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  1. Haha, nah it means 'Save out souls' xD It's just a thing I made up a while back, sounds funny, OMFGWTFSOS.
  2. This is the "Official" Easter Egg Guide. Please list your finds, guess' and searches in here. Spoiler Alert Hey guys, I've just recently had Halo: Anniversary posted to my house. I was on firefight on Installation 04 and I couldn't help but notice a wierd yellow dot on my radar, I knew my marines were dead, my teammates had left the game... What could it be? I figured that map is a replica of the level Halo, so I went into the little interior of the bunker next to the cliff edge (near where the marines are picked up on the mission) and looked through the door. IT'S 343 GUILTY SPARK OMFGWTFSOS So yeah, if you go into that bunker and look through the doors (the doors are closed) you randomly see the little guy fly up and down the staircase. Easter Egg found ;D
  3. In my personal opinion, I agree that the campaign should have the same feel and a few more ideas which can make it more fun and realistic fitting the realism of Halo. But they should listen to the millions of fans who crave to, for example, drive a Pelican (not like the wierd easter egg on the Halo: Reach mission), play as more than just a human or elite, a Grunt! They could use the Pelican idea in campaign but the Grunt and maybe other ideas in custom games or matchmaking varients.
  4. Yeah, all these posts about new armour abilities, drivable vehicles weapons etc. But has anyone really took interest in the game type/genre??? Now, what about a Halo RPG. Wandering around the new planet the chief discovers??? Making contact with Marine stragglers, maybe making a squad and going around with them. When a squad member dies, maybe you and the other members have a little memorial like in the epic 'ODST' live trailer??? Not just a FPS game with missions! Your Mind= BLOWN!
  5. Hmm, good idea man, not sure though. I would have thought the huge collapse of the control room would be enough to totally crush him Also inside the interior of the room, the huge drop which you mentioned he could free fall, is way to big. If you look at halo 3 and look down its huge, also on Halo: Combat Evolved There may be an even more bad ass sargeant in the new game!
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