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  1. Forger's Showcase Friday is in danger of being discontinued. To run this week, we'll need at least five Forgers to contact CHa0s with their intent to show up and share their quality map that has yet to be showcased in Spartans' Playground: Forger's Showcase videos. Please spread the news to your favorite Halo 4 Forgers, and sign up to share your map today! See below for the videos of last session. Maps and Author names are included in the YouTube description with links to the start of each map.
  2. So we finished the Halo 4 Lost Medals Chronicles, ep 1 quite awhile back and are starting on ep 2. Today I'm here to see if anyone has an awesome, long-range stick we can use for the next episode. The medals have already been created and the announcer voice recorded, all we need to do is get the footage to finish the episode. Feel free to post in here a link to your long range sticky, add more ideas for future medals, or share your favorite part. Here's ep #1 for those who've missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZO2wkK320M
  3. Any more active, friendly-yet-competitive adults out there? Halo Waypoint retweeted my plea for moar friends last week and I was able to add about seven, but alas I've only gotten games in with four of them: the other three either aren't as friendly as they think or aren't as active as I hoped Please refer to first post for details before posting your gamertag...
  4. CHa0s

    Pulse grenades

    1. Run up to someone and punch them in the face 2. Throw a pulse grenade at their feet Dead. 1. Plasma pistol a vehicle 2. Throw a pulse grenade on it and try to plasma it again before it takes off <<this one used to work, but they made changes way back when that they didn't tell us about in the title updates that nerfed wheelman and other such things. Also, start using them as martydom 'nades. You're in a battle, you know you're going to die, you throw the pulse grenade on them right before you die. Chances are they're weak too and you start to get kills with them. I just checked at HaloTracker and my pulse grenades are: 587 #25
  5. Thanks very much for your feedback. Yes, everyone says similar things at other Forge forums I've posted Terminal Velocity, but playtesting shows the cover is adequate so far, at least for slayer, and the vehicles haven't overpowered at all. The images are quite deceiving in this regard, which is why I'm encouraging people to get in there and take a look. My aesthetics are somewhat clunky, since I don't have a lot of experience, but so far the map performs well, which is very important to me since I am a competitive player. The man-cannons take you from the back of each base across the map to the center platform on the opposite side. It doesn't provide too much forward movement for the flag, but enough to change up the gameplay, and you can force yourself over onto the center structure from the cannon as well, to throw off the enemy. There are also cannons that take you up into the attic of the spire-like center structure, and you can access the second floor via a grav lift at ground level. As I've mentioned in other forums: TEST! TEST! TEST! I will definitely be making changes as things become more obvious through testing. Two more notes of interest: 1. If you do download Terminal Velocity, pay close attention to the description, "Drop straight down into the War Zone or face death"... 2. My Dominion setup is broken, I am in the process of fixing it. I'm following all the directions from Certain Affinity's video, but still can't get certain aspects to work right :/ will update when I get it figured out.
  6. Download Link ter.mi.nal ve.loc.i.ty nounPhysics noun: terminal velocity; plural noun: terminal velocities 1. the constant speed that a freely falling object eventually reaches when the resistance of the medium through which it is falling prevents further acceleration. Terminal Velocity is my first "real" Halo 4 Forge map. Up to this point, I had only gone into Forge to create "Oldschool" maps, by placing weapons similar to Halo 3 for appropriate gametypes, and setting up a type of Neutral Bomb before the mods started coming out. I have been hosting custom lobbies for Forgers for some time, and finally decided to design my own creation. Squad Battle in Halo 3 was my all-time favorite playlist, and the inspiration for the size of my map. My lobbies, most recently carrying the title "Spartans' Playground", reflect the type of maps I personally enjoy experiencing: those maps that transport you to another world, a unique experience, whether it is visually or it surprises you with an unexpected element. I especially enjoy maps that allow free exploration and limited boundaries. I tried to encompass these qualities in Terminal Velocity, which has minimal kill zones (Think, the sand dunes on SandTrap...), and a unique spawn system. Spartans were made for this... Terminal Velocity is set up for competitive 6v6: Slayer, Dominion (not tested yet), CTF, Ricochet (not tested yet). At this time there are no weapons spawns, as I am still studying map balance, which so far is unexpectedly fairly sound using default War Games Infinity. Birds Eye View Red Base Blue Base Blue Base Route to Man-Cannon Blue Man-Cannon to Top Mid Top Mid Route to Red Download Link
  7. Every Other Friday Come share and experience top-quality, competitive Halo 4 maps* by Forgers from various Halo communities across the 'net. Maps will be played on default War Games gametypes and settings. Map sizes will be determined by party size (max 14). Customs will run at least two hours or until we run out of maps. PLEASE READ: If you have a map you'd like to test or feature, please post it in this thread along with the preferred gametype. Be sure to include preferred teams size. All party-goers are expected to have all the Halo 4 Forge maps. We request that party goers are at least 17 years of age or older (this is a guideline, see next). Party goers who behave in a disrespectful or disruptive fashion will recieve a request to change their behavior, if they continue they might be booted without warning, nothing personal. If your map is extremely glitchy, laggy, or otherwise of clear sub-par quality, the game may be stopped for another map. Please only share quality maps. We request that you have a mic so you can effectively play competitively and give feedback on maps. If you do not have a mic you may be booted to make room for testers who would like in that can give feedback. There is a good chance the lobby will be recorded and put up on YouTube (see last lobby's vid below) Please be aware that while running a party it is easier to multi-task by viewing text than listen to voice messages. I don't have time to join chat requests or listen to voice messages while running a party. HOW TO JOIN: To join in on the fun, send a text message on LIVE the day of the lobby to: ** AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (the "0" is a zero) and I'll shoot out invites in order received as spots open up in the party. Once I've sent invites to all requests, I will open the party. Feel free at any time to use the chat invite trick: Send me a chat invite, then access my profile via the invite. If the option exists to join I've opened the party and there is room so jump on in. Looking forward to exploring new maps and shooting you in the face, see you there! * Mini games and other "crazy customs" maps occasionally get featured in this lobby. Let me know what you have and I'll let you know if we'll run it. Remember: the key word is "quality", if your map results in a negative experience for our testers, the game may be ended early. ** There will be a lobby set up at HaloCustoms.com, gamers who RSVP there will get first invites Please message me here or on LIVE if you are interested in being part of a map critique and Forge video feature team. Here is the raw footage from previous Forger's Showcase lobbies. Maps, authors and time links are in YouTube description:
  8. All of these maps are visually stunning as well as a blast to play on. They have an adventurous, "campaign" feel, yet lend themselves well to competitive play, offering both various routes across the maps and sightlines for teams to set up and call out enemy positions. EXTREMELY impressed with these maps, as well as Hadoken's other map pack, and would put them at the top of my list of maps for people to check out.
  9. Delete them and re-download? Did you report this at Halo Waypoint?
  10. Are you the creator of that elite model? O.o It's awesome! I've got a competitive lobby thing tonight, but I'll try to shoot you a message. Shoot me one back and we can use them to send inv requests and try to get some games in.
  11. A lot of people don't know Scarabs are Lekgolo. Have you ever seen Visualizing the Halo Universe? The last round was about Lekgolo http://visualizingthehalouniverse.com/2013/08/19/round-15-free-round/ I saw some submissions at halo.bungie.org, but I don't see them on the vthu site atm, gotta search around, I guess, but someone came up with some that looked like mini scarabs. Pretty sweet artistry, actually.
  12. Well, we ran the Conversion night, and it was a hit! The maps were a ton of fun and we even had three Conversion/Invasion maps by AbandonedCashew that worked really well. Unfortunately I think my 'net hiccuped that night and corrupted the capture my editing software didn't want to touch it and it came out twice as large as a usual file of that size, so even though I tried for days to edit and upload it to YouTube it just aint happenin'. I'll just have to run another Conversion night Thanks! And what kind of help do you mean?
  13. I dare you to search YouTube: Havoc Halo Machinima Pretty cool map, sweet little details.
  14. Is Team CSR a myth? Because I couldn't plan teams in customs games as mis-matched as matchmaking sorts us!
  15. Settler looks like a kindergartner Forged it, and it plays horribly. Complex on the other hand... I don't really have an opinion on Complex Slayer, and I could care less if it's a 4v4 or 8v8 game on the map, I don't mind it. But what I really like on Complex is Team Regicide, and what I absolutely LOVE (unless matchmaking screws my team and pits us against BTBnet teams like they did today when I've got peeps on my team with neg k/d's - - really? REALLY?!?) is Flag on Complex. I don't know why you be hatin' on Complex. But Settler? Don't get me started on Settler...
  16. I would not be surprised if they removed it. I think it would be a huge mistake, but other huge mistakes have been made. A more intelligent direction to take Forging, especially given the additional speed and storage that will be available through the cloud, would be to make things even MOAR Forge-able, like the PC version.
  17. No, no, no, it's not just your perception of time. There is definitely a huge difference sometimes in how long vehicles stay stunned when the driver has Wheelman equipped. There are two theories that make the most sense to me: 1. (This one makes the most sense) It is lag. Just like how lag causes all kinds of other things that don't make sense, it's possible that the game code is trying to make sure a vehicle is stunned for the proper amount of time, but if it thinks the vehicle may have been stunned sooner, it "releases" the vehicle from the stun before it should. This is painfully clear when I get stunned whilst running Wheelman over and over and remain stunned far longer than many of the enemies that I in turn stun, many of whom barely begin to slide to a stop before they're up and running again. As in they never even come to a complete stop. 2. (This one, if you really pay attention, is looking more and more suspicious across Halo 4) I had it brought to my attention by a highly competant team that whenever they went into a game on Exile, they got the base that was further away from the tank (back when there was a tank...). They also noticed another map that "punished" them regularly. The theory is that Halo 4 has written into it code that helps protect casual gamers, or less skilled gamers from a team with a higher total skill. Although I have begun to notice some pretty interesting patterns concerning the second theory, in the case of a charged plasma shot and vehicles, my vote is lag, since often I will hit someone with a high K/D in a Banshee for example and they will stay stunned for 1/4 of the time I am when running Wheelman. It's infuriating, and it's definitely not your imagination.
  18. On the new stances it doesn't look like the heads are on right O.o On a positive note, I love Ricochet, I love the new maps, and I'm now using the new AA that ejects me if my vehicle is about to explode (brain-fog: can't remember name of it... survival? or is that the other one...)
  19. There is a site that can get your video from your fileshare? Do you know what it's called? (I have a cap card but others need to know...)
  20. I only dabbled in gaming until after I was an adult. Someone made me play Halo. Then they made me play again. I was horrible. Then something about the artwork made me want to explore the campaign, seeing every tiny detail... Now I game daily end of story
  21. So I'm pretty sure I had an account here before H4 dropped, but I never posted? Must have gotten deleted. Anyway, I'm AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, owner and administrator of HaloDiehards.net, and since I'm running a mini Conversion marathon lobby tonight, had decided I'd make a point of stopping by and letting ya'll know. Of course I'm a little last minute... http://www.halodiehards.net/halo-4-conversion-friday-august-30th/ Anyway, I'm a competitive-casual (leaning heavily towards the competitive), almost daily Halo 4 gamer, who also occasionally runs customs and Forge test lobbies, makes Halo videos, and writer for Halo Diehards. I'm always looking for more actives to add to my friends list that fit the following characteristics: 1. Fairly laid back and easy to get along with personality-wise 2. Have at absolute least a positive K/D 3. Have either trained for or have a natural understanding of moving with a team 4. Can multi-task and do basic callouts while listening and responding to callouts 5. Have at least a basic understanding of prioritizing in games, both slayer and objective 6. Preferably 25 years old or older 7. Play to win And currently I'm running a bi-weekly customs lobby for Forgers: http://www.halodiehards.net/spartans-playground-forgers-showcase-fri-aug-23rd/ So, yeah, I'm pretty much inundated with Halo right now I had featured the Conversion gametype videos from THFE, but never actually played it, so I'll be remedy-ing that tonight. Will try to come back and let you know what I think!
  22. Pretty impressive! I consider myself to be somewhat of a perfectionist, and I really appreciated some of the more subtle details, such as the timing of the sand crunching under his feet, his clothing moving and the chain tinkling as he opened his hand. I would have probably made the sand-sliding noise significantly louder as it was falling off the Promethean while it's rising, tho, as well as the wind explosion that buffets off of it towards the end.
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