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Refund support for Halo 5: Guardians Warzone REQ Bundle


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Good afternoon-

I was instructed by XBox Live support to post in this forum regarding refund support for not getting my Warzone Req packs from a bundle card purchsed fo me.  Here is the bakground information:


I received and used a code for the Warzone Req bundle with my preorder of Halo 5 Limited Edition. I got that set of 14 Warzone Req packs fine. 

My son bought me a physical card for the Halo 5: Guardians Warzone REQ Bundle card for christmas. The card stated I had to go to Ameriward's website to enter the code on the card and then be emailed the 25 digit code which I should enter on my xbox.  I was able to take all those steps, but never got the second bundle of Warzone Req packs. 


I contacted XBox Live support today via chat to be refunded the $25 my son spent on the card.  Their response was the following:


"We do that I suggest that you may contact first the game developer for us to completely process it. Since it was purchase using the code and the license was under your profile. After that you may contact us again to complete the process. The developer of the Halo 5: Guardians - Warzone Req Bundle is 343 Industries, we are only the publisher of it. What we will do here is to contact the game developer since they have tools to access it and there is a possibility that they can give you also a refund there. Since they can access the server and also the system, they have the more power access the license of it under your account."


So this post is in response to those instructions.  Is 343 Industries able to provide the refund I requested?  I was also instructed to provide the reference number for the chat conversation with XBox Live support, which is 1319155663


Thank you in advance. 



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