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  1. In addition to finding glitches, I'm also working on a gigantic BTB map on Ravine, it's based off of the map variant Settler, but I'm adding a lot more to it, changing up the bases a little bit, etc. It's gonna be epic when I'm finished, and it will take up the entire map. Then I'll probably do the same with the other forge maps.
  2. Joined in a game of BTB, a guy was riding around on the back of the guass warthog and you could tell he had an aim bot or at least host because he never missed a shot and all his hits were direct body shots, center of the chest every time. There were also many other glitches, such as the one that froze my team in place while the other team could move around. So I think cheating is definitely possible and I probably encountered some sort of hacker clan.
  3. I'm going to try to find any and all glitches. This would probably involve grav lifts, teleporters, etc. Just anything to find the weaknesses of the new maps. (If there are any) Hopefully there are, because what fun is Halo without its hilarious glitches!?!
  4. That artifact looks more like a space ship than a cryo chamber, in my opinion.
  5. Like Endor Bunker on Star Wars Battlefront! Awesome game. Not as awesome as Halo, but still an awesome game.
  6. Standard, as usual, but since it'll be preordered it should have a little something extra. (helmet, armor, armor effect, dlc, etc.)
  7. In my opinion, the shoulders need to come up, the collar needs to be lowered and his arms need to be bulked up. Heck, they almost look like the robot arms from Reach! I'm also not so sure about the midsection, it looks a little under protected. Other than that it looks awesome!
  8. I have no deal breaker, because Halo 4 is going to be the best game ever, of all time. I still don't understand why bloom is such a big deal, I never reliezed that it existed until I played Halo 3 and Reach on the same day. Not to sound like a noob.
  9. Wow, I'm so disappointed. I looked for hours this week trying to find this release info. Has anyone actually SEEN the toy characters?
  10. I only use AL when I notice my entire team is being killed by a ghost/revenant/wraith, so I really didn't notice the update.
  11. I love the hog, just hitting an explosion and uncontrollably spinning and flipping is enough for me, but it's just awesome when, after all the flipping, you stick the landing...EPIC WIN.
  12. Mike Rochburns Get it? :-D
  13. Wait, Halo 4 is supposed to come out in Q4 of 2012 and, from what I've read, the new Xbox would be coming out in 2013...So Halo 4 would have to be playable on the new Xbox, or I guess the new Xbox could be realesed a year later?
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