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  1. So sad.. I was looking forward to Halo 5 and Mass Effect 4.. Probably never going to play them now.. This is a horrible business move on both companies parts. It'll kill game rental stores and businesses, such as Gamefly! Microsoft, listen to the people who BUY your consoles, not those idiotic greedy board of director types, who's probably never even TOUCHED a gaming console! Listen to the people who actually play the damn things, not greedy CEO's!
  2. Yay Halo 4 for the win. Mass Effect too! I love both those games <3
  3. Well, that's what Team Throwdown is for. It's pretty much the same as classic slayer, just no splitscreen players. I personally like AA's (Been playing Halo sense it first came out.. Through that out there, cause haters tend to automatically assume that people who like how Halo 4 is, have never played Halo games before it. ._.) but I do agree they need a classic playlist.
  4. Chase-S201

    Halo 4 Lowering The Price

    Halo 4.. Love this game. Been playing Halo sense back in 01. Every game has brought wonderful change. Even Reach brought in a few good ideas- AA's were a great start. Unbalanced in reach.. But a great Idea. 343i as refined Bungies mistakes with their Last Halo title. Made it great. Halo is a dying franchise sadly.. But nothing last forever. Halo has it's place in gaming history. This game will continue to be one of the best shooters of the early 21st century. CoD is fun, but so little skill is required in that game.. All you need to do, is hide in a corner with one of their many over powered guns, or an RPG- Any CoD fan's here don't take me wrong. I love BOP's 2. MW 3 was Trash, but BOP's 2 is great. The game is fun as hell, but oh so unbalanced. But, that's generally how CoD i.. Anyways, I'm ranting. Lol my point is, Halo 4 is a fantastic game, and anyone who's so stuck in the past, that they think it should be just like Halo 2.. If that were the case, the series would have died at 3. Games have to change, especially exclusives like Halo and GoW. A game series has to change.. Besides, that is what makes Halo, Halo. It changes EVERY single game. If you don't like the change.. Then just leave. If you can't be a real Halo fan, and just accept it and adapt.. Then just leave. Chances are, you were an *** anyways. Lol On a side note, who all is excited for Bungies new game Destiny and Sad for Halo 3's servers being shut down Sunday?
  5. Ah, that's a shame. Oh well though, nothing lasts forever. What matters is Halo is still fun, and has it's competative componites. (If you agree, that's fine, but don't try and argue with me. I've had the "Halo isn't competitive Argument before. It's still competitive It's just different. Anyways. The game's still fantastic, still fun, and can still be VERY competitive While I do enjoy CoD, Halo 4 will always be superior, for it's better balance, and better combat, and lack of cheap ****, such as bouncing betties, claymores, and all that lovely bull****.
  6. This one is the best Halo yet. All the others were fantastic, even reach. But being forced to use the same guns over and over, and being unable to get the guns that one can actually use well was always a pain. But, they managed to take the one or two good things from CoD, polished them, and they made it work, and well in the Halo world. To all those who say Halo is dead, get over yourselves! Games must evolve, must move on. Nothing stays the same forever, and if it does, then it fades and is forgotten. No smart game company is going to let that happen to a game such as Halo. This game still takes skill, it still takes talent. It still takes team work. This game is still Halo, and Halo 5 will still be Halo. The game has simply done what every Halo has done before.. Halo 2 brought in slight customization and custom emblems, and the ability to duel wield. Halo 3 added more Customization, added equipment. Halo 3 O.D.S.T added customizable characters in campaign, and added firefight. Halo Reach Added AA's, Loadouts, Assassinations, and refined armor customization, and refined Firefight. Halo 4, added a wider selection of armor, refined the AA system, added Ordanence Drop system, Customization load outs, and added a second campaign of sorts; Spartan Ops. Halo is a game of change. EVERY SINGLE Halo game has changed a good bit from the last. That is simply the nature of this series.. It changes. And it always will. If it didn't, then Halo would fail. So to those who can't handle change.. Simply move along. Don't pester the real fans, who can handle change, and still see Halo as it is- Halo. It is what it always has been. A forever evolving, vast universe and wonderful game series that continues to strive to be better, and constantly succeeds. The constant change is what makes this game so great, is why this game will forever be better then CoD.
  7. Lol it does. Crysisit is an okay game. But they're kinda meh.
  8. I'm actually surprised Black Ops II didn't win anything. o.O And I'm more then pleased with Halo 4's rewards! Beautifully done! Though, I personally don't believe The Walking Dead should have been GOTY..
  9. Regicide is not god awful. It's a great playlist. I'd rather have a slayer only FFA, then one that forces you to play crappy game types like King of the Hill, or Odd Ball.
  10. While this sounds cool, I'd personally rather see a Halo RPG, kinda like Mass Effect, but Haloy and stuff.
  11. Halo is more then just competitive gaming.. There are FAR more casual gamers in Halo then there are competitive. It's really annoying to watch people complain about something that isn't even real. It's a video game. It's meant to be FUN. Yes, competitive is welcome, but they sure as hell don't run the place.. I mean, would you go to a comedy movie, and complain there isn't enough explosions, or shots of a guy getting his head blown off? Most likely not.. And if you do, then well. You're just a troll.. Either way, it doesn't matter now, because the Competitive players finally got what they wanted, the CRS. And for the record.. Halo is NOT trying to be like CoD. People that sit here and say that, need to just stop it. They're taking aspects CoD uses yes. But CoD was NOT the first game to invent the majority of these things. So, they're not 'trying to be like CoD' they're doing what games do... Evolve, and move on up.
  12. Well, I just wanted to trade, so I could start out with Gungnir or C.I.O armor, over basic Recruit, or the Hazop. That's all.
  13. Very true. I might just go ahead and delete this thread now that you mention it. :/
  14. Okay, so I preordered from Gamestop, because it's the only place I could Pre order at at the time.. BUT, I really want the GUNGINR Pulse skin, or the C.I.O Web skin.. Reason why, is because using the codes for those skins, unlocks those armors right away, and I really don't want the Hazop armor.. It looks cool, but I prefer GUNGINR and C.I.O.. So, what I wanna know, is would anyone like to trade their GUNGINR Pulse skin, or C.I.O Web skin, for my Hazop Forest skin?
  15. I'm honestly pleased with this information. Personally I hate the FOTUS helmet, but the rest of the armor looks great. I'm glad that they didn't make the FOTUS armor like H3's Recon.
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