From: G4TV Posted by: Nicole Zivalich Morgan Web of G4TV got a chance to talk to Cliff Bleszinski, creator of Gears of War Franchise, about the up and coming Gears of War Judgement. The game, being the prequel to the Trilogy, focuses a lot more on the initial fear of the Locust. Rather than the second and third installment in the trilogy where Cole and Baird have "gotten use to" the Locust Hordes. Here is the interview http://www.g4tv.com/videos/60722/gears-of-war-judgment-multiplayer-preview/ -In the video Cliff talks about the story line that the newest gears installment is based around. -He also talks about the new "Overrun" Game mode (video Below). -New button controls that better suit a natural gameplay feel to the player. Such as grenades on left bumper and weapon swap with the Y button. -And best of all, in my opinion, the Free for All game mode. Now for some "Overrun" News. http://www.g4tv.com/videos/60127/gears-of-war-judgment-overrun-mode-preview/ Videos posted on G4TV The Feed This game mode reminds me of Halo Reach's Invasion. It will definitely be a great addition to the already popular video game. The choice of class and objective based gameplay looks like it will instantly be loved.
  11. To whom it may concern, My name is Collin, I am new to this site, I would like to get to know some people. I want to start using this site more, I am going to start threading, I am going to be the next MoM, otherwise known as Member of the Month, I just want to invite anybody, and everybody to check out my profile, like my threads add me as a friend, or just to talk and get some help. I am open to all people. I am not single, I have to put that in there otherwise (once again I'd be in trouble). I'm sorry If I cannot help some people with issues that they may need help with, or knowledge of. I surely will do my best though. Thank-you! Sicerely Your Friend @CollinRay Gamertag: turnmyswagon123 My kind of music to jam to While Pwning on Halo xD
  12. Ducain23. He has a wife and about to have baby he makes longer vids than the follower brat, and he makes them every 6hrs sometimes. follower makes them almost every month!!Ducain23 is my favorite. Halo 4 follower He's not good at all. He sounds like lil kid behind a mic.he steals all his info from other vids.he honestly sucks! He's only famous (in the gecko of YouTube) becuz he named it halo 4 in his name he's a noob not newb but mostly noob Archangel tyreal is really good. He gets exclusives and fits a whole weeks worth of information in 18 paragraphs he does have good skills and never gets set back!He's my second IHalozone: he's good and has them weekly updates which I'm fine with.He has gameplay with footage and awesome news!! Stazima:He has news like crazy!! It's like every 5mins and there all about 20mins long!!He has quick fire where he has 30secs to talk about a random topic by his community.he doesnt just say its perfect he gives negative and positive reason. So he's good to!!! I think you guys should say your opion (if your a fan of halo 4 follower) then sorry if your affended
  13. 'Ello. Don't you you agree all these leaks are a bit too informative? We don't want to know the ending to the campaign once the game arrives on our doorsteps, do we? Please, major information likes the (I'm not going to say it) coming back, although in the same response, the severity of the (Seriously, I'm not) coming back wasn't stated, that's what we need to cover leaks however, we don't need too many leaks! C'mon guys, Halo 4 follower and many others might not agree, I'm sure the people who actually value the campaign do. C'mon. Support me. Yours Sincerely, ~Sov.
  14. for the first time 343industries community forums will be starting a 343i podcast (not offical name) all about halo! It will include the latest news on halo 4, disscussion on different parts of the haloverse, the more popular and contravercial topics in the form and much more. i want to hear what you as the community would want out of our podcast and how often you would like it, as in only once a week, a couple times a week, twice a month, etc. so any constructive comments would be greatly appreciated
  15. Halo 4 In Depth Disclaimer: I'm not the owner or creator of the content that will be posted below. This will feature multiple videos about news about Halo 4. Halo 4: Revelations- Custom Loadouts & Future Maps - FT. Chris http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l037Czvwh_E&feature=g-u-u&context=G23d14b7FUAAAAAAADAA Article: Halo 4 Perks System Introduced Halo 4 Battle Rifle information || Halo 4 In depth w/ TallChief S1E3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f-2-aE7UMo&feature=g-u-u&context=G229eca2FUAAAAAAABAA Article: The Halo Bulletin: 3.15.12
  16. Interviews with Frank O'Connor http://www.metacafe....g_shocase_2012/ http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/19161/Halo+4%3A+Frank+O'Connor+Interview/ 343 Halo 4 Documentary http://www.gamesrada...-behind-scenes/ List of Halo 4 quasi-vague specifics http://www.msxbox-wo...ation-more.html Game Informer Article http://www.gameinfor...se-details.aspx GameTrailers Article: describing multiplayer maps Halo 4 Brings Big Changes to Multiplayer With Story-driven Spartan on Spartan Battles, Says 343 Industries Kotaku Article: more multiplayer information http://kotaku.com/58...-look-at-halo-4 Summary of Main Topics Covered -They stressed that character development would be a key focus of the next entry in the series, and that fans will learn much more about Master Chief. Halo’s protagonist will be facing a new threat “unlike anything he’s seen before,” and O’Connor told me that this threat will make a significant impact on both the narrative and the gameplay.- GI -"He will still be very stoic. He will not talk a lot, nor will he cry, but there is a piece of his humanity that we do want to come through and really express that with the decisions that we have the player make as they embody Chief, and the things that he needs to face and so for us 'dimensionalizing' him isn’t changing him. Because, frankly, he’s really well fleshed out in other areas of the universe. It’s really just bringing more of that to the game experience."- GT -Cortana is also set to play a pivotal role in the game, but Wolfkill and O’Connor didn’t elaborate on her status.- GI -"The entire multiplayer experience from soup to nuts is completely immersed in the fiction, as is the campaign," O'Connor said. "Every single element of multiplayer, from the simplest game of Team Slayer all the way up to the more interesting experiences that we'll talk about later this year are going to be fully immersed. Everything that you do when you're in multiplayer will have an impact on your Spartan's career."- GT -O’Connor spoke about how the campaign and multiplayer felt like they existed in separate worlds in previous games, and the team wants to change that. They want both modes to feel like they’re part of the same universe, and there will even be an explanation in the story that illustrates why red Spartans fight blue Spartans in multiplayer.- GI -"We're absolutely creating multiplayer levels from scratch," O'Connor stressed. "These are not play spaces that are recycled from the campaign. They're purpose built with competitive in mind."- GT -The maps won't be lifted from the campaign but rather have been created specifically to allow for balanced gameplay. When asked about balancing the multiplayer for MLG pro-gaming, O'Connor said that they are taking MLG seriously, but didn't go into detail as to what exactly that meant.- Ko -O'Connor and Kiki Wolfkill, executive producer at 343 Industries, showed off some of that multiplayer in the form of two Halo 4 maps: Warhouse and Wraparound. Warhouse is human-built industrial complex, an abandoned military base, that orbits a gas giant. Its most prominent feature was the giant Cyclops II being constructed or repaired in that base. Wraparound was a Forerunner multiplayer map, a solar facility that fuses and creates the artificial sun that powers a Forerunner Shield World. They were architecturally impressive, beautifully lit and what one might expect from a Halo multiplayer map if they were hoping for interesting looking multiplayer maps.- GT -It sounds as though multiplayer will be tied more to the fiction this time around, with a story-based reason explaining why so many spartans are duking it out all over the galaxy.- Ko -Spartan IVs will be introduced in this sequel, and they’re (as expected) bigger, faster, and stronger than the Spartans we’ve seen in Halo’s past.- GI -In multiplayer, characters will control Spartan 4s, which are a new type of Spartan super-soldier; there will be a wealth of customization options for your Spartan. Some of those options will be cosmetic, but some will be functional.- Ko -O'Connor and Wolfkill wouldn't elaborate on the functionality of this system, but they did say it would be deeper than the loadouts of Reach.- GI -They also hinted at some sort of coming announcement that will be a "crossing of the rubicon" for the Halo series. While hype is hype and blind items are blind, it did sound as though they are convinced that some aspect of Halo 4 will be seen as a large change to the core of the series.- Ko "O'Connor also focused on another key point, that player customization is no longer just aesthetic. "It has an impact on gameplay," he said. But that, like Halo 4's "big change, the big rubicon," is something 343 isn't detailing just yet. "It's a completely new way to play with your friends in MP and it's something I hate to tease, but its something we'll be illuminating you on later in the year."- GT -It's nice to get any info at all about the upcoming FPS blockbuster, but the Spring Showcase didn't bring us any significant answers regarding storyline, multiplayer direction, or release date. We may not know much as of now, but O'Connor ended the presentation by teasing the announcement of a "big ticket item" later this year.- GI
  17. Well since were now done with the Covenant in Halo 4.. Does this mean no more Grunts!? If it is true, then I'll miss ya Grunts.. You made me laugh everytime kiled you. RIP: Halo 1 - Halo: Reach
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