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    I have a vast amount of interest one of them includes halo ive recently had to make a new profile on the forums cus i forgot my old account name and **** cus i havnt been on it in quite some time. Had a big move with the family and havnt been on halo in months. First day back on matchmaking was the other day and i started of breaking in the slayer like a boss lol I never usually put my videos on file share buit i did so well i had to upload it. Check out my video on my file share my GT is displayed so hmu if your down for 1v1 or just adding a team mate

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    GOR Strigon
  1. I love the elites and I havnt really seen many ideas for armor IF they come back. But i for one want to see these two armors from Halo 2 brought back. I want to know what most of you think on the armors for elites if they return to matchmaking. For the people who are artist you should post any kind of armor ideas you come up with for exposure. I really want the elites back and 343 to understand that a lot of us do too.
  2. Just got back on halo after months of not playing and most of my friends don't play with me. I don't mind playing alone but eventually it takes away the strive to play. I need some new Halo friends is what I'm basically saying so if anyone wants to hit up the Halo 4 add me or message me! I'm on it everyday and if not you can just send an invite. I will reply to it P.S. Arbiter for the win!
  3. Most people arnt fans of the elites but i am one of those who love elites more than spartans. I really think they should come back with just as much armor editing as the spartans for the next game
  4. I know how you feel dude I just did the same thing the other day! Untouchable on my first game back ever since then ive been in my halo zone.
  5. As much as i love Cortana every hero or in this case heroine has their end some good some bad. Losing Cortana made me feel more in touch with the game. It also made me want to kick didacts ass. I'm sure what they were thinking in cortanas death was to give us a drive to continue the halo story sorta like how you got that drive to kill everyone after Jenny's death in The Darkness. If you played it you'd understand how much you would go through to avenge a game character lol
  6. IT sicks how the halo story didnt really put to much focus on the elites. I mean i get it new species brought in you'd want eyes on them. But i've always loved the elites and arbiters story hopefully they bring them back on match making and come up with a good place to throw them in the campaign
  7. I'm interested in joining. Just recently got back on to the halo scene. Check out my profile: Samaels Fury
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