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  1. Dear 343, For the first part of the beta you released two maps. One of which is a remake of the classic map Midship. I will admit that the new model is more fun than the old however, I feel that remaking old maps for Halo 5 is the wrong approach. Let me explain. You just released the Master Chief Collection in November. It is full of remakes. FULL of them. Almost a quarter of the maps are remakes. Outside of the world of Halo, other video game companies are producing "remakes" of their older games and content. Television is rehashing old shows while Hollywood is doing the same with movies. We now live in a world of remakes! I believe that if you want Halo 5 to be the jaw-dropping show-stopper that we all want it to be, then you have to be fresh and go against the grain. You already have done that with the new gameplay mechanics. I think you need to expand that approach when creating the rest of the multiplayer maps. Empire is a great map. It is new and not like the older multiplayer maps. Stick with that. I think the extra work you put into making new maps will be the difference in making a so-so game or a legendary game.
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