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  1. Destiny will be the CoD killer. If you ask me, I prefer working for the guns i use in a game. Assuming Destiny lets you use your hard earned weapons in the competitive multiplayer, that to me is much more entertaining than just leveling up mindlessly and using weapons the game gave you.
  2. FYI this isnt the official 343 site... just a fan site.
  3. I meeeeaaaaann lol "technically" you're right that it takes two rockets to blow up a banshee, but in the end that proves nothing for the wheel mod -___-
  4. Nope. Takes two rocket hits either way. Just tested it.
  5. No, it's not wrong. They just weren't very aggressive about banning people. They said one thing and barely supported it. Your experience is just them not caring that much.
  6. I stopped reading after this. There were no "competitive playlists" in Halo 2 and 3 that aren't in Halo 4. The only "competitive" playlists from those games were Team Slayer, which we have. The ONLY Halo game to have an actual competitive playlist was Halo Reach, with the Arena playlist, which basically treated it like a sport. It included seasons each week or month to see who ended up being in the top players for that month. It gave you a score after playing 3 games and it would average out your score and focus on what you did well. Edit: UNLESS, you're specifically talking about not having ordnance drops and ONLY spawning with a DMR or BR... which is silly anyway lol. I understand that ordnance drops shouldnt be random, but those game types in Halo 3 were boring as hell. Who plays a game for one weapon? I get the competitive side but... really? It being the ONLY thing that you like? XD CSS is more competitive than Halo and they let you buy whatever you want.
  7. No, I've tried those. it wasn't spot on Fox XD Me and a friend have tried counting how many shots it takes to blow up a person in a ghost with a sniper, and tried with and without the mod we tried damaging the player to see if THEY'RE health would regen faster or something, or take less damage, but we debunked that. we even took the mantis and tried to see if the mod meant the SHIELD on the mantis, but still, we debunked that. most sources say it just heals the vehicle over time, but yet again, we debunked that as our ghost never stopped smoking from damage. AND we shot it with the sniper and it still blew up with the same amount of shots (including the ones that made the ghost smoke in the first place) This has GOT to be the most obnoxiously misleading piece of crap armor mod I've seen in any game... there is literally no source on the internet that ACCURATELY describes what the freakin mod does other than withstand EMP charges more. If the regen for the mod is so small that its barely a noticeable difference, then the mod is useless anyway... lol
  8. OTHER than taking less time to get out of being paralyzed by a plasma charge. Other than plasma charges, It also SAYS that it increases the durability of the vehicle your in but what does that mean? Me and a friend tested this several times, and we still blow up at the same speed as any other person without the loadout. Could someone shed some light on this? What else could they possibly mean by durability?
  9. I was wondering if it was because of the change of pace the game has. Does the speed of the game really make everyone love Big Team Battle more, or has this always been a playlist favorite? I remember Team Slayer being the number 1 playlist to play lol
  10. Being assassinated by someone who has active camo on is your own fault lol you should have seen them on your radar. Also running away with camo doesnt help because it fades when you're in motion. I only use active camo when im trying to get specific kills with specific weapons for commendations. In my personal opinion it's ONLY good in big team battle, since you're further away from everyone and it lets you find targets to shoot without being shot at. No one scopes distant hills to try and find invisible people, so you're pretty much 99% invisible to anyone.
  11. Halo 3 had more options, but Halo 4 has the better gameplay. If Halo 4 had all the things that made Halo 3 great (old gametypes like 1 flag 1 bomb and dual wielding and interactable maps like zanzibar) then Halo 4 would be great. Halo 2 is still my favorite though.
  12. I'm kinda alright with Exile actually. Mainly because it has about the same amount of access. The flags both spawn on ground level and most of the a-symmetrical parts are around the map. Each side gets decent vantage points, but if anyone can point out obvious flaws im open to them. Don't get me wrong though, Exile is kinda bland at times for me. i miss maps that had landmarks, like turf with the street area, urban area and scarab area. And zanzibar with the beach, the middle area with the spinning wheel and the base area. Most maps in halo 4 just have 1 theme and it persists through the map lol
  13. It's not dead, it's just a diluted version of 343i's version of Halo 4. I still give them the benefit of the doubt because this is their first game EVER, and it happened to be a Halo game lol. The only complaints I have are lack of gametypes like 1 flag and big team objective and invasion. The gameplay is solid if you ask me. It's just the non-interactable maps and the lack of creative gametypes. Once they start getting creative with gametypes like Bungie did when making invasion and 1 flag/1 bomb, I'll be back on Halo. But this probably wont happen till Halo 5. I HONESTLY think 343i is trying to pull a Halo CE on us, cause Halo CE had few gametypes and no round based gametypes, or dual wielding. I think theyre gonna bring back the stuff that was introduced in Halo 2, into Halo 5. Such as dual wielding making a return, 1 flag/bomg, etc, making the "Halo 5" the new "Halo 2" in the new series.
  14. Now before I start, I LOVE A-symmetrical maps, and even more so I love playing 1 flag ctf on maps like that. But Halo 4 left a pretty bad taste in my mouth leaving out 1 flag and 1 bomb, the best gametypes for a-symmetrical maps (in my opinion). Now that Halo 4 has been out for a while, how well do you think 2 flag CTF works on a-symmetrical maps like Complex or Abandon, or even Exile? Does one side ultimately have the advantage, regardless of how small that advantage is? If so, what examples have you seen in 2 flag CTF that seems blatantly unbalanced when on an a-symmetrical map.
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