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Found 2 results

  1. Halo: Reach is a beloved entry in the Halo series, but in recent times it has had some neglect from it's publishers. Please help Microsoft realize that Reach deserves the Xbox one Ultimate treatment: https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-please-bring-halo-reach-along-with-odst-s-firefight-to-xbox-one-with-all-of-reach-s-dlc-s
  2. Halo 5 Weapons: (What we want!) Introduction: Well, If it isn't already to start talking about Halo 5! Here we are going to talk about all of the awesome weapons we want in halo 5! Hope you enjoy! The Weapons: Flare Cannon: (Promethean) - This weapon is not designated as a weapon to directly inflict damage on your opposition, rather blind all enemies temporarily in its fired round's proximity, or any friendlies not careful enough to note it. I Feel the flare cannon should have the appearance of a stubby and bulky weapon with a single round magazine, spawning with about 3 rounds. Acid Hound: (Covenant) - This weapon would be a powerful close quarters weapon that sprays corrosive acid on close enemies, partially inflicting their vision whilst the acid lingers on the ground, slowing and damaging enemies, The weapons would be rare ordinance and run on charge / Fuel. SR - Support rifle (UNSC) - A fully automatic low rate of fire precision rifle with no zoom. Lots of ammunition and damage slightly lower than that of a Battle rifle's. This weapon would be great for helping you team mates by effortlessly dropping ammunition into your foes with ease to help speed up the kills in long streaks. Peirce rifle: (Covenant) - A powerful needle based sniper rifle with slightly shorter zoom than a regular sniper and a 3 shot kill, 2 to the head. With a slightly higher rate of fire than a regular sniper, but with less recoil. I feel a rifle as such with provide much more interesting game play to medium sized slayer and objective matches. Swarm Cannon: (UNSC) - This one is slightly more unusual for a halo game. A large very powerful rocket launcher that locks onto targets (Personnel / Vehciles ect.) and fires roughly 8 rockets very rapidly to seek in a obliterate targets. The introduction of this weapon would most likely subtract the rocket launcher's lock on feature. Honor Spear: (Covenant) - Referring to the large spears wielded by elite honor guards, this weapon would be a extended melee weapon, upon holding down the trigger initiates a charge feature, bringing you out to 3rd person and moving at a much faster than walking pace, upon walking into foes you would pierce and kill them. There would also be a feature for you to throw the spear at a foe instantly killing them yet leaving you without the spear and have it free for other to pick up. Normal attacks wont feature a lunge, but rather a 2 hit kill very rapid swing attack. SMG: (UNSC) [Returning] - I know that we all loved the SMG. However it was never quite cut out to be a Primary weapon, so i had the idea that it should be nerfed and designated a late unlock side arm. Which would be great for multiplayer game changing in small maps. With less damage than the AR of course. Pulse Rifle: (UNSC) - This weapon, i intend again to create interesting game changing. Upon firing this weapon a massive sonic wave would be sent out knocking over any enemies on front of you and slightly damaging their shields. Either giving you the upper hand in equal battles of give you the change to escape from large groups of enemies. This weapon would spawn with a very low ammo count. Rouge Rifle: (UNSC) - A loadout weapon unlocked either at a very high level or after a rigorous achievement, this weapon with a very small reticle yet much more powerful rounds and a low rate of fire. This weapon would be worked very well with a powerful scope, possibly with some sort or special system for seeking out enemies by outlining visible ones with a a red outline. This weapon would be very hard to use but in the hands of a skilled owner it could drop foes faster than the DMR. I will Submit more ideas soon! Thank you for reading! Please drop me a like (: and submit your responses below! Thanks again! -RAXS SLAYER
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