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  1. Sweet Costume and happy halloween to you to
  2. im a Japanese godzilla fan not the American One i like when he fights Mecha Zilla
  3. WHOA GREAT idea i would like to play as a female for once (despite halo 3 and reach)
  4. i disagree with the ranking halo 3 was too annoying and halo 4 was too pointless but halo reach ranking was just right
  5. yes would love it please invite me on xbox my GT is Kazadure
  6. i think all this has a high chance of being lies i am sticking with the xbox one
  7. i will be looking forward to watching them
  8. thanks but i need to make it myself from the material I gathered and i only have 2 days to finish it
  9. honestly it wouldn't work dont you see halo 5 will be too high tech for the 360 in fact halo 4 was too high tech.
  10. I started 2008 with my first game being halo 3 with the first game mode being swords on snowbound
  11. Hello I thought I would help the community by giving some halo videos i have. I will also submit newer videos including the play dates I make. MY YT is Kazadure If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it
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