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  1. Only improvement I see is Graphics and Forge. Forge is much better, and the Graphics are better obviously because it's a newer game. Other than that, Halo 3 is better. Dual Wielding is awesome too, just played Halo 3 for the first time in awhile and I realize how fun it is.
  2. I'm looking to join one. Just to play like Custom games and Forge with, to have fun, maybe some Multiplayer. GT is: SilentCO1 Message me on Live.
  3. Looks like I should go get another copy of Halo 3, mine broke awhile back and I've missed it so much.
  4. I don't like it that much. I think calling Forge, Cartographer, is pretty cool, but I don't think people would really call it that. "Hey wanna go play Cartographer?" "WTF is that? Wanna go play Forge?" "..." I would much rather have something similar to the Reach one, with the slo-mo moving picture type thing, but with Forerunner theme obviously and possibly more in depth.
  5. You don't think it's possibly that in some point in Halo 4, MC can set up a long range Beacon that can reach to Earth and the other colonies? Plus some people think that there is some kind of UNSC squad that got stranded on the forerunner planet as well, such as Spartans or Marines. And I'm pretty sure the ship must have some kind of weapons and vehicles. And from the looks of it, it must have been carrying the newest technological weaponry, by the looks of the "Nade Pistol", so it could have upgraded warthogs, scorpions, weapons, maybe even Armor Abilities (Hope they're good AA's though if they add them again, I hate Armor Lock and Active Camo should only be in like on of those orbs, so you can still see them on the map.
  6. The Sparrow looks like a cross between Reach's Falcon, Halo War's Vulture, and Halo 3's Hornet. I think the upper ones are maps, or possibly scenery?
  7. I didn't really get your question, but I think you meant you were on the CEA disc and asking why it was only Anniversary maps. Well obviously, they said it would be. The game would have been $60 if it had the entire Reach Multiplayer, and 80% of people would return reach because they only play Multiplayer or Forge now and they didn't like the Reach Campaign as much. Plus I think it wasn't possible to have the entire Reach Multiplayer on the disc.
  8. If you want a map with all the DLC, from what your last phrase said, go into Premium battle. You need all DLC, including Anniversary, to play in it. And there is an entire seperate section of the playlist screen that you play on just Anniversary maps with different modes that you can choose from, including classic, with no AA's and the classic magnum is back and all the original settings.
  9. If only my check came a day earlier... It comes tomorrow, so I can't pay off my pre-order until then, so I'll post in probably a month, when I decide to take a break from how amazing it's going to be. Today I'll be playing Reach all day though.
  10. Campaign is completely different other than music (Which you can change), graphics (which you can also change), and Terminals (Which you can ignore). Campaign is exactly the same. It's obviously made for Reach multiplayer, because they said it was. If you don't like bloom, then go onto Anniversary Classic, no bloom will be in that playlist, or go play in the TU Beta playlist if it's still up. I'm guessing everyone that's saying it sucks have never played it, and have different expectations, even though the majority of people either think this or Halo 2 are the best Halo games yet.
  11. Vote in the poll on what you want it to be like and comment.
  12. That's awesome. And does OMFGWTFSOS, does SOS mean Sawed-Off Shotgun, because that thing makes me rage so much in Gears 3.
  13. I would enter, but I already pre-ordered it, and I'd rather have the copy go to someone who needs it. Congrats to whoever wins!
  14. An event in both Halo 3, Reach, and Anniversary (Which is technically Reach, but whatever). They should also make a version of Halo 2 for download on the Xbox 360, like they did with Combat Evolved for 1200 MSP.
  15. I've been playing Gears 3 a lot lately, and thinking about Halo 4. Since there weren't many things to brag about in Halo: Reach other than K/D, which wasn't even a good stat to base skill on (Unless it's really high or really low), and they had like the Onyx medals and stuff, but you didn't get awarded for them in any way. So here's where I think they should follow Gears 3 in making a full system, and if they keep ranks instead of levels, it will work well in showing some skill without even stepping foot into the game. There would be Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Onyx Medals. Unlocking the medals would give you extra exp/credits towards your level, and possibly something else such as something in the armory (If they have multiplayer voices, it could be things such as that or a piece of armor). Not just that, you could select which medal you want, and at each tier for each medal, it would have a different "title". Medals could be like 100 kills with the AR, 50 kills with a Magnum, 25 grenade kills, 100 assists (These are all bronze medal examples). The medals would take time to earn, and like in Gears 3, earning all Onyx Medals will earn you something special, not sure what, but I think this would make Multiplayer funner and more interactable. If you don't want this, you don't have to select a medal, but you'll get extra exp for getting medals.
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