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  1. Hi all, I don't normally use the plasma pistol when playing on legendary cause I originally thought it was a huge wast of time, but apparently it is a great weapon to use in legendary? I still have not tried to test this yet so Im asking you is it true? Does the difficulty change the power of the weapon or something? How can the cutest weapon turn into such a killer? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, when playing H4 mp I always find my friends slaughter me with needlers and they kill almost with holding down the trigger for only a second, and they Track on to player making it difficult to dodge. I need to know if this is just my weakness or if it is meant to be an OP weapon? Tell me what you think? Thanks
  3. I think they took it out because they made the weapons stronger since reach and further so that is most likely why they took it out but I think they should have it for only the small weapons i.e. Magnum and the plasma pistol.
  4. The covi, they speak another language than any on Earth so why do I only understand them when playing as master cheif and not when im spartain fours or any one else? and not just why dont the others understand, how does master cheif understand them? please answer. Thanks
  5. Is any one else thinking that the modern military have thermo nuclier weaponry and the north corean new weapon inventions that have come out, the UNSC forces do not have any of that.
  6. i dont know much guns I like but I definatly like the halo 3 granades, like the spike and the fire granade. It was so much fun having a granade that sticks to walls ceilings ect and alot of fun with the fire granade.
  7. Cortana is most likely alive, think of it, in all movies, games or shows when a main character that has been in the series for the whole time, when ever that character dies or is left for exile they always come back. I would even bet money on it.
  8. :0 thats great. But, not meaning to be a teacher or any thing, but I saw a few spelling mistakes, and what was with the ( : ) before it said "John hardly went out" Any way, I liked it, make more please!
  9. Primary: Sniper/Binary Rifle Secondary: Hand gun Granades: 2 plasma 2 UNSC with that set i'm near the near impossible to be killed
  10. Touquisi


    They are adorable... until you put on granad happy skull on than they start throwing rock sized glowing jaw brakers at you (plasma granades)
  11. Definatly the suppresor, use it all the time in match making, but I find the AR better in campaign.
  12. No, I agree with Baby tossin ect, the halo 3 match making was excillent except for the no sprint, I had a blast, but than the halo 4 matchmaking came out, and It wasn't that fun, now I still play 3 over 4's match making.
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