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  1. Shokyr

    Servers down?

    A console reboot always did the trick for me..
  2. 1. They're both 5-shot, not 4-shot. 2. DMR kills quicker. It gets it's shots off faster. 3. If you're on a map the size of Solace or bigger, good luck with that BR. 4. You'd think the longer range weapon would be weaker for a trade off?
  3. While I, too, see the vast differences of the games, I disagree with some of your points. When they made Halo 4, 343i definitely tried broadening their gamer horizon. What company doesn't want to? However, I feel that when they tried it, they totally overdid it. While, sure, they may have gained some customers, they definitely lost a lot of diehard halo fans. Killed the series for many. And to be honest, I don't blame them. Many mechanics they changed began encouraging camping and sitting with the power weapons. Stopping power is a prime example. No longer can people try covering any sort of ground because the minute they pop their head out, they're stopped in their tracks by some camper with a BR. Another example is the removal of un-zooming the sniper. Back in Halo 3, people couldn't camp with the Sniper/Sword combo - unless they were great at no-scoping, a BR would rock them. Now, they're capable of sitting in the back of Solace with the Sniper and the Shotgun and not able to be touched by any BR, DMR, LR, or any other type of R. I simply think they could've appealed to other demographics in better, more subtle ways. Halo was my favorite series hands-down, but halo really took a hit on my personal list after this one. I mean, Halo 4 is fun, but nowhere near as fun as Halo 3 was.
  4. FFS, this is a community forum. C.O.M.M.U.N.I.T.Y. As in, NOT 343i. This is, in simple terms, a fan forum. Not at all designed, created, or moderated by 343i. Go to waypoint if you want 343i to see this. I don't get it. It says '343 community forums' on about every page. Do people know what that means?
  5. Also adding to the post - I was jumping around on Gargarin one day and jumped right into the terminal on the opposite end of the map that the pelican picks you up on. I was jetpacking by and fell right in. I got outside of the map through it.
  6. So, you're saying everybody who will ever play will get it on opening day, and then it'll just start dropping from people getting tired of the MM? Seems legit.
  7. Shokyr


    Guys, I think 343 fully recognizes their mistake of including the DMR in this game, and I'm almost sure it will not be making another appearance in Halo 5. However, 46,948,294,172 threads about it isn't going to help anything.
  8. I'm a diehard halo fan over CoD, but I play on Fishstick baby!
  9. Hi everybody. Like the majority of you, I got the game and have played a bunch of Matchmaking. I'm currently an SR38 and I'd like to give my opinion of the Matchmaking, along with some of my little bickers (so far). To start off, I personally love the matchmaking. While some games may frustrate me, I have a really good time if I get into my groove. I'll use the DMR/BR, depending on the map, and I'll have the time of my life just killing people. However, like all games, I do have some of my suggestions for a better multiplayer - call them complaints. 1) I realize this has been brought up 1,460,436,091,263 times, but I'd just like to voice my opinion on the BR/DMR concept. While I like the way everything is set up in the game, many of my friends are angered about the balance issue, and I don't necessarily blame them. I, personally, don't understand why the DMR is stronger than the Battle Rifle. I know any skilled BR user can take down a DMR user - I've done it a thousand times. However, both parties hitting every shot, the DMR will win, 10 times out of 10. It simply gets the 5 shots off quicker. Does that bug me? Not at all. However, it did confuse me. Why is the Battle Rifle handicapped with a slower fire rate, shorter range, spread, AND recoil when the DMR is the longer shot? I mean, I thought the BR would be stronger, but this would be offset by the DMR's long-range capabilities. However, it appears that, statistically, the DMR will beat the BR on every platform (short/medium/long range) if both shooters are 100% accurate with their shots. I was just wondering - is anything planned on being done about this? 2) Stopping Power. I totally get why this was implemented in the game, and I'm happy about that. I hate sword rushers, shotgun rushers, rushers in general. However, if my shield is low, and I'm sprinting away from somebody shooting me, these shots should, in no way, be slowing me down. Maybe 343 had a good reason for this, maybe not, but I personally believe Stopping Power should be tweaked - the only way a bullet should slow you down is if it's coming from the opposite direction that you're traveling. 3) The 'Join-in-progress' system. I'm both happy and sad about the arrival of this system. While I understand in the 'for fun' games, like Infinity Slayer, that this was used - why is it in playlists like Team Slayer Pro, where the more competitive community is? I mean, if a person is losing by, say, 250 points (or 25 kills), they may be mad enough to quit out. When they do this, they just opened up a spot for the next poor soul to join into a game already 25 kills down - an almost inevitable loss. I think some playlists should have incorporated this, while leaving it out of others. This is just my opinion. 4) What on earth went through 343s mind in taking out the 'X' system? I feel as if they totally blanked out for the competitive community on this one. My friends and I can get very, very competitive while gaming, and I absolutely hate getting an enemy down to no shields while not being able to instantly tell my team-mate where he is. I find myself time and time again saying 'No shield on my X,' or, 'Sniper on my X!' to realize my teammates have no idea where my X is. The only way to tell where I died is if I was within their motion tracker's proximity. To top it off, a lot of the competitive players reside in Team Slayer Pro, which means no Motion Tracker at all. I'm sorry, but what? Why on earth did 343i decide this was a step in the right direction? Could they have at least left it in the competitive playlists, or ones without the Motion Tracker? Anyway, those are my nitpicks. Feel free to disagree or correct me on anything, but these are some of the problems I feel should be addressed. (I realize some of them are in 4,000 threads). If you're still reading this, thanks for seeing my opinion through to the end. Have a nice evening.
  10. I didn't see either of the faces you pointed out, but these possibilities came to my mind: Anybody see the face in the red/blue? How about MK V in the green?
  11. Meh..when I think of Halo, I personally see MK VI anyways. I was never a huge fan of MK V.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly about it is 'too good to be true'?
  13. I'm not interested in Forest, but that Arctic BR is looking mighty fine.. Still, maybe if somebody just wants one skin without buying the whole DLC pack..
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