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  1. Did you know that I don't know how you guys all know this stuff??
  2. She is hot... But she shot Halsey in the shoulder, but she's hot. I like her.
  3. In inclosed maps, remember, always use the left joystick to aim more then the right. Your movement can put a redicule to the head. Also, get hard light shield, on enclosed maps, it's easy to take fire to hard light is the way to go! (Load out with grenadier and explosives on very small maps.)
  4. I think we need to have a halo 4 magnum and a halo ce magnum...
  5. The Arbiter returning is a great idea! As to Chief's loss to Cortana, the Arbiter is a good replacement. And for the flood, oh heck to the no.
  6. Here's to Halo 5... Hopefully lol. 1. Bring back the Arbiter, in a cool way. After the first mission, Captain Lasky will see how much grief there is in Master Chief after the loss of Cortana. So Lasky will say "I brought you and old friend," to Master Chief's surprise, it's the Arbiter and they shake hands. 2. Would I like to see some Promethean vehicles that assemble when you sit on them. 3. Brutes are fun, bring them back. Make it so that they were chilling on high charity and now they are going into the heat of battle. 4. Bring the truce with the Elites back again, but only the Elites. 5. Bring back a veteran weapon, the plasma rifle. 6. Make a promethean turret!!!! 7.Add an armour ability that when an enemy melee's you (when you activate the armour ability) the enemy's melee damage goes straight back to them (like thorns.) 8. Let's face it, Halo 4 didn't even talk about the HALO itself. Have more storyline about the Halo rather then other planets. 9. Make Sarah Palmer horny around Chief. 10. I like spartan ops but add firefight as well (Firefight in the halo 3 odst style.) Hope you read this 343 and apply the ideas. Good luck on Halo 5
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