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Found 481 results

  1. SOSC S.O.S.C. stands for Swords of Sanghelios Clan. We accept people 13+, have to have a mic, and a team player We have constant clan battles We follow community rules We like to have game nights and more fun games We have two division Elites, Snipers, and ECI. Elites are the normal soldiers. The Sniper division is in the Elites division. E.C.I. stands for Enemy, clan, informer. They spy on clans take there maps. They mission during clan wars are to assassinate the enemy leader which takes down their clan. Check out our website and Halo way-point page. Website: http://halo5swordsofsanghelios.weebly.com/ Halo way-point: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/swordsofsangheliosclan THE LEADER OF THIS CLAN IS UnsoundOrange7!!!
  2. GT-SCALY RAINBOW Plays 8v8 but more suted 4v4 Only red v blue Best on strongholds Then slayer , the rocks cause kills but not points.ctf.http://www.forgehub.com/maps/rock-n-roll.1648/
  3. A remake of Halo 3's Sandbox. The map has been scaled up to accompany Halo 5's new mobility tricks. Features 2 snipers, 2 rockets, a shotty, an overshiled, 2 g hammers, and 2 detached rocket turrets. Each base is also equiped with a ghost, hog, gungoose, and standard goose. I hope you check it out, and please give me any feedback. Link to forgehub: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/sandshrine.1576/ Link to video: (pics won't upload to this cite, sorry)
  4. The Arbiter's Court - An Grifball Arena After being in contact with humans, The Arbiter discovered this human sport with Convenant Weapons, called Grifball. Back home, he decided to build his own grifball court. Playercount: 4v4 (Grifball) Gamertag for download: guss br Thanks, Guss.
  5. Death run is a mini game where one person is death and they have to activate a bunch of traps to kill off the living people. The game mode required is CTF One person go blue and everybody else go red team. The base of the map is parallax. if anybody is the familiar with G mod death run I tried to recreat that in halo 5 I would appreciate you trying it out to and having as much fun as I have playing it with my friends The maps player count is 4 or more the more people you have the more fun you will have but if you 4 or less make the game mode have more then 1 life. Thanks halo 4 for taking away the the multiple lives per round. My GT: DARKSPARTANWOLF And I am the creater of this map and I wish I had the recording tools to do a vid on this map. Thanks for looking at this map I hope you play it at least. Thanks Download map & gamemode links Map https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=DARKSPARTANWOLF#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_DARKSPARTANWOLF_55134057-68e3-4ad7-8858-f0aa15be65b1 Gamemode https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=DARKSPARTANWOLF#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_DARKSPARTANWOLF_3e42e05f-f31b-43d4-9280-c9cce8169ad1 Here are some pics of the map. The first image is the start of the map The second is the map overview The last is one of many traps New gamemode for infection And a modified map here are the links Map v2 https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=DARKSPARTANWOLF#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_DARKSPARTANWOLF_bc55f629-6ceb-44a4-8dc5-b280bd300d5a Gamemode v2 https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=DARKSPARTANWOLF#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_DARKSPARTANWOLF_e5061c91-bf5d-47d9-ab2b-df79a4034a2b
  6. Do you need a few Custom Game maps to improve your Halo 5 experience? If you answered YES than you have come to the right place. I have compiled a few maps that are worthy of any great Custom Game playlist. MINI-GAMES (Please Note that certain gametypes will need to have Honour Rules in play for effective and fun gameplay) Map Name: Tankworld Gametype Name: Tankworld Elimination Map Author: Home World Hero Map Name: Reaper Gametype Name: Reaper Map Author: ChewyNutCluster Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Red Team and all other players must be on the Blue Team for this gametype to work properly. Map Name: Battlegoose Stadium Gametype Name: Battlegoose Map Author: Debo37 & CaptainPunch Map Name: The Great Griddle Gametype Name: Flapjack Frenzy Map Author: SplinterBL Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players must be on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly. Map Name: Simon Says Gametype Name: Jump On the Colours! Map Author: FatAussieFatB0y (Forum Owner) Map Name: Warthog Sumo Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: Crash Up Derby Gametype Name: Demolition Arena Map Author: NGX Alpha Map Name: Rocket League (Big, Small) Gametype Name: Rocket League by Turb Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: They Spin Me Right Round Gametype Name: They Spin Me Right Round Map Author: UnknownEmerald Map Name: Turf War Gametype Name: Turf War Map Author: ChewyNutCluster Map Name: Mantis Arena (1.0) Gametype Name: Mantis Breakout Map Author: MorsLupus Map Name: Deadly's Dodgeball Gametype Name: Deadly's Dodgeball Map Author: Deadly Daybreak Map Name: Avalanche Gametype Name: Avalanche Map Author: Julianoz1224 Map Name: Interstate Gametype Name: Splat Splat Map Author: Mr Q Prime Map Name: Trenchwars (V2.0) Gametype Name: Strongholds Map Author: RBG RAMPANT Map Name: Mongoose Sumo Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: Jenga Tower Gametype Name: Jenga Tower Map Author: UnknownEmerald Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly. COMPETITIVE AND REMAKES (As suggested by Infurnomancer) Map Name: Delta Ruins Map Author: Eshkii Map Name: Havalla (V1.1) Map Author: No God Anywhere Map Name: Sandtrap (26) Map Author: WyvernZu Map Name: Rust Map Author: Kr1pL3r Map Name: The Pit Map Author: IISilentII Map Name: HCE Battle Creek Map Author: AUREL1EN Map Name: HCE Boarding Action Map Author: Blackmist523 Map Name: Chill Out Map Author: JoeDannyMan Map Name: Chiron TL-34 Map Author: Evilbrothers4 Spoiler: Please note that a few of these maps will not be playable on current Halo 5 Gametypes such as Strongholds and CTF. Those were a few maps that you don't want to be caught without inside your Halo 5 Custom Game Playlist. Now get out there and grab your friends and enjoy all that Halo 5 has to offer. (Remember to check up on this list from time to time as I will be adding new maps every week) Well that's all guys/girls, hope that this list has come in handy for you all. See you on the WarZone. <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  7. I have made a tutorial on how to get inside the Halo 5 Hammer Storm update's Drop Pod. It's easy to do and works out... interestingly. Check it out for yourself! https://youtu.be/iTPpR77xkRY Yes it is a glitch and it is buggy, but so is vehicle welding. This is the chance for the community to take this one step further. Can we make this dream and this bug more of a reality in how we start this? If we script it a certain way, it might be possible. Who know. Potentially in the future, maybe we can use scripting to weld objects together. We'll have to see what 343 does.I want to thank the person who helped me discover, test, and volunteered to be squished into a drop pod over and over again, Fred 104 SII. He's awesome. There is currently some things in the work, such as scripting the pods to squish a player in automatically, dropping them with scripting (not normal physics), and then seeing if they can climb out with a vehicle near by. Another person said weld it to a mongoose and I might try that at some point soon. See how that looks. I will be running more tests today. Anyways guys, let me know your thoughts and try it out if you'd like! As an ODST fan, this is one of the best things ever. -MJ Discovered by myself and Fred 104 SII
  8. When remaking Damnation, I didn't want plane ol' purple blocks everywhere even though that's pretty much how the original was. So, I borrowed some styling from Halo Reach's Penance while keeping the original pathways the same. The map looks incredible. The map's padded weapons are a sniper and a SPNKr Rocket. I've kept the shotgun and active camo, but the overshield was just too much. I scaled the map to play well with Halo 5's new mechanics, and play well it does. This way you don't have to bother with classic settings. The new Halo 5 Spartan Abilities compliment the map incredibly well. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. The water falls posed a bit of a problem. Alpine's natural waterfall is too enclosed to use so I improvised. There are now three pipes that have covenant plasma flowing out just like in the Halo CE mission Keys. You may remember the green gooey stuff leaking from the ship. The map has a pool of the stuff below the mid area. As for the Covenant theme, Penance was my main source of ideas. I went with a lighter purple glass instead of the typical orange or blue simply because I thought it clashed too much with the green plasma pool. I am constantly reworking the map trying to revise parts and reduce object count so i can add more detail to the plane purple blocks I set out to avoid (unfortunately pulling of a convincing covenant theme requires a lot of objects). Needless to say, be sure to bookmark, so that way you always have the most up to date version. Pictures and paragraphs won't do this map justice. The best way is to see it for yourself. My GT is N3gat1veZer0 (PS I suggest checking it out in custom games. The lights are glitchy in forge) Link to Forgehub: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/atonement.1574/ For more pics because some of my files were too large to upload
  9. 'Twas only yesterday when 343i streamed the newest Hammer Storm expansion with Ball gametypes and Grifball. And it has only been a few hours after the stream that we got the actual expansion for ourselves. (So get downloading!) But that's not what I'm here for today, I'm here for a recent tweet by 343i that shows us some pretty exciting stuff. If you would be so kind to look at the image at the top you'll see eveything we've had thus far on the left. To the right we see (possibly in order) what's to come the coming months. And yes, there's going to be Firefight! And Reach themed stuff! And Hog's! And everything! There's not really much to go on right now other than the image above and the little teaser trailer we got during yesterdays stream. But speculate away! What do you think will be featured in the upcoming expansions? Let us know down below! Thanks for reading!
  10. Well everyone! It's that time of the month again, where we get to see the new REQs and such that are coming to Halo 5: Guardians within the week! So, the big rewards- We can clearly see that the new armor set Decimator, is actually a re-imagining of the default Mark V Variant worn by the mighty Noble Six, back in Halo: Reach. We also see that there is a new armor set called Marauder, which looks pretty cool! Now, some of the juicy stuff, we can see some Jumpmaster skins, not bad. The long awaited Gravity Hammer, as well as the Grifball emblem and what appears to be a new set of Warzone attachments. Maybe a new energy attachment. Also, we CAN NOT forget that Hammer stance. With gametypes, we clearly see that Grifball, Assault, and Fiesta are finally making a return. With the hopes of hopefully Infection coming next month. There's also a new Arena map, which looks to be the inside of a UNSC space station of some sort. Okay, okay. Enough stalling. On to the predictions- which is where I guess the armor, weapon skins, and all that stuff that is blurred out to see how many I get right. Emblems, I most likely won't try my luck at. Weapon Skins: Skins that are reminiscent of the Battle Rifle Blast skins back from Halo 4... Stances: Stance with the classic CE Magnum, labeled "Old School". Visor: ...Blue n' purple? Assassinations: The Legendary one looks like you're kneeing them in the back of the head, while the Ultra Rare one looks like you're pounding both your hands into them, one of those hands holding a knife. Armor: Two Helioskrill Reskins. Two Marauder Reskins. One Shinobi Reskin. Warzone REQ Items: Mythic REQ - CE Magnum. Two Storm Rifle variants. Some kind of energy shank... thingy... Oh, and for those of you who love your colors... Colors have been expanded from 32 to 60 And emblems will no longer be restricted to preset color choices, consisting of primary, secondary, and tertiary! Have fun, kiddo! SOURCE: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/hammer-storm-preview
  11. Hello all, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Centurion, although my username on this forum may not be so. I'm here today to introduce you to a new Halo 5 Clan called "The Steel Legion" that i've created. It is a militarised Clan, which to those of you who are new to clans, is a Clan that essentially role-plays being in the military, addressing members as "Sir" or "Ma'am" and each member will be given a rank, and to each rank a job within the clan system. I am in need of experienced Players in term of Clans, as i am farely new to leading a clan on Halo 5, and i do require people who can command the branches that will be out soon. I don't want to scare anyone off with any training, if you think you're up for the job, please message me on Xbox Live, or visit our Spartan company forum on Halo waypoint. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/thesteellegion I do hope you take your time in choosing this clan, but i won't start crying if you don't want to join
  12. Open Hand | Rare Weapon Showcase | Halo 5: Guardians Right hand of Endurance-of-Will, the Didact's loyal lieutenant. Advanced Boltshot that fires a swarm of tracking bolts with each press of the trigger. Hey guys i just wanted to let you all know that on youtube no one has done a rare weapon showcase for the Open Hand (bolt shot Variant) So i decided to make one my self on my channel as no one has done it yet and its come together really well and my channel btw has just got over 1100 so yeah if you dont want to see what the open hand can do then thats fine! Anyway Thanks heres the link to my video!
  13. Hey guys I am a 20 year old female streamer who streams Halo 5. I just started last month and have around 820 followers. I am currently looking for a clan or team to run witI have been in many halo reach clans, halo 4, halo 3. Basically I have been in clans for about 10 years whether it be military or competitive. So I am wondering if anyone who is running a military clan with a competitive base would like to recruit me. My gamertag is Cheruby or you can message me on twitter @MsCheruby
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a Halo 5 military based clan meaning that there are ranks, their is some order (not too crazy though), and that the Raid system of battling apart of their clan as well. My GT is JIGGLE K1NG and I've have been a part of the military clan community for just about a year and half now. I rolled with the Ark War Veterans that whole time. I was a higher up for most of my time in that clan and once 2nd in Command of it. I have lead many raids against other clans whether it was just for practice, an unfriendly challenge, or for war. I also am responsible for the creation of the A.W.V.'s once successful alliance system and it's Fire team system. I was that one leader who was always looking to create new things for the betterment of my clan and I would literally type up documents and files just to provide a firm foundation for all the projects and ideas I had for the clan. I was very reliable in getting what needed to get done in the clan actually done as well. In the A.W.V. I served as the Head of Foreign Affairs and successfully negotiated a rather good handful of alliances with a few other clans. If you want to know anything more about me (clan wise) then feel free to ask. Just a heads up I live in Hawaii so my time is very off with pretty much every other member of a clan during the week unless they get on super early in the morning during the week. However, weekends I'm practically free all the time unless I absolutely need to get something done or if I'm out of my house having a good time with my friends. And I'd also like to state that I'm a senior in high school if any of you recruiters are wondering if I meet your clan's age requirements. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  15. H2 Lashout is a 1:1 scale of Halo 2's Lockout with 30+ hours of forge dedication. I used respawn areas to size Halo 2 Anniversary's Lockdown, followed by converting those values for Halo 5, as well as going back to the original map. Along with using MCC as a guide, I used my prior experience forging Lockout for Halo Reach and for Halo 4. I chose to change up the aesthetics by making the map at night and by lighting up the map with the colors Mint and Ice Blue. H2 Lashout keeps as faithful to the original as possible and is meant to be played with all abilities disabled but can still be played using default Halo 5 settings. These values are recommended for a proper gameplay experience: 90% Forward Speed 90% Gravity Gamertag: JesseInsanity Map: H2 Lashout Gametype: H2 Slayer Disclaimer: I started this map when forge was first released. The current spawning is bugged for 1v1 gameplay due to the fact that I deleted my initial spawns(I hate myself for it XD). This map still plays great with FFA and Team Slayer. Breakout and Capture The Flag are experimental but since there's no option for One Flag, I do not recommend playing those gametypes. The screenshots look darker than how it looks in game and since the initial screenshots, I've increased the brightness of various areas.
  16. I hope I have posted in the right forum..... Hi there, I am building a map variant (and will later design a game type variant to go with it) for a 1-life, round-based game where it is 1 versus many. I need a specific weapon (Energy Sword) to respawn at it's original location and orientation each time the lone-wolf player dies and the round restarts. The lone-wolf cannot spawn with a sword; they MUST go get it. Any ideas? Am I missing something?
  17. In this minigame players spawn on a platform with 26 rainbow-colored blocks for each team's side. The blocks are color-coded with explosive barrels in the distance. Each player is equipped with a sniper rifle. If a player on the Red Team shoots a Green Barrel, then a Green Block will despawn on Blue Team's side creating a death hazard. Barrels explode with 2 hits, and I recommend scoping in twice for accuracy and to see the colors better. Stabilizers are enabled, so if you are scoped in and the block you are standing on despawns then there is a split second where you have a chance to thrust to an adjacent block and clamber up. This is a round-based survival game where one team wins when they've eliminated the opponents. Load 343 Strongholds, then Rainbow Sniping. This minigame works best with 2-10 players, but it is built to work with 16. The round goes too fast with more than 10 players. To download, add TurbTastic on Xbox Live, Halo 5 Friends Roster, TurbTastic, find the bookmarked map variant & game mode and add to your bookmarks
  18. i only can connect to halo 5 servers at 9pm on the dot. But before 9pm it pops up with a couple of different error messages. The main one is a “profile sink error” and yes I have tried everything to sort this. And the second and less common is that I “cannot connect to the servers”. I have tried EVERTHING to sort this problem but to no prevail. But to this day, a beloved halo fan is forced to play the game a 9pm unless you have any miracles.
  19. With the launch of the new January update, 343 has release many new things to the game as well as a bunch of improvements. Some of these were definite needs, some of them are options that should've been there in the first place, at least in my opinion. But I guess it's better late than never! Take a look at all these wonderful things that 343 has brought back and brought in: Multiplayer: New Arena map Riptide added New Warzone Assault map Urban added Over 50 new REQs including weapons, armor, emblems, and more have been added Modified color of Blue Team in multiplayer to improve Red vs Blue balance Increased Warzone REQ Leveling speed Increased Warzone weapon despawn time from 5 seconds to 20 seconds Fixed exploits on Overgrowth that allowed players to get out of normal map boundaries Fixed map holes on Recurve, Basin, and Deadlock Fixed issues with Trident that allowed players to shoot through certain walls Added Line of Sight toggle option for use in custom games, such as Octagon The option to change teams has been added to the pause menu in custom games Sandbox: Fixed “fast fall” and “slide boost” exploits Reduced the zoom time of the SPNKr Rocket Launchers Increased brightness of the Classic BR scope Reduced melee damage while boarding Wraiths and Scorpions Sword of the Faithful Beam Rifle now kills with a headshot (This makes the weapon extremely useful once again) Fixed issue where Maintain Sprint being toggled off didn’t allow players to slide when sprinting User Interface: Spartan Rank Progress now appears under all players’ nameplate Active Roster updated to show whether or not friends are joinable and/or can be spectated Rarity is displayed for REQs in Spartan HUB Customization Players can now see equipped customization items from Spartan Appearance, Spartan ID, and Weapon Skins rather than going to each individual menu screen Forge - New and Updated Features: Bounding box preview when navigating through objects in palette menu "Delete all objects" button added to map properties (Fireteam leader only) "Reset map properties" button added to map properties (Fireteam leader only) New Objects: PROPS > TOYS GAMEPLAY > WEAPONS > UNSC Halo 2 Battle Rifle Grav Volumes (GAMEPLAY > GRAVITY VOLUMES) Grav Volumes; Visible & Invisible Added additional 16' ring permutations to match other ring systems; Ring: 16' [48x48x12; eighth] Ring: 16' [48x48x12; half] Ring: 16' [48x48x12; quarter] Ring: 16' [48x48x16; eighth] Ring: 16' [48x48x16; half] Ring: 16' [48x48x16; quarter] Ring: 16' [48x48x20; eighth] Ring: 16' [48x48x20; half] Ring: 16' [48x48x20; quarter] Ring: 16' [48x48x24; eighth] Ring: 16' [48x48x24; half] Ring: 16' [48x48x24; quarter] Ring: 16' [48x48x2; eighth] Ring: 16' [48x48x2; half] Ring: 16' [48x48x2; quarter] Ring: 16' [48x48x4; eighth] Ring: 16' [48x48x4; half] Ring: 16' [48x48x4; quarter] Ring: 16' [48x48x8; eighth] Ring: 16' [48x48x8; half] Ring: 16' [48x48x8; quarter] Ring: 16' [64x64x16; eighth] Ring: 16' [64x64x16; half] Ring: 16' [64x64x16; quarter] Ring: 16' [64x64x8; eighth] Ring: 16' [64x64x8; half] Ring: 16' [64x64x8; quarter] Ring: 16' [80x80x16; eighth] Ring: 16' [80x80x16; half] Ring: 16' [80x80x16; quarter] Ring: 16' [80x80x20; eighth] Ring: 16' [80x80x20; half] Ring: 16' [80x80x20; quarter] Ring: 16' [80x80x8; eighth] Ring: 16' [80x80x8; half] Ring: 16' [80x80x8; quarter] Ring: 16' [96x96x16; eighth] Ring: 16' [96x96x16; half] Ring: 16' [96x96x16; quarter] Ring: 16' [96x96x20; eighth] Ring: 16' [96x96x20; half] Ring: 16' [96x96x20; quarter] Ring: 16' [96x96x8; eighth] Ring: 16' [96x96x8; half] Ring: 16' [96x96x8; quarter] Forge grid system (PROPS > GRID >) Grid: 1x [10x10] Grid: 2x [20x20] Grid: 5x [50x50] Grid: 10x [100x100] Grid: 20x [200x200] New Props: PROPS > CRATES > Crate [5x8x5; UNSC; single] Crate [5x8x5; UNSC; covered] PROPS > MISC > Hazard Suit [5x4x11] Locker [3x2x7] Shelves [4x8x12] PROPS > CONSTRUCTIONS > CANISTERS > Canister [46x18x18; triple] PROPS > EXPLODING > Power Core [7x5x5] General Stability updates to Forge Grouping two or more groups together now properly updates the budgets and works as intended Fixed various objects with missing descriptions (+ English strings in non-English languages) Fixed a crash caused by duplicating a group with a maxed out budget Fixed a crash caused by trying to delete scripts when none are in use. Fixed an issue where adding objects to groups did not reset the group count. Fixed an issue that capped scripts useable on an object at 7. Players can now use 8 scripts. Fixed crashes caused when working with groups that had objects that don't exist Fixed issue with setting fog to "None" doesn't actually result in no fog Forgers can no longer "weld" Mantises Fixed broken bullet collision for: Accent: Ceiling [32x80x16; corner; left] and Accent: Ceiling [32x80x16; corner; right] Resized Block [32x32x16] to be correct size Resized Block [64x64x48] to be correct size Fixed Cylinder [24x24x80; full] so collision model matches render model Fixed Cylinder [24x24x80; half] so collision model matches render model Fixed Cylinder [64x64x24; full] so collision model matches render model Centered text on Sign [armory; 2x10x8] Fixed incorrect physics behavior with the soccer ball Fixed some missing object/folder descriptions Forerunner [Pulse] sound object now attached to the correct sound Tweaks & Cleanup: Changed default physics of some objects from "Fixed" to "Phased" Cover: Solid [2x4x4.5] Cover: Solid [2x8x4.5] Cover: Solid [2x16x4.5] Cover: Solid [2x32x4.5] Cover: Jersey Barrier [3x4x4.5] Cover: Jersey Barrier [3x8x4.5] Cover: Jersey Barrier [3x16x4.5] Cover: Jersey Barrier [3x32x4.5] Cover: Street [4x4x4.5] Cover: Street [4x8x4.5] Cover: Street [4x16x4.5] Cover: Street [4x32x4.5] Cover: Street [8x8x4.5; corner] Cover: Tech [4x4x4.5] Cover: Tech [4x8x4.5] Cover: Tech [4x16x4.5] Cover: Tech [4x32x4.5] Sign [star; 1x3x3] Sign [cinema; 1x4x14] Sign [hotel; 1x16x4] Sign [green-cross; 2x8x8] Sign [armory; 2x10x8] Sign [exit; 2x10x8] Sign [robotics; 2x10x10] Billboard [1x128x64; golden warthog] Decal: Number [0; 4x6] Decal: Number [0; 8x12] Decal: Number [1; 4x6] Decal: Number [1; 8x12] Decal: Number [2; 4x6] Decal: Number [2; 8x12] Decal: Number [3; 4x6] Decal: Number [3; 8x12] Decal: Number [4; 4x6] Decal: Number [4; 8x12] Decal: Number [5; 4x6] Decal: Number [5; 8x12] Decal: Number [6; 4x6] Decal: Number [6; 8x12] Decal: Number [7; 4x6] Decal: Number [7; 8x12] Decal: Number [8; 4x6] Decal: Number [8; 8x12] Decal: Number [9; 4x6] Decal: Number [9; 8x12] Rearranged some extra structure object palettes STRUCTURES > ACCENTS > RAILINGS > moved to STRUCTURES > RAILINGS > STRUCTURES > ACCENTS > GLASS > moved to STRUCTURES > GLASS > STRUCTURES > ACCENTS > PLATFORMS > moved to STRUCTURES > PLATFORMS > STRUCTURES > ACCENTS > PISTONS > moved to STRUCTURES > SUPPORTS > PISTONS > Source
  20. With the Infinity's Armor update just around the corner, let's all take a moment to try and predict what all the blurred Requisitions are in the photo above! I'll post my list, and feel free to agree / disagree with me on any item. Armor (skins): Two Atlas Variants One Gungnir Variant One Stalker Variant Weapon (skins): Vault Boy Colored Skins Wolf Magnum Boomco. Assault Rifle Blaster Orange Flame Skins (?) 'Murica Skin Scratched Magnum Skin Visor: Something that resembles Olympia Vale's visor Stances: Stance 1: Holding Spartan Laser, ready to assault. Stance 2: Holding an AR, posed as if walking into the battlefield. Assassinations: Assassination 1: They try to attack you, but you counter and make them stab themselves. Assassination 2: Something reminiscent of the classic Red vs. Blue "Grif in a headlock". Warzone Weapons: Mythic Battle Rifle - Probably a Halo 2 or Halo 3 Variant Two Carbine Variants - One acting like a Needle Rifle Emblems: I have no idea. Alright everyone, that's my list. What do you all think? Any different opinions? Source of photo: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/infinitys-armory-preview-2
  21. Fishy


    So I spent some time in forge the past two weeks, working on this map. Drizzy likes to call it the "Blood Gulch ice version" but that's not what I had in mind. I was thinking more of a map with vehicle warfare on the top, and infantry warfare in the Ravine. Now to get on the topic. Hiemal is a Tundra, boxed in by giant pieces of ice. Red Teams on one side of the map, right next the the small brush of a forest. While Blue team resides over in between some rocks, next to a pit. Each team has its own unique thing, but still have a lot of similarities. Such as they both carry the following supplies and vehicles: 2x Warthog, 1x Gungoose, 1x Ghost, 1x Wraith. 1x DMR, 1x Spartan Laser, 1x Hydra Launcher. Now, it's not much, but the difference between the two bases is that Blue team has Plasma Grenades, while Red Team has Pulse Grenades. Both are handy in different situations, and can be used at an advantage. Weapons are placed on the map, but will be hard to find since the map is so big. (Actually about the size of Containment on the top, Rig on the bottom) There are 1x Fuel Rod, 4x BR, 6x Frag, 2x DMR, 1x Light Rifle, 1x SAW, 1x SPNKR Launcher, 4x Frag, 1x Damage Boost, 1x Binary Rifle (Weapon Pad) The map is a strict no-flying zone, so do not expect any vehicles on the map. Also, you might want to use a vehicle to traverse the top of the ice. The ravine isn't a problem with sprint, and you have two options to leave this area. 1 is on the snow ramp, furthest from the cliff. The second one is a man cannon on the cliff, but you'll have to climb up to it. Supported Gametypes: Strongholds, CTF, Slayer Anyways, that's all folks! Be sure to view the images below! As well as the Camera Pan GIF!
  22. A couple of days ago i completed the legend achievement on halo 5. Doing this should have unlocked the helioskrill armor in halo 5. It still isn't there and im wondering why it hasnt unlocked. Can anyone help?
  23. Hey guys, so i was building a map the whole day and it was pretty much finished. I have everything on the map but no weapons. thats all whats missed on it. So now Iam trying to start the map again in forge and all what happens is that i'm stuck. I can't move bit i'am in the forger perspective. does anybody have the same issue or what could it be? Same happens if a friend is trying to forge the map. But I can start the map in slayer and every other mode without any problems. thanks for you're help.
  24. I recently completed the "Legend" achievement on Halo MCC. Doing this should have unlocked the Helioskrill armor in Halo 5. However, it has now been around 24 hours since i completed it and the helioskrill armor still hasn't unlocked. Can anyone help?
  25. We are the Wolves of Fenris and we are looking for new members who are skilled and mature, or clan operates off of Warhammer 40k lore and use it to shape every part of our clan. As well as a Halo clan we are also a gaming community, our memebers are regularly encouraged to play with each other in order to get to know each other better, this make our clan perfect for any new people to Xbox as it gives them a change to meet new people and make friends. If any of the above seem interesting to you please contact me: Email: woloffen@gmail.com Xbox Gamertag: native panda 33 Steam Name: MorganFreemansPetCat Or message me through the forums, Thanks for reading.
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