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  1. As a huge fan of the Total War franchise, I am very happy and I'll absolutely watch every part of the Let's play. Having played the Grand Campaign as both Epirus and Syracuse, I'd suggest you go with them. They have a very hard starting position, especially Epirus (they have a diplomatic relation of -20 with every greek faction, which makes them hated by every neighbour), and they'll have to complement each others' armies, for Epirus lacks heavily in the navy and Syracuse lacks in good horsemen. Anyway, good luck, and I'll be looking forward to this serie!
  2. Well damn, so many TW gamers here. Steam: +Total War: Rome II (All DLC except Daughters of Mars and Blood and Gore) +Napoleon: Total War (All DLC) +Empire: Total War (All DLC) Non-Steam: +Medieval II: Total War (All DLC) +Rome: Total War (All DLC) Availability is on Friday from 6pm (CET - CEST), Saturday all day long. Internet connection is good, not excellent. Lag might occur, not frequently. Steam ID is SternuS_117.
  3. Nice, guys. I'm happy to see some fresh blood in the Staff ranks. Good luck!
  4. Yeah I'll jump on the train too. I've been lurking a lot in the last years, since I've been caught in another forum and basically left this one. So I think my opinion wouldn't count too much, me being an inactive member. But every month I checked back to see who was the newest MoM, and the most recent changes to the Moderating team. Although I respect RSR's decision, and although I consider him one of the wisest members here, I think this time he took the wrong decision, for the many reasons stated above from many members. But it's even easier than you think. The whole MoM idea was born as a reward to the most active members that contributed fundamentally to the growth of this site. MoM is something earned, something that should make you feel special and unique in that month and in the months to come. Because you were handpicked from the community, the crowd, and you stood as an example of how every member here should be and act alike, and you should be respected and loved. I remember when Victory Element asked me and a bunch of other trustworthy members, when he got elected as MoM, to buy a Micorosft Points card (back when they still existed) to give at each Moderator (Sorry if you didn't want this to get public, VE, but it's been a long time ago). This was the first time I ever put some money in a forum, because I was really active at that time and the community was at its best (in my opinion). THIS was an action worthy of being a MoM. THIS is why you were elected as a MoM. THIS was something unique, special, an act of kindness that not everyone would've been willing to do. MoM shouldn't be awarded just because it is a new month and we need a new MoM. And most of all, MoM shouldn't be a propaganda instrument.
  5. Absolutely. Borderlands is one of the best games in the last and current generation.
  6. I suppose he is either a seek-and-destroy Spartan, or he is just trying to find the Chief. It really looks like a badass, that's a fact. His armour is quite advanced, I'd guess a MJOLNIR GEN3. Anyway, it really looks like Forerunner design. Interesting is also the new design of the BR he's holding, if that is actually a BR. The scope is quite different, restricted like a short-range weapon. I suppose, he being a new character, that we'll play as him in the main Campaign, at least a part of it. Maybe we'll see a split up Campaign, like Halo 2 one, where we play some missions as Master Chief and some as the new spartan? One thing is for sure: ONI wouldn't send a Spartan of their own to follow the Master Chief without a good reason.
  7. Boy, that Halo tease was kinda explicit. I always get excited when I see a teaser for Halo. Always.
  8. I've waited for this day for so much time... Welcome back! Finally, some Pillars have returned!
  9. I really like this speculation. It is indeed a good theory. Props for being clear.
  10. Man it is good. You absolutely need to read it if you haven't yet. Nice news, finally something about the Chief.
  11. I wonder why Bill changed his role.
  12. Man, you come up with some awesome ideas! This will be funny for sure!
  13. Man I really hope we'll see him in the next installment. That armor looks sweet!
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