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  1. Ill start with a couple of points that I really like about the game: - Maps are brilliant. Its clear from some of the jumps and snipe angles, a lot of good thought has gone in to this. - Game is fast paced - Kills are so quick with some weapons (maybe too quick for some). This makes for short, fun games. To improve: - Weapon change time must be faster - To match the fast pace of the game. If you want to finish off a one-shot cross map, by the time you change weapon, they've gone! - There needs to be a way to dodge/get way from sword. - I love running around midship/truth with the sword. But its just impossible to miss a kill with it, even if your opponent goes around the wall! I think triggering the sword should dash straight forward at what you are aiming at, and if it moves (boosts away) you miss. Will be much fairer. - Activate button for hovering please. Is there no way to aim down sight while in the air and not hover? - Jumping quickscopes used to be the best shots to pull off. Now they're not even possible because everytime you scope in while off the ground, you hover. I want to be able to jump sideways after a sprint, find a player through a small gap in the walls with my sniper, and BOOM, Headshot! So much more satisfying. - Nerf ARs range. I think this is what everyone would like. Yes its nice being able to scope and get a bit more control, but getting most your shield taken down by an AR cross map is ridiculous. Lets make the AR good for close combat, weak for medium combat and useless for long. The SMG could be the similar but just reduced range still and more power than the AR. - 1-50 Ranking System - This is what everyone has always wanted and will always want. I really don't understand why it's not there. Hopefully this is just a beta thing. - Remove pointless deathcam - I've just seen myself die. I don't want to see it again in a way that gives me no more useful information whatsoever. I want to be able to see around my dead body in real time. Where is that player going so I can call it out. Or atleast show me from 5 seconds before my dead the killers POV. - Make ground pound more consistent - What are the rules on this? Sometimes it does it, sometimes it just cancels the move. I for one don't get it. It is fun though. - Full theatre mode - This was lacking in MCC and almost perfect in H3. How can this stuff go backwards. Montages and youtube / streaming gameplays have been a core component in making Halo the game it is. I want to be able to record full games and float around the map with the camera to get all the angles. The XBOX ONE Upload function is insufficient and not user friendly. Thanks. That's it for now. I'll probably have some more by next week. Looks like a lot of complaints but I really do love the game. These things would just make me buy it, especially the ranking system and theatre mode. The snipers of Empire are perfect. The lines of site are purposefully tricky and it really makes the game challenging. There are actually a couple of brilliant positions I have found on the map for sniping and it all depends on the individual's/team's playstyle
  2. I'm fairly certain that whenever I have been hit while boosting or boost meleeing, shots kill me faster. Is this something that 343 has done on purpose?
  3. Halo 3, without a doubt. In fact 'Halo 3 Beta' because it still had nade launching! Halo Reach was the death of Halo in many ways and it has never really recovered since. I'm hoping that Halo 5 will revive the franchise to it's former glory, but I don't think that it could ever match the hype and long lasting popularity of Halo 3.
  4. So I used to play Halo 3 pretty religiously back in Uni. As did my brother. Unfortunately since then, for me, nothing has lived up to that excitement in a game. Playing 50 high (yes, sweaty gamers) and trying to be the first to the top ranks. There was just something so satisfying about working as a team to time the weapons, set up the map and teamshot to get every kill possible. Halo 3 had so many great playlists to jump in and have fun with. Of course 'MLG' was always considered the most prestigious 50 by most, but many also agreed that it didn't really mean much as there was a huge range skill amongst level 50 players, including tanky hosts, modders blah blah blah. But do you remember all the other playlists?! The ever present classics like Slayer, Doubles, Snipers and SWAT were great just to name a few. But who remembers Team Throwback or Team Tactical. Squad Battle or even Team Control. Maybe not the most skilful of playlists to some but whole heaps of fun, and one more playlist to get your teeth into and battle to the top with your friends. Yes. Halo 3 is old. Quite a few halo game generations old now. But it was a time of huge success for the franchise. Populations soared, montages everywhere - constantly developing, and the summit of Halo MLG! Some Many may disagree. But I believe it was the best Halo game of all and would still be alive today with tens of thousands of players if connection issues and cheating issues were seen to effectively by Bungie and Microsoft. And despite it's success, it only has one playlist dedicated to it in MCC. An unranked playlist at that. Are there any plans for / chance of a ranked Halo 3 playlist coming out on MCC? What would you like to see for the future of Halo 3?
  5. Naz


    Hey everyone, I'm new here. Been playing Halo for years and years now, but don't get on as much as I'd like to anymore. If any of you oldies are still around and playing you might remember me: AtP Squirrel / Deadly Squirrel Please add me if you want to play Halo 3 customs. Sorry if I take a while to accept invites, still getting used to the Xbox One interface. - Naz
  6. Interesting idea. It would definitely stop people team killing. But would it detract from the fun of the game. Sometimes when playing with friends we will try and no scope each other for an "overkill" if we have just got a triple on the other team and there's no one else around. Also I dont see how 343 can explain the technology behind how that would happen, but haven't really though about it.
  7. I think the favourites were good, but I'd rather 343 spend their time working on other things like fixing any glitches, monitoring playlist populations, catching cheaters etc. Favourites wouldn't be on my priority list.
  8. Hey people, Thought I was already signed up to these forums but apparently not. Looks good though, better than Bungie forums so far. So, some of you might remember me from Halo 3. Used to run slayer with the other AtP lot and then got into a bit of MLG towards the end. I skipped reach cus lets face it, its just really badly designed and looking forward to see what Halo 4 has to offer. Hopefully 343 pay a bit of attention to these forums as I think the feedback they get and take on board in the next 4 months will either make or break their game. See you around, Naz. p.s. check out my halo channel ↓↓↓
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