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  1. Want to make a run at MLG Pro Circut 2013? Live in or near Flordia? Post a comment on here with your GT if you want to be part. Looking forward to making a run at it when H4 comes out, would like to start getting ready during Halo Reach
  2. sorry for making this reply so freakishly late lol, but I was overly critical last year, what i should have made clear, is the fact that this generation is not only young like we were, but they are not even close to the skill we had at there age. I hate joining games and loosing because of 12 year olds going negitive. once in a blue moon you will find the occasional bad ass halo gamer again from the old days, but mostly we have become just as bad as CoD fanboys, we camp,we rush, and we play ignorantly. I miss the old days of smart intelligent gamers knowing all the MLG skills, knowing how to "4Shot" and "no scope" and "quick scope" and so many more things. I just miss halo so much, im just waiting for halo 4, hoping that things get better
  3. Idk why people are worried about the lead designer thing, i hope you realise HE wanted to change halo, make it a RPG style shooter where campagin is the only core focus and they bleed MP out of the picture, he was already being considered for fireing when he quit. Im happy he is gone, good for the franchise
  4. Lol I like it how people troll on games they dont know anything about, and they call themselves fans? xD get a life ( PBinthedecree )
  5. EWW NoOoO! HelLz NO! PC is for BK's who use mouses to play games instead of controlers. Console gamers whoop ass on PC gamers, I take pride in being a halo fan, it means Im better than everybody else in there game and mine. Lol and PC people would mess up that legacy. so again NoOoOo!
  6. hey that sounds great thank you so much! the article/topic tells you what you need though lol
  7. ATENTION Im looking for someone to make an "Avatar" and "Background" for the Channel "Its4Halo" if you are a fan, and you feel you want to try your hand at making a background that fits Its4Halo's Channel layout and is a good "theme" for the channel try your hand at making one, if you would like to make us an "Avatar"(small picture where name is) then by all means another photoshop project. If your a fan, or your not but are interested let me know! I will give you full credit and give you a shout out for here,XBL, or a youtube account. I also can get you in my review for the "Halo Reach Beta hopper review" that ill do in 2 weeks thanks guys!
  8. you could help, by puting "Youtube.com/Its4Halo" as your motto, or in your bio discribing, or put a link here on 343I through your sig like mine lol
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