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  1. flying vehicles ehh? reach has those. so does 3. have fun! oh and 4.
  2. NJL

    Gun Control

    True and not true. i was watching a video couple of months back. Basically stating there was more than one shooter and the shots on the kids from the examiner were from an assualt weapon. not sure but media only gets pieces parts of it never the entire thing.
  3. NJL

    Gun Control

    Well, it's an honest opinion and how people feel. =/
  4. NJL

    Gun Control

    I have not seen anything discussing this so i figured why not... Anyways my personal view on it, universal background check/checks in general, thats not gun control thats common sense.. USA has a lot of real morons im wondering why i live here. Then again, parts of the country arent so bad. i agree that we should have better gun control procedure but this is a proven fact, it's not going to stop anything. in Chicago, there's a ban on guns everywhere yet they reached their milestone of 500 homicides involving firearms. it wont even stop mass shootings from happening. Me personally, i own 2 guns .45 cal 1911 and a semi-auto M-16 you dont see me going out shooting people flashing it all over the place. Myself and many others are prime examples of responsible gun owners but as many as there are responsible, there are equal or more that are irresponsible. just a take on what everyone thinks. yes there should be stricter gun laws but the way the government (american) is approaching it, its more so along the lines of common sense and this should have been done a long time ago. Thoughts?
  5. just because you're mad that you cant/wont be in the biggest baddest most asskicking clan ever doesnt mean you have to be inconsiderate!!!! make the clan make the website and lets kick some candyass!!!!!
  6. Yeah i loveeee this idea!!!1 We can go around kicking *** in the biggest most powerful clan in the entire FREAKING universe!!!! We would be unfriggenbelievably UNSTOPPABLE!! -_____-
  7. A few things mr/ E light man.... You have alot of spelling errors that you might want to fix that's part of what turned me off. Secondly, you sound like a basic military based clan with the same rules. Now this is a serious question, what is the difference between this clan and any different military clan?
  8. but it wont get you ripped......... anyone can do 10 pushups..... point, it wont get you ripped.....
  9. my above comment still stands...
  10. You must really suck at halo if you came up with this observation.
  11. Halo 4 is a good game dont get me wrong, but i have more motivation to play Reach because of the matchmaking. i felt i had to use more so skill in reach but in 4 it just gets boring. havent touched 4 in about a week or so.
  12. just shy of 6000 dont play many games (not interested in alot) on XBL about 3 years.
  13. Could have put it as a status. but that is pretty hilarious.
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