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  1. Didn't know about this! Super excited to see this every month. Thank you!
  2. I honestly have mixed feelings on Destiny. Overall an interesting game in my opinion
  3. I'm sorry, I made a mistake of posting here!
  4. Yo yo yo! Tyler here! I'm super excited to be joining a gaming forum for my first time. I'm actually one of Pbrabbits brothers, so he showed me the site! I'm into some halo, but COD as well as GTA V! I'm super excited to get to know people! Talk to you later!
  5. Tysta1350

    Yo yo yo

    Hey there! The names Tyler! I'm super excited to be apart of the forum! Pbrabbit is actually my brother and he showed me the forum and I'm super excited to be apart of it. I play halo once in a while, but I also play COD and other Xbox 360 games! I'll be glad to get to know people.
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