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More info for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Gameinformer keeps on releasing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.




This time in an interview.

Two studio bosses of Sledgehammer have been interviewed and have released some intresting info.

The main question: "What makes this Call of Duty different than the others?"


Sledgehammer states that they want to innovate the Call of Duty experience, but still keep the old Call of Duty feel to it.

They wanted a new way to play Call of Duty.

Hence the exo-suits.

The exo-suits will change the way the game is played. Running up walls to add new ways to get somewhere and super jumps to get there.




The reveal trailer shows the Golden Gate bridge being blown up and Sledgehammer assures at least 7 more of these event happening.

But they don't want the focus on cut scenes and explosions.

They want their focus on the emotional side of the campaign.

"At this point in the gaming industry it's all about the emotional bonds, and we pay a lot of attention to this." -studio boss Glen Schofield


The main character Mitchell, the man you play as, is one of the most important persons in the game.

This is his story. About him, family, friends and his losses. That's one of the things that makes this game different.

Mitchell is just your avarage guy that joined the army. It's pretty generic, but Sledgehammer did this intentionally.

They wanted to start of with an anybody. He might have a little bit of a backstory but the main things you will experience is the stuff he goes through in the games timeline of 7 to 8 years.

Through these years you will see your character grow and you will find out more about his past.




Sledgehammer uses a storytelling feature that they call "Just in Time."

Which means that Mitchell will tell his story during the cutscenes and provide you with what he knew at that time and give a bit of additional intel on the mission to come.

You will see the story trough the eyes of Mitchell, adding to the immersion.

He won't talk in the game itself because that means he will say things for you, and Sledgehammer doesn't want that.

They want it the other way around. And since you can't speak for him, you can think for him.

(This sounds kinda cool)


Adding even more to the immersion is the fact that Sledgehammer has implemented minimal HUD.

You won't see an objective marker or anything.

They assure you though that it will be clear where you need to go.

They have also taken away the action from the cutscenes and added them to the actual gameplay.

(Please don't be quick-time events)

Sledgehammer feels that if the game decides what to do for you you don't have a real connection with your character. So they got rid of this.




Sledgehammers ultimate goal is to make this the most innovative Call of Duty to date.

They want you to talk about their game like Game of Thrones fans talked about the 'Red wedding' scene.

They want you to have that 'Damn, it's over already?!' feeling when you finish the game.

And they'll really feel like they have accomplished something if their fans tell their friends to play their new game.


Do you think Sledgehammer will accomplish this?


As always leave answers and comments down below!

Thank you for reading! :D




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I'll be disappointed in myself if it turns out to be bad, only because I'm buying it for Kevin Spacey. Seriously, this actor sold the game for me; with his menacing demeanor and what-not. 

Does that mean if I acted in a game you would buy it?

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This game sounds actually pretty interesting. And Cool. I hope Sledgehammer keeps this game great for us and not make it a huge disappointment like Ghosts and MW3. I'll take this title into consideration and think about it more after what is to be see at E3 2014.

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I'll be honest, this game is looking really awesome. A lot of players have been complaining about how repetitive the past Call of Duty installments have been, with this being SledgeHammer's first Call of Duty title, I'm sure we can expect something exciting, new, and innovative. 

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