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  1. This keeps happening bro, this is not the official 343 forums, we are instead a community forum, I would suggest heading to halo waypoint, also if possible, speak to whomever you spoke to before and tell them this is the wrong forums.
  2. Sorry bro this is not the official 343 forums and honestly I doubt anyone from 343 reads the posts in this forum, if you want your opinion to be heard by Halo lovers come here, if you want 343 to hear I'd suggest going to halo waypoint
  3. This is a community site and therefore you shouldn't expect a response from 343. I would suggest using Halo Waypoint as I know it is regularly monitored by employees of 343.
  4. I'm sure that in the final version of Halo 5 a fully left handed configuration will be available for use, as of right now I do not know if this is available. Some people on here may be able to answer your question however for some more complete answers from actual members of 343i, I would suggest sending in a ticket through Halo Waypoint or some other means as this is just a community forums.
  5. Just to tell you bro, although members of the forum have answered the question, this is not the official 343i forums. To get the most precise answer I would suggest going to Halo Waypoint.
  6. JC15


    Welcome to the forums, i'm sure you'll have a blast
  7. I would like to offer: x1 2 week XBL Code x1 3 day XBL Code x1 2 day XBL Code I would like to ask for (in order of preferability): 1x $20 USD worth of stuff on Steam of the persons choice or 1x Special Signature + Wallpaper (What makes them special? Win one to find out!) or 1x Special Mention in an issue of the Weekly News Wrap-Up (In a really creative way)
  8. As the others above have said it isn't really a RTS but it is still a very good game. It has some negatives but for me they are outweighed by the positives. I have played League quite a bit and I enjoy it and would also play it with you, if you are in my general area. (Europe West). However as i said there are negatives. It can be addictive, time consuming to play and the community is mostly very toxic.
  9. Have fun and try to enjoy school. I've done year 10, it is a lot of hard work but i'm sure you'll do fine. Like i said enjoy it and come back happy
  10. ...Invite I have recently reached a high enough level to take part in the new Raid; Vault of Glass... aaaaaannnnnnndddd i have no friends. So i felt like this was the time to talk to my INTERNET FRIENDS yay!!! (Imagine hearing cheers and such here) So I would like to invite anyone with Destiny on the Xbox One to complete this raid with me. Time: We'll see but probably around 8-9pm english time. Day: Saturday. I have nothing else to say. edit: Leave this topic alone. I was wrong about the level needed.
  11. I personally am more of a fan of the DMR than the BR, the dmr just felt better to me.
  12. I didn't know about a lot of the things in the video, so thank you it will help a lot.
  13. JC15

    Destiny Poll

    Xbox One and Launch Day
  14. It isn't a RTS game it is a top-down shooter. Also I think halo wars was great.
  15. Also I can body act if you warn me in advance and send me an invite
  16. Yeah I may have done something stupid to it (exported it to the wrong file)
  17. Yeah ill do doubles with you
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