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4 Towers is a mini-game using the Impact canvas, best fit for 12-16 players. The lobby should have 4 teams evenly distributed into 4 members on each team. Don't have any more than 4 players in a team, otherwise the objective of the mini-game is too easy.
4 Towers has 4 tower-shaped structures featuring: A Plasma Pistol, Ghost, Rocket Hog, Shade Turret, Sniper, Auto Sentry and a detachable UNSC Turret.
Every so often, a power item will spawn in the centre of the map, including items like: Gravity Hammer, Incineration Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Overshield and more.
The first team to get 200 points, or get the most points before the time limit runs out, wins.
Images below-
Here's a video to show you some gameplay of the map, and some more in-depth descriptions on some of these things.


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